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  1. The thing about /demorecord is that, while it can record a base, it can't be uploaded without restarting the servers, so it's not something that can be done currently. You could potentially try petitioning a GM to see if they could fix your SG name though; it's worth a shot.
  2. The ambiance in those rooms is simply amazing. I can't imagine how long it took you to fit all those pipes together, but it really cements the feeling of secret evil science lab. Well done!!
  3. Eep...I just love that feeling when you spend hours getting base items juuuusst so...and then reload the base and they've wiggled out of place. Glad the forum format/server shift let me experience that feeling outside of the game, by warping a bunch of the formatting in this guide, LOL. 😉 (All fixed now. 😊 )
  4. Hiya! There are two main ways to go about having multiple levels. In the image you linked, they just made the ceilings and floors apart at their farthest distance and used... probably gray cabinets, it looks like... for the floors. To access them, they added staircase items to move from one to the next. If that image was from back in the live servers, you couldn't build above the ceiling at all, so they wouldn't have had an issue with anyone hitting the ceiling. So that's the easiest way to have different floors, but they can sometimes feel a bit cramped. The other opti
  5. Yeah, the base builder is a finicky beast, lol. Perhaps some light sources are affected by your sky setting...or surface...or by other factors we don't know about...or fx were acting weird because I kept adding and taking away a zillion different lights, for that matter! Anything's possible; the builder is fun that way. :P There were also a number of sources that had light as part of their graphic, but did not actually seem to light up the area around them. If I recall (I'm not in the builder at the moment), I felt like the banker's lamps were like that. They have the appearance of light
  6. Posting this here for the next time I reset my keybinds and forget this again... If you do not enjoy it when the base editor thinks you've double-clicked, and sends you zooming halfway across the base or into the middle of the thing you were trying to move, you can disable the double-click functionality. In base edit mode, type: /unbind leftdoubleclick Voila, unwanted transportation solved. Thanks to someone on the Discord for figuring this out. :)
  7. Lol, good point - and added! ;) Same, and you reminded me that I wanted to include the wiki page listing all the zones, so thank you! I never seemed to have an issue with setting up a bunch of portals first, but the builder is notoriously glitchy. I'm pretty sure it's possessed by the spirits of all the heroes/villains who died while languishing in the base, waiting for their rooms to be finished. ;) Love the globe idea - added! I've noticed that. I think I heard that those things could all be rotated at one point, but because they were
  8. *jaw dropped* That is AY-MAY-ZING O.O Great work! I'd love an image with a bit more light on the body of the piano so I can see how it all goes together, but the keyboard is just perfect!!
  9. Between the forums and the Discord channel, I see a lot of folks confused about setting up base teleporters. It's easy to do once you understand the principles, but since there are things that aren't self-evident, I decided to put together a little guide. (With pictures and everything! Ooh! Ahh!) I've separated my lame jokes from the main text by using a different font color for your convenience. ;D Contents: The Basics The Components Setting Up a Zone Teleporter Setting Up an In-Base Teleporter Troubleshooting Tips, Tricks, & Ti
  10. Thanks! :D I have a ton more things I want to do, but I am a very slow worker, lol. (Plus I have that bad habit a lot of us have, of spending ages making a specific thing, then deciding we don't like it and tearing it all down to start over. :P) But I really love what we can do now with the outdoors stuff. I had a room in our base on live that was meant to look like it was outdoors, but it just...didn't.
  11. Typing /stuck will move you to the entrance portal, regardless of where you've placed it. :)
  12. Still a work in progress, but I've been having great fun with all the new building tools. :) Feel free to check it out at GROTTO-3501.
  13. The AE parts are just decorative, same as the Arachnos items, Council items, etc. You're not missing anything because there's nothing to miss. ;) As far as the arrows, you can actually rotate in six directions. Alt, ctrl+alt, and shift+alt all rotate on a different axis. Right becomes left and down becomes up with shift+alt. I think the only reason there are two is that they're slightly different styles. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend the FAQ pinned to this channel; it covers all the different control options we have access to now. :)
  14. Maybe the problem is that Heal Other is Ally Targeted and if you stop to target a mob, you are no longer targeting an ally. I think if you do an unselect command (if there is one), you could use it in the same bind...Maybe just press ESC first to unselect whoever you have selected (ally or mob) and then select who you want and fire the bind It's not so much about selecting mobs, as it is about selecting a different ally than the one I might have previously selected. Say I have Bob targeted. Sally is low on health, so I'd like to be able to shift+click Sally and heal her. The bind
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