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  1. I'm not sure to be honest. I've never liked shred that much, but I don't like most melee cones. Savage leap could always crit, but it seemed exceptionally low. It still seems low to me. I'm not sure why savage melee has lower crit chance on aoe's than other sets (including rending flurry). It is still a great aoe set, but sometimes I think about those aoe's on a scrapper under critical strikes and how well they might perform.
  2. In actual gameplay savage comes out pretty far ahead ime.
  3. Definitely, but that particular AV is more challenging than many others. That said, storm doesn't give you much other than a nice dps boost (steamy mist is basically it). They are nearly immune to slow/rech debuffs, tohit debuffs and you won't be holding them unless the triangles are down. As mentioned above your best bet is to softcap ranged def, make sure you have mez protection in place and then hope they miss you enough.
  4. The biggest favour you can do yourself on your sav/shield is to put as many procs as you can feasibly slot in to savage leap. In most powers giving up set bonuses for procs is a meaningful sacrifice, but in savage leap it is an easy choice. It does so well with procs.
  5. Would the perception proc provide enough to see thru blind? I run +perception on everything so I'm not sure, but that could remove the need for inspirations.
  6. Generally what you'd strive to do is build enough global tohit/acc that you don't need any in your powers. You still want to ED cap (or close) your damage enhancement in each power. So with musculature you'd still want to see around 110-120% damage enhancement. Then you layer on the procs. Only defenders and brutes have procs clearly superior to damage enhancements (corrs and trollers both critical which doubles damage enhancement effectiveness and muddies the water) That said, some builds benefit more from procs than others and in almost all cases proc performance is
  7. yes this certainly helps. If they are actively running though the delay after combat tp usually means they are out of range again before you can get a melee attack off. savage leaps is great. It sort of just is what it is for stalkers. You control the start of the engagement better than anyone, but once the fight is underway much of the pacing is determined by what your enemies want to do. If the Ogres want to flee into the hills, or an AV wants to try and flatline your dps - they will. Most other (non melee) ATs have to deal with runners too, but usually have a suite of tool
  8. Everything will try to run from a sav/sd stalker. I dunno something about breaking the mobs morale? I remember a dev talked about that in the old days.
  9. The other option is weapons mastery for webnade. Physical perfection is a nice power. Exploding shruiken is a small aoe but would roll procs well if you went that route. Giving up snipe is a big sacrifice though. Just depends how badly runners aggravate you.
  10. savage/sd does oodles more aoe than elec/sd and probably has more st too. I know you like the ITF and I've done it at +4/8 no insp/temps/lore/amps on my sav/sd/mu. But you won't be afk'ing the mobs. Chasing the AV's around is fun at first, but gets old after awhile. Final romy jumping up into the mountains...sigh. I've tried it with enemies buffed, but I triggered the ambush at the summit and got whittled down. BU+ball lighting+savage leap+fast AS+(hidden) 15ft rending flurry is a lot of aoe over a pretty sizable area. You'll likely have double buildup for the rending flu
  11. Poison/fire/psi has been my favorite defender. Keep in mind that frequent use of the defender ATO procs take away much of the shortcomings of lacking self healing capabilities.
  12. Honestly it's something I'm struggling with right now. You need another attack besides maiming, AS and snipe if you want to run seamless chains. One could argue that stalkers rarely get to due to runners and such, but it is still probably important to be able to do. In most content those 3 atttacks, rending flurry and leap will be all you use in addition to always recharged buildup. You might want savage strike as a filler. At least it can add to assassin's focus, which savage melee really struggles to build ime. 100%. Savage leap is reason enough to play savage. People sin
  13. I think Hemo is pretty skippable. Not because it is a bad attack, but because it is a consumer of blood stacks with no real benefit for the consumption. I think you are just better off plowing through spawns at full blood for the global recharge benefits toward AS and snipe.
  14. Unless you took one of those pesky judgement's with a 2+ second cast and someone hits them with pyronic judgement first ha! I think if I was just contributing ageless every 2 min I'd personally feel pretty useless to the team, but to each their own. I don't personally team much in late game, but I have certainly felt my presence was next to nothing on many teams and I have some objectively strong builds in my stable. Nukes and judgement tend to do that in teams though.
  15. Yes and then over corrected so now you need 3 stacks of blood for it to do the expected damage of a 14 second power. All in a slow dot. Sad.
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