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  1. Poison takes a bit to get it clicking and it definitely isn't for everyone. It could use some tweaks as the small aoe's can be a challenge to use effectively. However, it is one of the strongest sets available for a fast moving team. Always on aoe 25% -res, huge -res on a boss or two, check out my poison trap testing for aoe damage. It isn't that great at keeping the user alive, but in general IO's add a lot more survivability to soft builds than they add offense to tough builds. Surviving just isn't an issue in most teams.
  2. Soulbound proc? yes absolutely great choice. I don't really use the st confuse late game. Great power while leveling though. Fearsome stare is usually enough to get into the mix. I might be mistaken, but I think the contagious proc alerts enemies, so up to you if the aoe factor would be worthwhile vs sneaky single confusing. ya I use a second build slot for examplaring on my main toons. Other than the inconvenience of initially slotting the second build it allows the best of both worlds with minimal compromise in build power. be careful with spiritual, it can mess with your proc rates. Sometimes worth it, sometimes not.
  3. Back on live it was determined that creepers travels below the surface. But an invisible pet along the ground makes sense too. I don't think it is attached to you, but does follow. You can clearly see this behaviour if you leave a couple enemies alive and then move on to the next spawn. Creepers will take way longer to join you as it stays fighting the remainders until it either kills them or disengages (like a pet would).
  4. The procs attached to the aoe power *seem* to trigger the most in creepers. -so aoe procs, immob, ato dam. annihilation triggered 47 times over the life. Same x8 scenario as before. -The slow proc barely triggers at all. 18 times. -Kb dam proc is negligible Best proc scenario for creepers vs groups: expect to see 40+ of each proc occur over the life. posi, javelin, annihlation, ATO dam, trap. Obviously these numbers could vary significantly with each run. I'll run a few more times and see if anything interesting happens, but dam it takes a long time to parse the logs for creepers. Is there a faster way?
  5. Couple notes: - extra slots in health, use them as you see fit - some people like to use their st hold as a hold, others as an attack. Up to you really. Between grasp, paralytic, poison trap, and seismic you can stack a lot of hold. - The aoe immob is of questionable value to a pbaoe centric build. - I don't love energy font, but the stun will stack with heart of darkness. - should be perma hasten/haunt once the 20% global rech of ageless and the force feedback procs kick in. - cycle melee alpha and rune of protection for high uptime mez protection + big survivability boost - doesn't exemp below lvl 45 well at all haha. - poison trap and fissure are the main two powers so that's why nerve over intuition. If you are willing to take a small hit to them, then intuition is a strong option, but you'll need to rework s/l def. - I can't be bothered trying to keep the dog alive and it usually doesn't keep up with me/team when it gets rolling. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1474&c=695&a=1390&f=HEX&dc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
  6. On a x8 farm moving at moderate pace: creepers proc'd Sup Will psi dam 49 times over the life of creepers (130 sec?) poison trap proc'd Sup Will psi dam 67 times over a 2 min period casting when PT was up. More analysis would be beneficial. But I like that PT goes when I want it to whereas creepers just work on their own volition.
  7. I'm not opposed to sharing a build. I don't really have one for my dark/poison as I'm still levelling it. I'll post what I'm striving for though. It is subject to change if it starts working out differently than I'm expecting in the end game, but so far it plays similar to my plant/poison. I take the dog while levelling. I just mean on a 50+ build the pet doesn't really fit my playstyle anymore.
  8. It doesn't proc particularly well. 10 sec interval, ~15% chance per standard proc. It does stack with the aoe hold of poison trap quite well though. Such long recharge that I tend to steer clear of aoe holds, even if the pulsing ones are better than one shot ones for control.
  9. Well I'm still honestly fine tuning both. But here's what I can say with decent confidence: -Poison trap procs on detonation like/similar to an aoe click. And then has the 10 sec activation period after that. Which is pretty sweet. The initial detonation has an aoe for the hold of 25ft and an aoe of 15ft for the damage. After that both damage and hold are 15ft. I've been rolling with 3 purple damage procs, 2 regular and 1 -res proc. Internal recharge at 48 sec and about 18 sec with global and FF proc. It is fantastic. I love the procs. -The explosive strike only procs when the tall vines use their melee attack. It isn't a bad return when several of them are out. I've had it in there a long time. The ATO proc rolls when it does the aoe immob. When it gets going it is...impressive and creepers are potentially always active. I'll post a pic of the combat log tonight if I log in. The number of times the ATO could proc in a minute vs full spawns is huge in either power. I'll try to run a farm at some point and count the combat log for both scenarios.
  10. Creepers slotting: I adjusted my slotting. I didn't think I'd ever pull the ATO proc out of poison trap, but I think I will stick with it for awhile. procs: posi, javelin, annihilation, trap, superior troller ATO psi dam, ragnarok dam/rech +5 I have the nerve to use nerve alpha, so ymmv.
  11. yes. it's why the heal proc is lame in it too.
  12. contagious confusion proc in seeds will confuse most anything. Venomous gas and envenom almost make confused mobs too effective. Minions sometimes vaporize for zero xp ha. It is safe to drop trap. You wanna be in the middle to maximize venomous gas anyway. try melee hybrid.
  13. Haha yep. I have a pbaoe nuke-troller in the works. Dark/poison is as you describe. I dont like spring leap personally. I tried it with 4 dam procs but for whatever reason it didnt click for me. I might revisit it with a target location bind. . Fissure fits in like a dream. Single target is more impressive than you might think as haunts are decent damage with two procs added. The dog despite high damage is skippable imo.
  14. No one has tackled this yet. To answer we need to look at what the power does. My view is of the power vs a spawn (think ITF runs) rather than vs a single target. -the hairy patch on the ground is the "slow" zone. 10 sec timer 20ft aoe - the little tangles that are trying to immob and do aoe damage. 8ft radius, 5 target max. 10 sec timer. -the big vines have a ranged st attack, and a melee attack ranged st attack: 5 sec cycle, slows melee attack: 5 sec cycle slow and kb So for me: aoe procs - posi, glad, annihlation slow proc - impeded immob proc - trap 6th if you can fit it - kb smashing proc *I haven't tried the troller ATO dam proc in it. But I might. *troller energy font only procs on summon from what I've seen. You might say - "Frosticus, you were just crapping on distortion field aoe and it checks every 10 seconds" Now where creepers is interesting is that it is fueled by defeated foes. At which point the aoe zones start to overlap. So when it pulses every 10 seconds is ends up rolling multiple checks. Toward the end of a fight it isn't uncommon for a pulse to take off half of a purple luts hp. Defeated Foes and now we go full circle to earlier in thread where I was stating that I prefer damage procs in my aoe immob over the consistently low damage approach of enhancing its damage. This is one of the reasons. I don't care what dies as long as something dies to start feeding carrion creepers. The second reason is that our good friends scrappers and brutes, two of the most popular AT's, often can only hit 10 targets. The faster I can help thin out the battle field the more it benefits the team. The third is that 16 enemies are as danagerous at 100% or 1% hp. Bursting a few random ones away is a form of damage mitigation.
  15. You are absolutely right. I take back my assessment of time. I was just a bit sour on the set after tying out distortion field as I've seen it hyped. So the char kind of stalled out and I haven't been playing it much. I use and enjoy Time stop with 3 dam procs and the +mag. Slowed response is also a solid every 2nd spawn power. I agree with you, it is a solid set with regard to procs and benefits decent to well from them. And chrono shift is super.
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