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  1. @noogens2 You are free to build it the way you want, I just want you to understand what you're missing out on with Creepers: The thing about Creepers is that it's damage separate of your rotation like all pets. With procs its worth a lot more than say Fly Trap or Ice Storm and doesn't get in the way of your rotation. It's about 30 (no procs) - 110 (4 damage procs) DPS per vine for 2 minutes for the cost of 1 cast and 26 endurance, additionally to what you're doing with your Savage rotation, where Fly Trap with 95% damage enhancement for example is around only 60 DPS, which is already pretty good for a pet.
  2. ill/dark is very strong and solo friendly, GM and AV friendly too. Put Overwhelming Force proc into Phantom Army for effective CC too. You also have a 3 pet powers so you could slot the +20% res/+10% def from pet Aura IOs if you want to make them more durable, though proc damage is usually the method of choice instead.
  3. Cold synergizes best in my opinion, as it's a straight upgrade from FF and can provide them the much needed endurance Demons like to run out of. It's also thematic.
  4. Gravity has the downside of not much control until later though and the pet is too late to help with that so Dark or Stone are more reliable sets.
  5. It may be a question of how you're playing it to be honest. Some sets tend to prefer melee while others can do both. For example, pairing a melee set with Mind or Stone will let you safely take down a group while they're asleep, Mind being better at moving fast as it's half the recharge time. As far as fun, Savage is hands down the best Assault in my opinion both in damage and fun, though the most fun is locked at 38 when you pair it with Speed of Sound's Jaunt and you can dash back and forth in and out of groups and while that's not the best DPS strategy, it's still fun to do. Stone, Fire, Psi and Savage are all powerful at level 10. The rest kind of need to be level 20 to be really good, while Martial eh... kind of requires lvl 35. I do think people are overreaching saying Energy is top damage or equal with Fire as the numbers simply don't support that, but I'll let them have it since Energy Assault is the best form of Energy attacks we have right now. I'd recommend Plant/Mind/Stone/Dark as primaries for solo play as they help most with your survivability. Grav/Elec/Fire/Ice don't really help you stay alive or at least not until much later. So yeah, revisiting your Mind/Fire you might have fun with or maybe something new like Stone/Savage. Or maybe even re-create your old one from live as Stone/Fire instead of the reverse!
  6. There's a lot of suggestions for them to be fixed in Suggestions & Feedback, just search there and you'll find some different point of views on how exactly they should be fixed.
  7. Luck of the Gambler 7.5% is separate from others like Panacea +7.5%, so you can have 5 LotG and 5 from other sets.
  8. Fire's probably do the most damage though not durable at all, Gravity's and Dark's are a close second, Dark's Haunts are decently durable and do good damage for pets and the dog does some more, with some control that it doesn't always aim very well. Stone is the tankiest buddy you'll find. Plant is a good ranged attacker with an immob but not the greatest damage, and Electric's Gremlins and Ice's Jack Frost are probably the worst. So all in all, Gravity, Dark, and Stone are probably the best as they are all reliably tough. Ice's could be if you could provide it 20% def or -tohit, but unless you're Ice/Dark or a Controller, that's probably not happening.
  9. Beasts have a hybrid resistance + defense survivability while mercs are plain old S/L resistance. All the other sets are similar in resistance to mercs and depend on the secondary to keep them alive. Once you get your T2 which generally provide some more survivability, it'll improve more, but Wolves don't get enough Defense from Lions to matter at all as Defense is an exponential increase rather than resistance's straight line of less damage. The other problem you're having is your T1's are -2 from your level meaning an enemy that is +4 to you, is +6 to your T1 henchmen, which frankly, even with a more resistant set will still go down in 1 to 2 hits from a +4. It's a matter of 18% vs 26% resistance between Wolves and Mercs, meaning they're gonna take pretty much the same damage. To answer your question though, Demons, Thugs, and Bots are generally said to be the best, though every set has its own quirks like Bots' damage mostly being loaded into 2 attacks from the T3 only or that Wolves can have a million procs to increase their damage more than most other henchmen or Mercs being bad at everything, so just keep trying out sets and find which one you like most.
  10. Your math is correct and is how it works ingame, I don't think it was meant that it was the same as resistance but more that it just added to eHP. Or there's the fact Hoarfrost gives toxin resist?
  11. As would I, though I can take a guess since I feel it's both Best and Worst on a Mastermind. Best in ability to be used to it's fullest because your primary is mostly henchmen and that's it; worst in that it has a lot of +Recharge that's useless to henchmen and +Special likewise other than Necro's Lich and Bots'/Thugs' Tier 2 henchmen. For Necro though, I'm liking Nature best and it feels safest with the same type of things as Elec but much cheaper on endurance thanks to longer durations and gives you alot more chances to use Gloom or PPP attacks, though Kin is absolutely tied for fun in a team setting, buffing those high damage Knights and speeding them along. If only +recharge affected henchmen...
  12. Slow vision meaning my brain translates the signal from my eyes about 70% slower than the average person. One off Anguishing, Stamina, and Painbringer, could completely ditch a whip attack too I guess.
  13. I understand the bad vision thing, mine is very slow personally. You can try autohasten and just keeping your target on your T3 demon and hitting him with your Painbringer, Hell On Earth, etc. and using his targets for your whip attacks. Most everything else is Player Based Area of Effect so just stand in the center with bodyguard mode and hit Anguishing whenever it's up, your toggles should keep your demons alive.
  14. @Keovar I agree with everything @Nyghtmaire wrote and you should take all that into account when building it. I'm also going to go against his Signature and giving you a build, but I hope it will help show you how to best deal with IO'ing a Mastermind rather than just taking it as is. I based this off my Demon/Elec (my favorite power combo of all time) and here's what I think is the most optimized build that I can currently think of. The reason why full sets on Henchmen are a lazy and inefficient way of doing things is that most times you oversaturate one stat and end up ignoring other equally useful stats, usually for a full set bonus that isn't worth it at all. With Masterminds, using the whole set of anything on any henchman is crippling you in such a bad way; without taking all 6 Aura IOs (things like +Pet AoE) you lose out on a lot of survivability for your henchmen (+10% DEF to All, +25% AoE DEF, +35% RES to All), thereby really decreasing their usefulness and your total damage by them having to pull away or even be resummoned. And before you say it, Demon Prince's hold isn't long enough to warrant hold duration imo, but you could replace 1 or 2 of the lesser damage IOs (neuronic and ghost widow) with a Peroxisome HO. Also, putting CC like knockdown from Overwhelming Force proc in your henchmen is a very good addition I just didn't do it here for sake of minimal procs as you'd prefer, the Whip attacks are also good candidates for Force Feedback +Recharge if you don't take a +Recharge Alpha like Agility. This build also has nigh-perma Anguishing Cry slotted to devastate those annoying Moment of Glory enemies. Perma-WoP and perma-Painbringer. I also kept in mind exemping by putting Mystic Flight, Stealth, and whip attacks early (they really help when you only have 2 demonlings), so it should handle that as well as possible, though you could opt for more stealth by changing out -knockback for +Stealth on Mystic Flight. I also don't think Tactics is necessary with World of Pain, but you build it how you want. So take all this in and modify it to your liking, I'm sure it can still be improved. MM_DemonPainMace.mxd
  15. Luck of the Gambler's 7.5% is different in that it is not a set bonus. It's the same type of bonus as a proc instead but still adheres to rule of 5 of itself as that's just how it's coded, just as some procs are limited to 1 and others are unlimited.
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