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  1. Fixed the build in the OP. It could use some updating for new sets/procs Envenom is great and a key power. weaken is also great, but I dont use it on this build as it reduces the potency of confused enemies against each other. Plant/poison has a lot of synergy, it is extremely effective and making mobs implode under confusion. More so than most other combos. plantpoison.mxd
  2. Frosticus


    Not really. I mean you get assassin's blaze instead of incinerate, but it isn't that great of a trade off as incinerate does a lot of damage (more than fast assassin strike, albeit as a dot). /rad is better on a scrapper by a bit. You'd lose beta decay, which is a really nice power and meltdown does more +dam for scrappers.
  3. Triage isn't a bad power, but it would certainly be better with a shorter cooldown and a faster cast time. It definitely helps in long fights though. Smoke isn't a bad idea if you want to drag your seekers in and have them engage first. I personally use 'target_location enemy' for seekers so they summon right at the spawn and break the alpha. I think they are one of the best powers in traps. You are right about ageless and you'll certainly be tough enough without barrier to tackle many things. One option though might be to get enough of a handle on your endurance that ageless radial is an option. The debuff resistance of that branch is really good in some situations and would protect your defense numbers fairly well. Procs are valuable. But keep in mind that trollers actually do ok damage to contained enemies, so you may not want to completely forgo damage slotting (ie seismic smash). However, most troller attacks are dot, so the upfront proc damage is welcome. Most of the traps summons don't roll procs as well as one might hope, but poison trap is a solid spot for procs. Keep in mind though, the -regen is autohit, but the hold (and procs) roll a tohit. Speaking of which your overall tohit chance is on the low side as soon as you start to face +lvl enemies. A few more global acc bonuses would help you out as well as finding a spot for kismet proc. You are right, fire/traps is a rare build.
  4. I think if you use: seekers>bonfire>seismic>fissure you are going to be about 50 endurance down even after recovery. It looks like if you play aggressively you will be around net -8 end/sec. I don't see that as being sustainable. I've never tried the health procs in triage beacon, so I can't say how well they will perform there, but I do think you need to be in the aura for them to affect you (excluding the absorb proc). I definitely agree that fire/traps has a lot of synergy. I think the build you have now precludes all but ageless and might be a challenge to play without it.
  5. I enjoyed my nin/bio. I went with a post apoc look including the chainsaw blade for my sword. Pretty fun because golden dragonfly is one of my favorite attacks and divine avalanche really works well for /bio while leveling. However, divine avalanche doesn't get much use in the late game ime. The lack of aoe is only as annoying as you find it to be. After doing a couple savage stalkers to 50, I find it hard to give up the amount of aoe they bring while also dealing solid st damage. That set leans toward having your cake and eating it too. Another alternative if you want to do a sword based stalker would be dual blades. As fast as ninja blade is touted as being it has some strange hitches and pauses that bothered me. Dual blades flows really well, does ok aoe and is one of the higher st dps sets. One final thing to take note of is that the stalker ATO proc that instantly recharges build up tends to work much better if you are hitting things with aoes as opposed to single target oriented stalkers.
  6. A blaster can kill 16 weak enemies faster. A scrapper can kill 5 tough enemies faster. Which is to say, blasters have much larger aoes with higher target caps. Scrappers tend to have more single target damage and small, but potent aoes. There are of course some exceptions.
