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  1. I think the thing that makes me saddest, is skipping Ice Sword/Greater Ice Sword on the ice/ice tanker build.
  2. It is true that you can make any concept work if you put enough effort into it. I've seen a good explanation for magic Robots/Traps mastermind. But it does make it easier for me to get behind a character with a simple, easy to grasp concept. Heck, two of my live Mutant defenders got shifted over to Magic on homecoming, because I decided to alter their origins a bit. I'm seeing recommendations for Demons or Necromancy. I can understand why Demons would do well with a primary attack, since it has -res on its whips. I just prefer to focus purely on keeping Henchman buffed (either by s
  3. So, after recreating my good old Bots/Traps/Mu mastermind from live, I've decided that I want to try another mastermind. I want to try something new for the AT, because this is the only archetype I only have one of. My two caveats: I don't want to take any MM Primary attacks. They just feel like a waste of time to even train up, so Beast Summoning is right off the table. I'd like the two powers to make some thematic sense together. I'm sure storm summoning is very good on MM, but I already have a SS defender, and I'd like to avoid repeats. Any recommend
  4. Don't need recipes for Incarnates, you just go to the appropriate tab and you can make as many as you can afford.
  5. Actually, I think you only need Jim Temblor's first. If you then reach level 20, you should be able to skip Penny's story arc (although I never do, it's not like it's that much effort)
  6. Actually, what I remember being weirdly potent was their "Chomp" attack doing quite a number. Either way, Rularuu (and the SSA) is not to be taken lightly.
  7. I'm still not sure what it is about Rularuu that suddenly causes a spike in difficulty, but they tear apart my incarnate scrappers like no other.
  8. The sad thing being even follow isn't going to keep them in bodyguard range, as they may decide to go hunt an enemy that ran away.
  9. The original design was "force them to play together by giving them weaknesses that other players have to cover". So you see that a lot in all the original sets. No matter what you pick, there's always going to be some sort of weakness you have that an enemy group will exploit.
  10. I feel like in a choice between defence and resistance, I'd rather softcap defence on a regen, because it's a lot less likely you'll take a critically nasty debuff when you dodge everything. Although maybe that attitude is why I can take some seriously nasty damage in iTrials when the numbers roll poorly, but still. Regen having a very low cooldown T9 power is not to be underestimated if you build for recharge.
  11. Not to be an argumentitive sort, but I feel like Brute is the worst of both worlds, rather than "a superior pick to tanker". The reduced survivability is VERY noticeable in solo content for me, and the fact that their damage is a ramp up instead of a flat line makes that worse. I don't see the survival as much better than a scrapper, but a scrapper kills things quick enough to not care that they're in melee and taking full damage. Maybe it's just the powers I picked, maybe I'm just judging on the early levels, but I feel like brutes are the weaker of the two "tank" arch
  12. Cage can actually save your bacon when soloing, and Clarity is one of those "I 99% don't need it, but that 1% I'd rather not face.
  13. I really hope at some point they revamp all the snipe details, because I can't read the detailed info tab for them, and it sucks. I prefer Blizzard's auto-hit nature to something like Inferno, but that's just me.
  14. I'm curious, why? I am the sort of person to use both at the same time, so this is something I'd genuinely like to know.
  15. No, I agree that's a proper attack chain. I'm saying that levelling it will be a right pain, because all you have is Brawl, Mutagen, and Frozen fists. As someone who *is* trying to level a double ice tanker at the moment, going without an extra attack that long would be a right slog.
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