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  1. I don't know if it's been posted but you can accomplish something similar but setting down Hearts in a Jar (the jar with the handle on top of the lid). It takes a ton of them, but you can set it as low as you like to get the sliding effect.
  2. I, @BBBadger, will be glad to show you the base between 1 and 1:20
  3. SG: Giardino Di Cemento Password: Grunge-14113 Global: @BBBadger Description: And old warehouse gentrified in a previous industrial zone of Port Oakes. Now luxury apartments. The room that is the base belongs to the architect. I'm aiming for that Small Base prize.
  4. I would say letting a 15 year old SG that has shown responsibility and community isn't so much as 'giving them a pass' rather than just going along with what has been previously established. They aren't claiming to be ruling over the actual Dawn Patrol - as they brought up earlier, they are the Dawn Patrol Division of Paragon City. And while I am sure they could change their name to 'Dawn Patrol of Paragon City', I don't think it's necessary.
  5. I also feel it should be noted - they're not looking to ban folks for messing up. If you make a parody toon, it's probably going to be fine. But if not, the GMs first response isn't to nuke you from orbit. They'll probably reach out and discuss it with you. And as for the SG naming thing... As a person who has Scrapyarders for his SG - yeah, sort of sucks. But I sort of get it. So I am changing it to "Scrapyarders Union #011". I was a bit confused when I saw some SGs with the name of Lore established things. One in particular was confusing because I was under the impression that I missed a community vote or something. I am fine with the Dawn Patrol getting a pass - they've been an established group for over a decade. Not only that, but they claim to have gotten permission so that's cool too if that's true. And finally, I've never seen a Dawn Patrol member abuse their SG name. So that's why I'm fine with them. Also - their response to this whole thing has shown a level of maturity that comforts me to know they're good people.
  6. Base Name: The Palace of Opferstein Base Creator: @BBBadger Bastercode: ROYAL-10389 History Opferstein is a German-speaking microstate in Alpine Central Europe. The principality is a monarchy headed by either a Golden King or Golden Queen - a title that has been passed down from parent to child since the founding of the country in 1918, shortly after the end of World War I. Prior to the rise of German fascism in 1933, the county put in place a series of magical barriers to keep anyone from entering or leaving. And all through the second World War, the country remained silent to both sides. While the barrier remains in place today, a small contingent of government officials have left the micro-nation to negotiate trade deals. While much of the nation still remains a mystery, those few who have seen it have claimed it's a rich nation with happy citizens. Of course, those with a magical bent also whisper of dark magics corrupting the sealed land. Can You Enter? The palace is still under renovations but you are absolutely welcome to drop by, ICly or OOCly. The kingdom has recently opened up the palace to visitors (though, only the palace at this point). Just know that while I haven't placed IC guards, they are around and very observant. So, no destroying the palace, no fighting in the palace, and absolutely no stealing. If you DO want to do any of these things, you have to ask @BBBadgerfirst. Interesting Facts About the Opferstein Opferstein is currently controlled by the Golden Queen and her King (Both NPCs). The country has a Princess and Prince. The Prince is in line to take control of the throne once the Queen passes. Opferstein citizens all use a tattoos imbued with magic in order to enhance themselves in some way. Actual wizards who are able to cast spells free of these tattoos are rare and in high demand. What fuels their magic? They claim minerals but don't go into specifics. Opferstein citizens all have no pupils. They claim this is a genetic mutation past down from their founders, but that seems rather unlikely given the short amount of time that the country has been around. This odd "mutation" doesn't seem to affect the actual eyesight of the citizens. Opferstein's mystical barriers have been breached prior to them reaching out to the world. The Rikti were able to apply enough force to disrupt one of their 'War Walls' during the Rikti War. This has been repaired but some whisper that this has caused some hidden passages to remain open so people can enter and exit Opferstein undetected. Opferstein is currently applying to be part of NATO. They are also looking to open up trade talks with most major powers of the world including both the US and Etoile. The country's main export seems to be their tech-magic hybrid inventions. Only a handful of Opferstein officials are currently allowed to leave the country. This would be their ambassadors and their guards. Each of these individuals wear heavy purifying artifacts on their person at all times. They claim it's for religious reasons.
  7. Yeah... Draw distance is a really annoying thing. BUT what you can do is to get people to do the following command when they enter your base: /vis_Scale 4 What this will do is enahcne the draw distance of items down a lot. So they won't vanish. Mind you, this is something per user so if they don't do the command, the draw distance will be a thing. But it's something you can address yourself at the least.
  8. Here is the next part of my Golden Giza VIP Level base on the Everlasting server. So far, I've created a penthouse (that's totally trashed by someone living a rockstar life) and a pool and spa area. I plan to add a gambling area and maybe a VIP dance club. Who knows!
  9. The only way I'd be cool with prestige coming back is if a Raid mechanic was re-introduced (and made better). I would be fine if say... the power to run your defenses and offenses were powered by the prestige you earned. So the more you earned, the more stuff you can throw at people raiding against you. But no, no-no-no. Don't have prestige come back to limit creativity. If it wants to be used as a way to do Raids that SGs and VGs can opt into doing - sure. But that's I'd be cool with.
  10. Hey Eric, Nudge me @BBBadger. I can show you in game. BUT if you can't meet me there.... You first need to put down a POINT. There is a teleportation POINT tab in the base building tab. The first one is Aleph. So let's so you put the Alepth POINT down where you want to be teleported to. Great! But now you need to create a teleporter. So you create a teleporter (like usual) but instead of putting in a ZONE TP (example: Sharkhead, Mercy, Altas Park), you would instead scroll over on the Teleporter Tab until you find an Alepth teleportation screen/scroll. You would drop that screen/scroll near the Teleporter (like usual). Now, when you click on the Teleporter, you'd get the options to teleport to the Aleph Point. I can show you in the game if this doesn't make sense.
  11. I wanted a penthouse inside the Golden Giza with an oceanside view. And I made one on the Everlasting server. Idea is the person who lives in the penthouse works for Johnny Sonata. The guy lives a rock star life, so when he's not beating up people for Sonata, he's completely trashing his penthouse and partying. Passcode: Giza-3190 [Note: Teleporter located near the elevator panel. Just click on the glowy bit there]
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