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  1. This seemed the right place to put this, if wrong...feel free to delete or move. I had a different issue with 1903. It completely ruined my CoH...and ONLY my CoH. The game became unusable. Horrific lag. My wife did not experience this issue because she has not applied the update yet. No other game had this issue except CoH (that include SWTOR, STO, Skyrim, ME3, ME: Andromeda, etc). The only fix was to completely roll back the update and now CoH runs like a champ on Ultra like it always has. Just wanted to post this warning to anyone with NVIDIA GTX1060. That's what happened to me and I tried all the usual troubleshooting...reinstalling graphics, playing on low graphics settings...the works. Only completely rolling back the update and turning off AU in the registry fixed the issue. Don't know what Microsoft did in this update...but it really didn't like my CoH install. I even completely redownloaded the game. MS is notorious for sometimes messing up updates...so if you experience that issue? That's the fix...I'll be waiting for a while before applying it again in hopes MS releases another cumulative update that is better quality controlled.
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