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  1. I am having the same problem on my Dark/Storm corruptor. I'm only level 12 so IOs don't seem like a practical answer. I hate saying it, but I failed the Atlas Park/Kings Row Stop the bank robbery because I had no endurance. I haven't failed that since I was a noob. I was still fighting the first mobs when the villain Pyra showed up. They got away, I had to rest because I was out of blues and by the time I was done. They got away and I failed it. I was very disappointed.
  2. Well I downloaded the modder program. I click on it and nothing happens.
  3. I'm old. I need larger print. I made chat fonts bigger, but I need the fonts for contact dialogue to be bigger, but there's currently no way to do that. Please do that.
  4. I tried registering. But it's been a while and no email. I downloaded the program. It won't launch. Is this not working? Or is there something else?
  5. Thank you. That's been the most helpful response. I'll play around in Slides and see what I can do.
  6. Just looking for something to frame out the cam box, have my name across the top. Wasn't thinking anything complicated. I know it doesn't take much to get started, I've done this before. I'm so confused on how such a simple request has become so difficult.
  7. I earn no money streaming. I do it for fun. Maybe have all the facts before acting a dick.
  8. The overlays on a stream that streamers use. A frame for the webcam, a frame for the game, some banners with your name, socials, etc.
  9. I did post this in General, but, as suggested, I'm giving it a try here too. Thank you.
  10. If paying an artist for their work is a breach of the rules then the rule is stupid.
  11. Hi all Since we can stream this game now, I'm wondering if there are any overlay artists available for a commission? Thanks.
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