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  1. Indeed - why I included it, just calling it "Safekeep" as I could not recall what it was 😄
  2. I would dearly love to have the contacts for Safekeep/Mayhem missions become available via call like most other mission givers. After saving the bank in [insert Paragon neighborhood here] or robbing it (depending on side of toon) it would make sense to be able to call those people up whenever the time comes for another crack at Safe/Mayhem to say yes/no instead of having to travel to them every time. QoL issue in my book - small thing, but still 🙂
  3. if you are a Shieldbearer you even get the cutest little shield 😄
  4. I would be happy if Robots stopped meleeing unless enemies actually run up to them and their other powers are on cool-down - but entirely remove melee would be fine too. Totally agree on the rockets - starting with the AoE-ish stuff and moving downwards would make much more sense.
  5. This is surprisingly efficient - much better overview by a very simple approach - love it! 👍
  6. Issue is back! After today's patch - no matter if I choose the old option or the new 64bit option, the game again crashes on screenshots. I have tried emptying the screenshot folder, tried deleting it and letting the game create it again - no matter, crash on screenshot every time. What has changed?
  7. Don't know if this is something that broke during patch or now WAI - but for Death From Below it seems enhancements are no longer dropping as rewards. I have just run two instances with two different teams and everyone reports zero enhancements but small amounts of inspirations, recipes and components.
  8. I had this exact problem and it turned out to be an issue of read/write rights to the folder - in my case caused by moving the CoH installation from one harddisk to another and then reinstalling Tequila. I ended up nuking the harddisk partition, reinstalling a fresh copy of CoH from torrent and now everything works again (less harsh methods would probably also work)
  9. If you want to just consume the reds in order of smallest first, the munching on the larger ones, you can use: /bind [key] "inspexec_name Righteous Rage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Enrage"
  10. Agree on that - I specifically made a one-map farm in EA with 5th Column, just so I could pop into EA every now and then and fight some of those dastardly OG nazies 😄
  11. I have run quite a few radio missions on Peregrine Island, both before and after level 50 and I would really like to see some more groups. As far as I can tell, the enemy groups actually IN missions right now are: Malta Council Carnival of Shadows Arachnos Circle of Thorns But on the island itself, there are also: Rikti Devoured Earth Nemesis And those three villain groups also exist in the 40-54 level range, especially since they DO appear in Tips and Alignment Missions. Could these please be added to the rotation - I don't know how complicated that would be, but when looking at the existing radio missions, they use a limited range of locations and maps - so maybe a search&replace could simply be done? I seem to recall the developers saying adding new missions was not quite as easy as just building it in EA.
  12. THIS was the kicker - should be added to a Troubleshooting FAQ I suspect. Seems there was some sort of problem with read/write permissions on the drive - maybe something from being moved to a new installation of Windows?? - but formatted the drive, torrented the game files and reinstalled Tequila - now screenshots work again. Huzzah! 🙂
  13. I have tried to run the game in normal mode and administrator mode - no difference - crash to desktop the moment I hit printscreen If I use a screengrab tool lige Snagit or capture a screenshot using nVidia Overlays, no problem - captures that screenshot. But it is of course not instant and amazing ingame as the native function The only other thing I have noticed is, that as the game crashes, the HDMI source icon flashes briefly as my screen goes black and the desktop reappears - but I suspect this is maybe just the system switching from game to desktop?
  14. More tests have been carried out. None of the compatibility settings have any effect on this If I set screenshot to be TGA, there seems to be a slight freeze to the screen the first time I press Print Screen but after that nothing. Also, no screenshot is captured. Can whatever code module that writes a jpg to the harddisk be damaged?
  15. Welcome to the wonderful world of volunteer work :)
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