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  1. Kheldians, especially PBs are too weak solo, and aren’t fun for solo play. They need a boost so that their inherent gives them, say, mez resistance solo. Opportunity is clunky. If it were to provide the benefit to the whole team when it fires, increasing damage like Assault does or reducing End cost for the team briefly that might be an improvement. It would give a better meaning to Sentinel’s Ward.
  2. Thanks for the replies, except of course the Mac-hostile ones. If Rosetta2 will work for a few years that’s fine with me. Maybe by then I’ll get up the courage to switch to Linux full-time.
  3. Apple announced MacOS 11 and the transition from Intel to ARM chips at WWDC today. I understand these changes will make the code base for apps on Macs and iDevices easier to maintain, and have uniform UIs. But just like when they moved from 32-bit to 64-bit Catalina, I'm sure there will be issues running CoH on Macs going forward. Does anyone here have any information? I assume Wine will need to be recompiled for ARM chips, if that is even possible. Maybe we will need to use a VM to run our favorite game?
  4. Did I install it incorrectly? There don't seem to be Skyway or Steel maps.
  5. Medicine Pool needs a LOT of love. An alternate animation would be nice so our Magic friends don't use a tricorder. Aid Other should actually be useful. "Oh no my Defender friend is getting hurt. I'll just drag out my tricorder, check some settings, check my email and Twitter, and oh no they're dead." It would be much better as a faster animation that is effective even if my Blaster uses it, i.e. remove the scaling by AT. Stimulant. Seems like it lasts long enough to finish the animation, maybe. It should last MUCH longer. It would be cool if you could cast it even if you are under a status effect to help someone else break out, like passing them a Break Free. Aid Self. Again the "Let's get my tricorder, call work, check my Facebook, and oh yes I got 3 hit points!" animation. It should work AT LEAST as well as a second tier Heal inspiration, and as a third tier if enhanced. Resuscitate. I've never seen anyone use this power since I stated playing on Live. Field Medic. Great Idea, bad implementation. It should be an Auto power that enhances healing. Just my 2 Inf worth.
  6. You jump, then land on the "one hand, one knee" landing. Dust and heroism ensue.
  7. I'd say if you want big damage numbers, go Blaster over Sentinel. Sentinels are great, but the idea is trading increased survival for less damage output. Targeting Drone adds quite a bit of damage to your initial Snipe when you fire from out of combat status. The Devices Secondary gives a Stealth power as well. The Ninja Training secondary for Blasters has a toggle that gives Stealth and adds increased damage on your first attack out of Stealth, similar to AS from Stalkers. Something to think about.
  8. Well, I think there's some disconnect here. Blasters are supposed to have minimal, if any, defense. Yet if I pick Weave, Maneuvers, Hover, and Stealth and then supplement those with set bonus values that add to Ranged Defense, I am able to cap ranged defense on a Blaster. If I understand the logic here, only ATs with Defense sets should be able to do that. Maybe I don't want to cap Defense. It takes away from other bonus values and Procs I might want to include. And I'm not asking to cap End Drain, I just want some mitigation as an option in a set bonus, which is typically only a few percentage points anyway. Enough that I can hit a Blue, that's all.
  9. Can someone please point me to the Mac install instructions? I'm sure someone else has figured it out.
  10. We know there are certain groups like Clockwork, Freakshow, Sorceresses and Malta Sappers that drain Endurance. Some character power sets have the ability to reduce this effect, but some ATs do not have access to them. It would be nice if there was a set bonus available that could help, like “2 enhancements reduces Endurance Drain by X%, 4 reduces Endurance drain by Y%.” That would give players a choice to have some degree of End drain protection in their build if they feel they need it.
  11. OK fair enough. Is there a way to test the range increase to verify it exists?
  12. I have placed the Bombardment enhancements in several of my Sentinel's powers. It takes two of these slotted to get the "5% range increase for all powers" set bonus. After slotting three of these sets, I would expect to see the range of my powers increased by 15%, such that a 40' power would now be 46'. Well, the range increase doesn't show up anywhere that I can find. Look at the detailed information for Blaze and the range is the same as baseline. Mouse over Blaze, no listing for the range at all. Am I looking in the right places? Is the Range increase actually happening?
  13. I have tried and tried to like my Arch/TA Blaster. He's sitting at 50 and I just can't stand to play him. But looking at these posts has given me some ideas on how to upgrade him. He'll likely never be as good as my favorite Eng/Time Blaster or DP/SR Sentinel, but he deserves a chance to get better, and I should learn to play him better.
  14. When there's a disparity of opinion, the answer is choice. An option to turn off KB should be available if you want it, without sacrificing any slots, or make every KB to KD enhancement also increase damage. If there was an option to change, I can see having two builds, one with KB on for solo, and one with KB off for teams.
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