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  1. Tough call, because many combos are fun. I think I like */Bio best because the damage and range boost, plus the ability to go into Defensive mode if stuff hits the fan are great. Not a fan of the effects of some of the powers, but they are not terrible. I like the Dual Pistols animations, and again the chance to increase damage with Fire Ammo is nice. I don't think I have a DP/Bio Sent, but that might be next. I have a DP/Inv and DP/SR both at 50 and they were a pretty smooth ride. Right now I'm leveling an Eng/Bio Sentinel, and the KB plus a Chance to Hold proc in the
  2. Way back when our favorite game was new, there was a player who went by the moniker TheConfessor. He or she wrote a really good discussion of Defense, Resistance and Regeneration and how they mix to protect your character. It was back when Invulnerability held your character in place, I think. I'd like to read that again, does anyone have a copy or a reference link?
  3. So how do you handle those Zombie Bomb enemies in the new Vahzilok arc? They instantly appear and detonate in seconds. Can you drain them fast enough to prevent that? I find that arc a good test of my characters, and often a lesson in humility.
  4. I’ve never successfully completed the sewer trial with the Hydra and respawning Rikti. After the second team wipe, people admit defeat and/or ragequit. It’s my gaming white whale. I’ve never taken a Defender, Controller, Tank, WS, Stalker, MM or Corruptor to 50, dropped them all after about 1/2 hour. I have a bunch of Blasters and a few Sentinels at 50. I’d like to find a Corruptor to level, because I see people play them well. I’ve never been invited to or participated in a Hamidon raid. It seems complicated. I’m afraid I won’t pull my weight, or I’ll screw up and ruin it for ever
  5. In the costume builder, if you create a Dual Pistols character, lets say a Blaster, and then add TA as the secondary, there is a bug with displaying both pistols and the bow, specifically if you edit the left hand gun, the bow becomes invisible, and if you then deselect/reselect the bow and edit the colors, the left gun becomes invisible. If you deselect/reselect the gun, it takes on the color of the bow you just set, losing the gun colors. Change the gun colors, and the bow gets them too. If you then try to select the Long Range Missile power in the Blaster Epic pool, it gets even
  6. Is there any benefit in looking at enemy resists in this topic? I’m actually surprised that Archery is so high given that a lot of its damage is Lethal, which is more resisted by later game enemies. You would predict that AR would just get worse than it already is at higher levels. And I agree that AoE is a big factor in success, and is arguably a strong reason to play a given set. Chaining ranged AoE also helps: Fire Breath followed by Fireball is pretty amazing. Converting Energy KB to KD makes it a much better set, even if you don’t add the +recharge IOS, because it makes consec
  7. Well, can’t they just disable the command in PVP zones and inside missions? Like /AH is disabled inside a base? That would eliminate both problems without removing it as an option.
  8. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t want the elimination of the /enterbasefrompasscode command. I play this game for relaxation and fun. I think the command as it is it makes the game easier and more enjoyable. Yes, easier is OK. There’s no subscription fees, so there’s no reason to make people spend more travel time. Players don’t have to use it if they don’t want to. And adding a myriad of other TP functions makes playing more confusing, more tedious, and not as much fun. I don’t want to go back to Synapse taking hours to complete and no one wanting to run it.
  9. I would respectfully disagree that Dual Pistols is so low and Beam Rifle so high In rank. One of the main reasons to make a Blaster is ranged AoE, which can be better than any other AT. BR is lacking in AoE for Blasters, while DP has more with seemingly faster animation.
  10. Great to hear! I'm very excited that Mac users aren't being left out!
  11. Kheldians, especially PBs are too weak solo, and aren’t fun for solo play. They need a boost so that their inherent gives them, say, mez resistance solo. Opportunity is clunky. If it were to provide the benefit to the whole team when it fires, increasing damage like Assault does or reducing End cost for the team briefly that might be an improvement. It would give a better meaning to Sentinel’s Ward.
  12. Thanks for the replies, except of course the Mac-hostile ones. If Rosetta2 will work for a few years that’s fine with me. Maybe by then I’ll get up the courage to switch to Linux full-time.
  13. Apple announced MacOS 11 and the transition from Intel to ARM chips at WWDC today. I understand these changes will make the code base for apps on Macs and iDevices easier to maintain, and have uniform UIs. But just like when they moved from 32-bit to 64-bit Catalina, I'm sure there will be issues running CoH on Macs going forward. Does anyone here have any information? I assume Wine will need to be recompiled for ARM chips, if that is even possible. Maybe we will need to use a VM to run our favorite game?
  14. Did I install it incorrectly? There don't seem to be Skyway or Steel maps.
  15. Medicine Pool needs a LOT of love. An alternate animation would be nice so our Magic friends don't use a tricorder. Aid Other should actually be useful. "Oh no my Defender friend is getting hurt. I'll just drag out my tricorder, check some settings, check my email and Twitter, and oh no they're dead." It would be much better as a faster animation that is effective even if my Blaster uses it, i.e. remove the scaling by AT. Stimulant. Seems like it lasts long enough to finish the animation, maybe. It should last MUCH longer. It would be cool if you could cast it even if you ar
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