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  1. Fiery Embrace was changed some time back. It is fairly primary agnostic now and provides a 20 second fire proc to most damaging powers. I don't believe that fire melee has any special interaction with it anymore (pve). An em/fa scrapper is bonkers from a burst damage perspective.
  2. I'm a fan of shield. I think defense works best on stalkers, but shield still offers some decent resists and +hp on top of that. The set doesn't have much in the way of holes you need to plug. Shield charge offers a bit of aoe to an AT that is often sorely lacking in that department.
  3. Frosticus


    That should give you an indication of how strong the build is.
  4. Keep in mind that fiery embrace is up more than it is down on a perma dom build and it is a long lasting buff allowing multiple rounds of attacks to get out. It averages out to over +50% damage over time, which is significant for such a low (self) buffing AT. It also helps doms deliver meaningful aoe damage by boosting fireball and rain of fire. /nrg is in a great spot, but I'd still take /fire for single target destruction if for no other reason than not having to be in melee range stuck using a 2.7 second long attack to unlock my damage boost. /fire can hit FE, blaze and have the damage from blazing bolt landing at roughly the same time that /nrg is landing its first TF. Maybe it will catch up, maybe it won't. Both are great sets for dealing out good damage.
  5. I chose reactive interface for my poison/fire for this specific reason. I do a lot of proc damage and rely heavily on the interaction of -damage debuffing being amplified by -resistance debuffing. At the end of the day, Degen may still be better for taking down big targets, but I like reactive as it fits the build well. Kin is a great addition to poison, just depends what content you like to tackle whether a second poison would be preferable. Multiple poisons become insane for both speed and safety because their debuff aura doesn't take animation time and poison trap proc bomb gets out so fast.
  6. Indeed. 0x8 is super fun. 4x8 has proven to test my patience too much as I have to lean heavily on confuse. I skip the dwarf ambush up top. Interestingly enough if you confuse the nictus into killing the crystals in mission 2 the ambushes struggle to zero in on you and just sort of run around aimlessly. I've never really examined how to separate romy from his nictus so I ultimately get overwhelmed in the final fight.
  7. The -res cap is very high. I think it is like -300% or something like that. It is pretty rare to hit it even in teams. The only thing better than 1 poison is 2! You might even consider some of the ally powers in that case.
  8. I think it is just a culmination of the right tools for this build. -A lot of psi damage, which I switched the build around to accentuate. Unstoppable had a small impact on my dps, whereas it normally flatlines most builds. -Uninterruptable dps. He can't stun PA and I'm out of range of it. The few times he got me, benumb makes the duration pretty short. -Ability to quickly kill off his friends, but also nearly halt his regen while I fight with them. His HP would barely go back up while I'd deal with his generals. Most builds lose a lot of ground during this period, which is frustrating. -Finally, I think it was actually -recharge that did him in. Even through AV resistances I avg about 40%-rech. Slowing down his dullpain cycle may have been the deciding factor. When he was at about 10% hp I "knew" it was in the bag because I would outpace his dullpain cycle. But I was still sweating the thought of an error getting me killed. He didn't get off another dullpain though. This fight is an absolute snooze-fest. 0/10 would not do again.
  9. My survival build is as the name suggest. Softcapped ranged and psi def, full time mez protection, melee hybrid and barrier as well as respectable resistance to most damage types (toxic/neg hole). It hovers out of the fray and only steps in for the Heat Loss buff. I can handle a fair amount of attention. My damage build doesn't really avoid damage. It dishes it out haha. It only has 38% s/l def, but it does have rune of protection, barrier and perma dull pain. It relies on survival through chaos. Bouncing things with fissure and sleet, spectral terror, PA and sheer offense that rivals anything I've built. That said, there are times you simply have to disengage to regroup. I got into a bad funk on a recent marketcrash causing frequent endurance crashes and had to flee back into the cave 2 times. Or vs the warwalker waves in Apex. I fought them all over that map to keep creating distance. There is nowhere to hide, but you can briefly break line of sight. If they are moving, they aren't attacking. I made them travel through my drop patches and summons which allowed me to layer some confuse on them and then press the advantage. I spend most of my time on my damage build, but if I'm walking into a situation that I know is going to be dangerous, I hit the macro to flip to my survival build. It puts everything in to cooldown, but that is the only drawback.
  10. 54+3 Mot I love caesars, so I thought Mot and I would get along better. He didn't want to share his clamato juice so I took it from him.
  11. I think if I didn't have an ill/cold I'd roll an ill/ta. Just about everything in TA compliments illusion and the synergy is undeniable in things like: spec terror + flash arrow = huge tohit debuffs that are safely applied before the fight acid arrow+ healback = should block some of the heal back from illusionary damage reliable st and semi reliable aoe containment - two things illusion does not excel at decent aoe damage from oil slick and proc'd acid arrow to round out the stellar st damage of illusion That said, ill/cold is still better at killing AV/GM's, maybe by a large amount. The stacking -res is just extreme on top of benumb. But I could see myself playing an ill/ta at x8 settings and I don't really find that fun on ill/cold.
  12. Lvl 54+3 Sinclair - I was like, “oh he looks like that loser Chimera”. He is not. When he gets mad and glows red he wrecks all my other characters with overwhelming offense. And that is set as a lvl 50 AV!. I’ve always had to downgrade him to an EB to finish the arc. That said, he doesn’t hit hard enough to hurt PA!
  13. Lusca - about 2 mins per leg. 4 mins for the head. The sizing of the head makes receiving the buff from HL difficult so prepare for endurance issues toward the end of the fight. Jack and Eochia - same time cause why not? I remembered these GM’s being much more fearsome. Eochai in 2 min, Jack in 2.5 min.
  14. MoKhan - I don’t know of any other build that has done this without at least Lore pets (I think some traps builds could do this as well). It took some thinking to say the least and I had to t4 a different hybrid for it. Basically his resistances are ridiculous, his HP is insane, plus he has unstoppable AND dull pain. Normally I use Assault Hybrid Radial for the double hit proc. But for him I leveled Assault Core to t4 so I could boost my (and PA’s) psi damage as that is his weakness. I think running musculature was maybe a mistake as opposed to agility. I had huge gaps in PA and benumb. My thought was to make them hit harder, but I don’t know if it netted me anything. I don’t plan to rerun this to get a faster time as it was a snoozefest. *I left the pc running for 20hrs+ after killing 3 of his friends. Didn't want to restart the mission, but had things to do. Sucks to have to let him heal up to 100% and chew through another ~170k hp to get back to where I was... but it is what it is. Still this took about 2hrs (maybe 1.5hrs if I didn't disengage), so not for the feint of heart. Phantasm is forever useless. As long as he summons his decoy I'm happy enough. You can get about 20-30 seconds out of Phant if you cast barrier, but usually Reich's fist of the heavens attack immediately kills him.
  15. MoLRSF - this has 19 AV’s, so it wasn’t like I was moving at a snails pace (about 4 min/AV if nothing else considered). The Future Phalanx needs more training haha. The /psi app eliminates Numina as being a threat. Vindicators sought what their name suggests, but ultimately let Ms. Liberty down. I didn’t realize she was special because Phantom Army and ample psi damage seem to be her counter. I have the tools to deal with the final encounter while not many other builds do. I confused Yin and Numina to encourage them to move closer to each other as Numina sometimes sits a bit too for Yin to focus on. Then I let Yin do her magic. When it was Yin, Babs and Manticore I was like “surprise it was ME all along!” They were dumbfounded to say the least. So much so that Yin continued to help me periodically, unsure which team she belonged to.
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