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  1. Honestly, that is up to you. Most of the people here love the game or they wouldn't be here. A lot of us played when the original was out, so the memories carries a lot of it, but the game itself holds up really well. Other than the outdated graphics, which honestly are not that bad, the game has the absolute best character creator of any MMO ever. No game has ever come up with the powerset combinations or the costume options this game has, let alone both. So, even though whether of not the game lives up to the hype is up to you, you might as well give it a shot since it is so easy to get into.
  2. I find that I get bored quickly with most of the easy to solo AT's (Brute, Scrapper, etc.) and I really find the controller playstyle engaging. I like the /dark secondary and would like to stick with that if possible, but I am not totally sure on primary. I have been using Grav, but I don't want to invest a lot of time into that if it is not very good. As far as what content I want to do, I would rather have a character than can solo AV's rather than a farmer. Any help in deciding a primary would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance.
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