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  1. same for me. Is there a plan that is in place to fix it? Seems a lot of players have it after update.
  2. Is psychic blast any good as a primary?
  3. Maybe i cant see anything but i don't really see any spines builds other than on a fire brute. Anyone willing to show a spines build for a scrapper that is decent. Maybe WP or SR something like that.
  4. What is the earliest level i can get soft-cap? I'm assuming its going to be positional but i don't know this game that well. Also what would be the best enhancements to slot (kismet, etc.)?
  5. More costume sets. More powersets. Buff the powersets that are subpar.
  6. thegee


    why? health, def cap, fury?
  7. thegee


    Is WM/SD better on scrapper or on brute?
  8. What is the attack rotation you use for this build with melee and range?
  9. thegee

    Fire/time blaster

    What powers should i skip in temporal manipulation?
  10. Never made a Widow. Is it that more "fragile" than a scrapper?
  11. thegee

    Stalker slotting.

    I have a general question about slotting. I always slot for sets to get defense where it needs to be but i haven't slotting for chance to proc before at this level. For example, Is it better to slot for 5 change of damage and 1 Acc. into AS or slot it with a set bonus? Ive seen both.
  12. Is Spines viable on Stalker?
  13. Is it better to slot for 5 change of damage and 1 acc. into AS or slot it with a set bonus. Ive seen both.
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