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  1. Yes that, oh and gaining Midnight Club access too.
  2. So this week, Brawler got a little irradiated. Other than Crimson Revenant part 2 being finished off, we knocked on some doors, fried a LOT of zombies and if there's anything else, I forget it.
  3. On Crimson Revenant's first arc last night, I popped a Power Analyser on Mynx and did a few seconds of screen capture to see just how crippled she ended up. This is a quick and dirty composite of screenshots from the shadowplay capture, hopefully it'll be legible after uploading to the board: Edit - Apparently not so visible. Try this link instead to avoid eye strain
  4. Sorry, hadn't checked this thread for a while. Yes, we're still running. And tripping, faceplanting and getting mileage out of Vengeance, Fallout and Mutation Whilst we do use Discord for random gibbering (depending on how knackered people are on a Friday Evening), it's not obligatory. Some people just listen, some don't use it at all. I try to make sure there's enough info in team chat to understand what's going on. To join in, your best bet is likely to drop me a tell to "@Li Sensei" from 7:10pm UK time ish on a Friday evening. I try to make sure I'm on before the nominal start time of 7:30. I think we finished tonight pretty much all at level 33. Tonight involved Doc Buzzsaw's second arc, a Banner event, a Ghost of Scrapyard, Crimson Revenant's first arc and a very, *VERY* debuffed Mynx (And if Lines is reading this, you forgot about it again...)
  5. We got to about level 13 last night. Shouldn't be any problems if you get your chosen radiation source to there and remember next Friday.
  6. 7 individuals of dubious morality and atomic cohesion last night. For anyone wondering about the star ratings, 5 means I know them in real life. 4 means I've played enough to flag them as 'not a numpty' zero stars is default for everyone else. Oh and the thing between Vecter and Atom Heart Father? That be me scurvy dog.
  7. While I don't think there was anything objectionable in chat in the originalscreenshot, it's a default position I take when posting screens. I'm sure there'e plenty of drivel of mine that I wouldn't want posted, why not extend that courtesy to others? Since I'm already using an image editor to crop the image, it takes a couple of seconds to select an area and run a pixelation filter of some flavour. I quite like the look of crystallise, myself.
  8. According to the filename of the original image, that ITF screenshot was from the 16th of November, 2019, at 21:11:14. And yes, I was the idiot doing various all MM TF, including the Citadel we took a break halfway through to devastate a Rikti invasion in Talos... Also also, yes, you were at least one of those all MM TF's, I think. I don't have any screenshots from the LGTF though.
  9. I snagged redcircle.ttf a long long time ago, and I can't remember where from but I thought it appropriate 🙂 The all MM team was one of several all MM TF's I did a while back, that one was an ITF. The LGTF was the most hilarious as the Murderblob(tm) swallowed the Honoree whole in about 20 seconds from cutscene to no more Honoree. The rules of the murderblob are 1) you stick with the murderblob. 2) see rule 1) but louder... If a murderblob of pets, buffs and debuffs rolls through a TF, nothing really stands much of a chance.
  10. Sorry, just realised that image post came across as perfunctory and dismissive. It wasn't intended that way, apologies.
  11. Menu->Options->Windows->Pets->Show Pet Window Option (enabled). Then on the team window, click 'Pets' It doesn't matter if you're in t a team or not, you can still click pets. Or type "/windowtoggle pet"
  12. The pet controls are available for any character. But only once they hit level 50 and unlock and equip a Lore ability. The commands will only apply to the Lore pets, so no sneaky gaining control over the three incendiary maniacs on a Fire controller. You can *absolutely* control Lore pets like MM pets, and in some cases It's very valuable. Like the last fight of the Keyes Island trial, where you can set the pets to Passive/Attack my target on Antimatter. They'll try to murderise AM, but won't attack the terminals if your league is going for 'Loves a Challenge'. if you want to be doubly certain, then you can tell them to go to Passive/Follow once AM starts his regen and reinstruct them to murderise once he's done with the regen.
  13. If the folders don't exist in your install directory then there're two approaches. 1) you know for certain where they're to go, and just make the folders, copy the files into the folders and bang, you're done. 2) you're a little more cautious. Make a simple one mission AE arc, don't publish it, just save it, and do the same with any costume you want. Go out to explorer and look in your install directory for the directories that will now have been created. Copy your old files across and away you go. Some costumes may not load completely (or at all) due to changes since they were originally saved. I know my favourite outfit for my Illusion/Storm controller won't load because it used what was considered a bug back on live, having both a cape (scarf) and the long tails jacket (a second cape, technically) and the dual cape effect was squashed by Paragon.
  14. Well, I don't know about 'organised'... it's not like I've planned a route through contacts or anything. If you do make it at some ungodly hour of the morning, then I may as well let you know more or less what to expect. It'll be like the Cold/Storm/Ice team I had going, in that there will be all the mayhems at appropriate levels, to try and get people on synced contacts, so everyone gets reward merits. Other than that it's likely going to be seat of the pants stuff. Usually I solo the radio/paper missions between sessions with XP turned off to get a Mayhem/Safeguard ready for the next session. Oh, and don't expect the TF's while levelling, they accelerate the XP income too much, and the point is to sort of enjoy the mayhem in a semi-scenic manner. And story arcs are scenery 🙂
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