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  1. I think the major issue being overlooked is not the "dedicated healer" aspect as much as the choice of Controller over the more potent Defender where your healing is stronger. People will expect you to bring the control aspect with the controller symbol on their team and of which even an illusion has several controls (fear, stun, taunt, group invis), if you bring none of that, why would they want you on the team? You're shooting both yourself and your team in the foot with this decision, so advertising as a ill/emp controller would be wrong as you're more of a petless MM with your gimped healing and no control.
  2. Assault Rifle is weak on every AT, the numbers are small, it's highly resisted damage typing, and its mostly cones that can't hit a whole group. There's other reasons, but I can't think of them for the moment. Lots of numbers fly, but they're small. Also see the testing Galaxy Brain was so gracious to spend time making:
  3. @Jimmy & @Captain Powerhouse Still happening in RC1 and outside of the character creator, It looks like the arrow firing animation starts directly after the bow animation finishes. The Oil Slick is still created at the right time, as the arrow lands. Additionally it does not leave an arrow on the ground if it is supposed to.
  4. Sorry I ended up getting busy. Combat Teleport, Starless Step, and Shadow Step are all having Line of Sight issues (and I think this extends to anything using powexec_location really) when using powexec_location currently on Beta. Been testing it on a mission box truck where I should be able to get to the other side no problem, especially with powexec_location forward:max, but it just hits the truck and goes nowhere. EDIT: As I surmised, it also happens on Lightning Rod, Team Teleport, and Shield Charge. Seems to be a /powexeclocation issue rather than Starless Step issue.
  5. They both seem to be doing it for me, I can't port through one of those mission trucks in AP with Powexec_location forward:max and instead just smash my face into it. Not using powexec_location allows me to teleport though it without a problem and the same goes for buildings like AE as well. Tested on Beta RC1.
  6. @Jimmy & @Captain Powerhouse Can confirm this still occurring in RC1, no graphical or sound FX are played and it just moves you.
  7. 135 degree cone still wouldn't be absurd as there's still a target cap. Mercenaries, Stone Armor, Broadsword, All Electric primaries, Assault Rifle, Robotics, and Sonic Blast need the most love I think. Mercenaries just don't function as anything but vengebait that you can't use vengeance on.
  8. Here's my squid costume, so when do I get my prize?
  9. Thanks for this tutorial, sadly PiggViewer 1.61 doesn't seem to work on Windows 10 apparently. I even tried every compatibility mode there is (XP SP3 works best but it still locks up for hours every time I click a texture).
  10. Wormhole needs a buff that's all. It still has a lot more control going for it than Fold which just teleports anything in 100 radius LoS. What the real problem is here is Teleport itself not getting buffed to cast faster and use less endurance to match the other travel powers, and Warshade's Teleport not even getting the phase part...
  11. Handclap is best because you can have it before Rage, but likewise use Earth Mastery Salt Crystals. Earth Mastery is so great in general. None of these can mitigate Bosses and AVs though, so you're still screwed there. One cool trick for them: Pray you can land Knockout Blow and a epic/patron Hold, but purple patch? Run.
  12. As a T9, EMP Arrow still really needs a boost. 300 seconds is too long for what it does and doesn't do. I'd go with what @Monos King listed and a shorter cooldown because enemies will inevitably get out of it in a team environment.
  13. It's not going to stun long enough to make a difference and you'd employ the same strategy most people do at level 1, stun one, kill the other.
  14. Yeah totally understandable, I too shelved my Dark/Dark for a Dark/Savage because like you say it just rips face. Demons/Dark should work out well, though I don't know how it compares damage-wise to Dom.
  15. Make room for it, it's not that large of a game. 😛 Anyway, just wanted to echo that Shadow Maul while I understand the reasoning behind 10 targets reduced to 5 to be like every other cone like it, Touch of Fear is still really bad and doesn't make up for it in the slightest. With the activation time, half the DPA of Shadow Maul which is only OK for a Flurry power, it's not enough to help with the AoE damage for sacrificing Shadow Maul. Maybe if the -tohit wasn't single target and the damage wasn't only slightly above Soul Drain while being smaller radius than Shadow Maul AND a DoT, it would be acceptable to hurt Shadow Maul, but in it's current state, no. Even with all the procs it can have it's still only 66% of the damage of Shadow Maul for a 20% faster cast at 1 less range and I was under the impression that procs were something you wanted to change so they didn't make up most of the damage. I appreciate another AoE in Dark Melee that's severely lacking, but I think you can implement it better without crippling other powers in the already crippled set. 🙂
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