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  1. Anyone else has their pool powers like this? zc_Leadership zn_Experimentation
  2. I agree with that. Maybe a cap price for everything or even standard prices or maybe reseting the prices and lowering them every month or so
  3. Even though Hot was sarcastic he kinda had a point. I don't think anyone is breaking down anyone's ideas imo. BUT if we have a slight chance to fix pvp to its core and make it balanced I would personally break down my own ideas for the moment and give priority to those changes. Alouu gave detailed numbers and system ideas that in my opinion need to be adressed straight to dev team along with other significant changing ideaa comming from the rest of the community.
  4. * Remove or reduce penalty for Absorb Pain / Share Pain There is no reason to exist so there is no reason to explain * Maximum 2 damage procs per power and have proper base Damage for each set. Too much dmg in 8v8s, too low dmg in 1v1. Damage procs should be a supplementary option and not a requirement like they are now. The game should be base damage oriented like it used to. * Increase AoE dmg Many AoE powers are useless in pvp. They do ridiculously low dmg now, they also did ridiculously high dmg in the past (specially nukes). An intermediate solution will be good for every set in the game. * Get Blaster hp cap to 1606 / Remove heals and absorb powers from blasters. Some people will react and call this hate for the AT. I play blaster 95% of the time but the thing is blaster has become a universal AT. Blaster should be dealing the most dmg in the game than any other AT and thats it. * Allow Universal Travel IO's to be Slotted into Prestige Sprints Builds are too tight to get maximum protection. This will give more room to everyone's builds to slot something else they wish. * Turn off Incarnates in PvP Zones except Alpha Many will rage about this... Incarnates are least of our problems atm but sometimes ppl want to just get in a PvP Zone and have fun wrecking each other outside of organising pvp in Arena. They just give more imbalance in PvP than it already has. * Remove Mez Detoggling for certain abilities. Considering the cast time of some abilities retoggling is a pain for many players. Keep the ability toggled but cancel its effect for a certain time when mezzed and after. New things I would like to see in the future : Arena Options for new type of matches such as Capture the Flag, Deathmatch etc. PvP Zone PvP Missions such as Bank Missions, Rescue Hostage Missions etc
  5. @GM MissYou should pass his post as it is straight to the dev team..
  6. Correct me if Im wrong but if a Brute goes solo and is not able to hit his opponent (due to high defence for example) does that mean he won't be able to build up Fury at all ???
  7. If you talk about kickballs MJB was the first to bring a fire blaster after the snipe change. I was the first Fire Blaster in a pvp zone and ppl called me weirdo for it. Don't take that away from me dear
  8. I was also going to suggest to be able to have only one name global protected. Your global is unique right? It would be nice to have one name unique too. Not all your toons just global name protection to only one 😎
  9. Many of us have been transferring back and forth across servers either for PvE or PvP. We got tired of recreating super group and bases or re inviting people in them. Is it possible to make Super Groups Global? Being able to transfer to another server and use your sg's base/chat/teleports etc will be very convenient
  10. Deleting hasten is not an option. I'd rather see hasten in a different pool power set maybe with only buffs. One for rech, one for dmg, one for defence etc... I dont know but I think not many will be "forced" to pick ss to get hasten then. Just my opinion
  11. Forgive me for my ignorance but is it possible via a website?
  12. I always run the game on Windows Scale 120% but for some reason lately the font size has increased on mission window and macros!!! Any suggestions??? Note : Other players' names font size remains as it was
  13. Wish there was a way to be able to run MRB on your mobile !!! It would be so awesome !!!
  14. Name: Phoenix Global: @Phoenix' Preferred Role(s): Offense Available Characters: Zhu Que -> Psi/Plant Blaster Peenix -> Psi/Ta Blaster Jujak -> Ice/Plant Blaster Bennu -> Earth/Fire Dominator Fenghuang -> Psi/Bio Stalker Eudaimonia -> Demon/Pain MasterMind Yo Im Psionix -> Psi/Em Blaster Suzaku - > Fire/Therm Corruptor Phi Phi -> Emp/Water Defender Availability: Weekdays till 11pm Est , Weekends all night
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