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  1. All I'd need is the one SSA. Finding them isn't hard. it's that it's the very definition of gratuitous. The sappers is MUCH worse, but 1,000 of anything is a pretty tall order. it's not interesting gameplay to punk a bunch of minions. yes, you can get it naturally, but look to the newer badges, IE the ones for Nightward. Did you need to kill 1,000 of any of the new enemy groups? No. Doing this feels like "going back to basics" in the worst way possible, to me anyway. That isn't to say it's the worst thing that could be done in the game, but it's a de
  2. If people want a grind they can always chase veteran levels. There are fun grinds, and there are boring grinds. Kill 1000 jaegers is the very definition of wasting time to make one number go a little higher. I'll do it if I have to, but there are a lot of better ways someone could make a "do x things" badge than these, and I'll stand by that. Edited for typos
  3. On the one hand: new badges? Cool. On the other: defeat badges with such high numbers isn't fun. I know most people are assumed to get them by doing a bunch of content and getting it eventually, but even then, 250 sappers? 1,000 Jaegers? Let's say theoretically you wanted to purposefully get those badges. The time investment is just not fun, and the existing badges aren't all that punishing. Weatherman badge is just 100 outcast bosses, for instance. Why make SO many sappers, so many natterlings, etc etc etc? Please consider that this won't enhance anyone's fun, and will instead
  4. Not true. You can make NPCs in your base do it and they all look just fine. Source: several SG bases.
  5. Liedown And even with that, a lot of people really enjoy that emote 🙂 At least let me lounge like Bobcat! She taunts me!
  6. My suggestion: use /ah while in kallisti wharf, a very underutilized campus 🙂
  7. I'm on board with this. It would make empowering alts that much easier 🙂
  8. Out of curiosity, does incarnate XP still grow even when XP is turned off? I never tried that, as I've always been in a rush to get my hybrid unlocked 🙂
  9. Alternative suggestion: Have you considered adjusting your volume? This game has some VERY annoying sfx, but if you're not needing to hear them, sometimes it can be worth flicking off.
  10. Personally, I still don't really understand sentinel. It brings damage, and survives, but if one needed that secondary set to survive blasting, blasters, corruptors, and defenders would all be dead. Assault+Support makes a good amount of sense to me, personally. Summoning+Control also seems like it could potentially be very interesting. I could also see a more literal tankermind, combining summoning with defensive sets, including a taunt aura. It might devalue the presence pool, but I think it does a good job devaluing itself.
  11. It's an insulting meme that's typically used to imply anything you just said is stupid without actually interfacing with it/you. Basically it's very lazy trolling 101.
  12. I just felt the need to weigh in on this detail specifically. If any zone changes dramatically, we should try to save the old version if/when possible. No reason to lose out on old content, even if it doesn't seem valid. I like the idea of putting new content into these zones, but I don't think Dailies is the answer. Zone events, similar to Bricks new breakout event? That could be fun! it's timed to start very often, has 3 temp powers to get, and these powers aren't overpowered but they're probably nice to have for somebody! Plus, it'd be a good way to get certain badges going, like ma
  13. Warframe Survival missions forced the players to hunt and kill mobs. The mobs didn't find players. What about just making the map spawn new mobs at random, with no pathfinding AI beyond what any mob has? Make the impetus on the players to find the mobs. Solves the problem, adds more gameplay. if you want to make it simpler, you could even use a small map, like the final fight in MoM, and make it so the mobs are always visible and in close quarters 🙂
  14. Honestly, it's bad enough either you have to waste time grinding for your alpha slot to unlock instead of spending Astrals like you used to be able to on live instead of endlessly doing the Ramiel arc... Factor in that you always need to get the 4 accolades if you want a character to be the best it can be, and it's a lot of time that you NEED to spend on every character doing one of two things, for the hero or villain accolade. If it's "it'll make people do more content!" as an excuse, IE TFs for Task Force Commander... if the TFs aren't fun enough to run for merits/xp/
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