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    Definite no on using the remaining converters to convert ATOs. There's far, far too many in the pool for you to ever get the ATO you want. I spent over 300 converters trying to get one that wasn't on the market and it never happened. I tried this several times before deciding RNG is too unforgiving for this to be worth it (probably wasted 100mil in the process).
  2. I see a lot of people still using Pines and well, it's far far behind what HC is. The closest thing you should be using now is: That said, I just wanted to drop my own build that breezes through content and capitalizes on minion procs. It sits at 40% defense to most, just about 45% to melee, and with Time's Juncture and Enforcers, you're way over that. I prefer Leviathan Mastery myself as it's some nice damage for an MM, but Mu works too; In my opinion Power Boost is really wasted on a MM as you don't have a primary to boost. No Temporal Selection because it does nothing supportive besides boost the regen for your henchmen, so you don't have to worry about another thing to click. Just worry about Farsight, Chrono, Hasten, and Mending and the rest will take care of itself. Stuns and Knockbacks are annoying sure, but with all the Defense and -ToHit /Time has, you don't worry about it, because unless your entire henchmen army is stunned, you have nothing to worry about. MM_ThugsTime_NoTempSelec.mxd
  3. Yeah Perf Shift, Panacea, and Miracle should cover you enough. That adds 0.675 end per second for the cost of 1 slot. For the cost of 4 slots, you get less than half of that additionally (about 0.4). You can decide how much those 3 additional slots are worth. As I wrote in Discord: so I figured it out and Ebon Eye should show as 112.24 in Mids in Nova form, and 44.48 in Human Meanwhile, Dark Nova Blast does 96.76.
  4. Mhm, Bonfire is only 6.23 KB so it goes down to 0.62 knockback.
  5. Didn't write it down of course. Anyway, looks like that's how it is in Mids and I'm just thinking here, but putting it to 99% could make low KB numbers turn into 0 knockback if the system rounds under 5 to 0 so 90% might be intentional. iirc the new Knockback system is supposed to fix these problems by just making it turn into knockdown regardless the number.
  6. From an earlier time I made this note for myself: I believe the other KBtoKD works, but my memory isn't worth a damn so don't take my word for it.
  7. I just want to point out that classic Latin hasn't changed in over 1000 years. 😜
  8. But what if you're the sole "defender" in a PUG type party and the party goes on without you after you retreat? Do you: A) summon to keep up your pets or B) do you keep going and try to keep the party alive? You definitely don't have time to type "Wait I need to resummon my pets" and chances are even if you do, they won't wait. This is the situation we as a Defender-alternative have to deal with thanks to our secondary powersets. I understand that it isn't an ideal party, but this is a common situation when your pets decide to chase an enemy they shouldn't have while you're unable to command them because you're using a combination of 2-3 second cast time powers to support your team. If you went with A, then after you waited instead of following the party and successfully resummoned all your pets, now you lack the endurance to save your team and they might have wiped. If you go with B, you can still function as part of the team, just without DPS to support it. Endurance costs are a big problem for MMs and something that should be top priority on fixing.
  9. As a supporting argument to this, the ability to have disposable minions/shield minions and not completely tank your end would greatly benefit secondaries with no real defensive capabilities like /Kin and /Storm. Of course the huge culprits of this problem are long recharge times and the ridiculous endurance costs where summoning minions still cost at max Endurance ED, around 10 endurance per power.
  10. For most of the sets though, T1 Henchmen's combined damage is the most of your DPS, so muling them is a terrible idea. If that was the original devs intention, MMs were doomed to fail at the start.
  11. The waste of slots is large enough that the smallest issue is you're down an entire IO set compared to any other AT. You also lose on stats like, accuracy, damage, endurance, and recharge for your pet powers. You could also use those slots to make an actual damaging attack from Epic or Patron pools (hey look you can do damage). You can even do what you dreamed of, finally putting stats on Gang War 😲. I don't understand the correlation between slots and recharge-intensive pets or bodyguard mode; but bodyguard mode also has big detriments against Attacking first, Supremacy's Line of Sight, AoE damage, and taunting, of which the taunt problem was covered in the first post and recharge-intensive pets aren't exclusive to MMs.
  12. I propose that the +Defense/Resist pet IOs should be removed for MMs and the stats should just be inherent to the henchmen as leveling and having to wait for more pets while you depend on your absolutely worthless MM attacks makes leveling not so easy alone. I will tell anyone that wants to disagree that pet IOs are currently a huge waste of slots they have clearly never played an MM before. And allowing us to be dumping them all into a MM attack is a terrible idea as you are now wasting 5 slots AND a power choice. Having to spend a 6 Slot tax in addition to the other taxes everyone else pays (+defense in resists, +resist in defense, LotG) is just unbalanced. I agree that MM's also definitely need a large boost on the damage of their Primary attack powers as in their current state, you're crippling yourself by taking them (except for Demons AoE knockdown -res whip being an outlier). This in effect turns us not into a Mastermind, but a Primary-less Corruptor with lots of pets and worse Healing, Debuffs, etc.. Pets that currently get much worse in Incarnate content than normal pets. I agree with the changes to the Mastermind Pet proc IOs, but I think we have to pacify everyone else and agree not to change the non-MM pet IOs for sake of every non-MM that uses them even if they don't help most pets much.
  13. Essence Drain may be lackluster, but as your only means of healing against an AV with no minion bodies left around, it's kinda necessary unless you don't plan on fighting AVs ever (which is kinda the point of playing Human-only). When it comes down to it though, neither of those choices should be last as they both need 4+ slots.
  14. Another option you could add to this is popmenus. I don't think I'm the only one that can't remember the hotkeys for each command and need a visual aid, so I'm providing a kind of template for anyone that needs to use it themselves. Example Demon Summoning popmenu with some possibly helpful comments. demons.mnu
  15. Why not fix the real problem instead and: Let us choose between 2 Secondary powers like we do for Primary powers.
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