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  1. No, that is what this suggestions string is for. Many players seem to have this problem, and it seems it would be a fairly easy fix (by adding it to the lock powers, or giving it an option in the menu of its own)
  2. Shameless bump - anyone else feel the same about locking tray rotations?
  3. I am glad to hear I am not the only uncoordinated git out there!
  4. I love the option to Lock Powers in Tray. I use mouse clicks to activate my powers, and having them sliding around because I hold down the key too long is super annoying. However, there is another issue that truly annoys me: accidentally clicking on the tray rotation arrows when clicking on the left most power in a horizontal tray. Next thing you know, you are on tray 3, 4 or 5. I would like to see the option to Lock Powers in Tray also lock tray rotation as well, so accidental tray rotation does not happen. Or, add it as a separate option (but in the same part of the menu as locking powers, so it is easy to find).
  5. I would be happy to team with you my friend, even if you do denigrate us wonderful Stormies out there! Hurricane is your friend!! 🙂
  6. So, the last two weeks have been incredible chaotic, with many lows and this new, incredible HIGH! Still, one questions still remains. There is rumored to be a global data base that contains all our old character history. Badges, Enhancements, levels, and more. Being as the floodgates have already opened, and there are possible users who had their account names claimed before they were able to be reclaimed by their original user, I suspect that that data can not longer be integrated back into the game. I guess I am just looking for confirmation, or is their some small hope that we can retrieve our former characters in all their former glory.
  7. Okay, so I know that Fusion Force were standing tall surrounding Williams Square (after the last successful Hami Raid) as the last server (Triumph) went dark. Now, 7+ years later, a pinpoint of light has appeared in the darkness that descended that night. Slowly but surely, heroes we thought were lost forever are coming back. Fusioneer roll call, sound off! Tempest Master LeatherPup
  8. TempestMaster, member of Fusion Force here Also known as Storm Lord Stone Cold Babe Chicken Widow Puppy Mandy Pepperidge Gleipnir Fletcher Hawk and many more
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