  7. Call hawk does almost as much damage as seismic smash, albeit as a fast dot. I can't imagine not using it.
  8. Like I said, +0, but also x1. This is my 5th dom on the way 50 and I have 2 /sav assault doms at lvl 45+. I've also have 2 lvl 50 plant trollers, so I'm familiar with the sets in question and the AT itself. I don't PL much, so I've logged the hrs on those builds. Basically, my story highlights that I slipped up a bit, but in doing so I made things incredibly more difficult for myself as I had no way of rebuilding dom. Without domination, the 2 boss spawn was nearly insurmountable even with insp chugging. Basically being a de-tuned controller with low damage is a poor match for 2 superstrength wardens. The death penalty that ONLY doms have forced me to go street sweet until I could reenter the mission and attempt the bosses again with a different tactic. Would temporary powers help? absolutely. I was literally working on frenzy in this case. But shivian's would work well too. Better even. Prior to permadom I find I need to run (solo) settings at what I can handle as my weak form and only use domination for panic moments, or the end boss. If I turn the setting up so that domination is better suited, then I get crushed when domination drops. For me this takes away a lot of the satisfaction in mission structures where you are supposed to have a bit of a battle with the end encounter. Additionally, I can't really turn the team size up very much even though fodder is easy for plant to handle from lvl 6. If I miss more than 2 in the group, I'm leaving the fight quite damaged. All of this of course improves over the levels and eventually becomes a non-issue with an end game build (permadom). But it is much more pronounced on doms than any other AT ( I primarily play debuff squishies).
  9. Ultimately whatever kills you and knocks you out of dom is going to be a lot harder to overcome as a 75% strength controller with no debuffs, mez protection, or kb protection. Maybe people dont encounter it often, but i was doing an alignment earlier on my new plant/sav (heavy IOd at lvl 23). The mission had 2 longbow wardens together (set at +0). Domination was up, but they might be confuse protected? At any rate they dropped me fast thru rune of protection, as admittedly I was a bit slow reacting as dom was active and rune was active. At any rate I couldnt progress the mission. Even with ample insp use from each hospital trip. I eventually had to street sweep to rebuild domination and head back in. That plus heavy insp use was enough to get thru. Death penalty can be tough on doms.
  10. Exactly. Or seismic smash. No one in their right mind would say that power doesn't convey a sense of smash. It is very fast too.
  11. Yep pretty much. Plus scappers (well everyone really other than MM's and trollers) have consistently better access to +dam powers. A scrapper using buildup has +100% enhancement, a dom has +34% (powerup) to +68% (build up). Plus we know how well guassian proc goes into buildup powers allowing for much more burst aoe output. But most doms can't slot it as most of their +damage powers provide no tohit buff. I think at the very least doms should have their modifier for self buffing increased to match tanks. So their build up would do +80% enhancement. The fact that no "villain" AT has self modifiers as strong as scappers and blasters has always bothered me. Stalkers build up should be just as strong as scrapper. And doms' build up "should" be right up there too imo. Instead, doms +dam powers are woefully pitiful.
  12. In addition to being more dangerous, the slow attack also carries additional opportunity cost. Dominators are a very busy AT. Clicks upon clicks. That extra 2 seconds is probably time you spend staring at recharged powers of various utility. It would be hard to convince me that combustion should have the same cast time as inferno.
  13. Agreed. More info is almost always better. For what he was trying to highlight though I think it was sufficient. All the pbaoes ultimately do similar damage as they mostly fall within the same range of recharge time. It's only a difference of around 10 pts of damage excluding a few that have bonus dot damage for various reasons. he was just highlighting the importance of risk vs reward of the pbaoe attacks. The slow animating ones can be extremely dangerous to use, whereas the faster ones allow you to quickly vacate the area and reestablish range. All pbaoes regardless of cast time can sit unused on some teams as it is just too risky to enter the fray unless you've heavily invested in personal protection beyond what your primary offers.
  14. Yes, I'm on the same page as you. I think just about nearly every control power should gain some kind of bonus under domination. Could you imagine having this discussion with scrappers if a third of their attacks didn't critical? It would be open and shut.
  15. And you've only painted part of the picture too. You are probably thinking of lethal damage, that is really the only damage type that frequently faces significant resistance. Yes combustion deals more total damage than dragons tail, however; if you've used both of these attacks you would understand what he is talking about. Combustion is a really bad attack. It deals about half the damage that dragon's tail does upfront and then the "extra" damage that you highlight is dealt as a painfully slow dot over the next 7 seconds. No secondary effects.
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