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  1. Most post their assault off time in addition if they opt to use assault hybrid. PA is definitely melee, otherwise my demon/storm attacks from range too 🙂 edit: I think Nihili had a good fire/rad sentinel time posted with both ranged and melee variants.
  2. I went ageless destiny on my plant/poison/stone. That allowed very aggressive slotting. Cardiac or vigor could probably work too. Victory rush is pretty good.
  3. lethal can defintely struggle a bit at times. It also struggles against some commonly desirable enemy types that most teams seem to seek out. Like council with their robits. procs and epic attacks tend to resolve the issue for me, but that is generally late game stuff, so not a solution. I'd consider a small amount of vitality damage. ie -hp debuff. Say 2-3% per attack, 5-10 sec duration, capped at 10%
  4. Or in this case to bring other sets up it would need to be power leap...
  5. I like NB. I just run my chain. If hide procs that is great. If it doesn't, then so be it. The set does very high st damage once you add in the applicable procs and -res IOs. And a good chain that builds assassins focus well. And it has tremendous survivability. Enough that it could easily carry /fire so you can add burn for good aoe damage. Or proc out rad armor for larger aoes that hit pretty hard. A lot of stalkers aren't great at aoe. But epic aoes are good from hide. Shield, rad and fire can all add good aoe too. Not everyone gets everything. Elec stalkers have great aoe but their st is mediocre compared to other stalkers. savage melee can be both but the damage is long duration dots.
  6. qft. gravity is a great example of a super fun set now. and it is getting another buff too with dingy now dishing out and using the impact mechanic.
  7. Frosticus

    Power Wormhole

    hmm my proposal for wormhole is for the teleport foe to be auto hit and the stun to roll a tohit. I love the power so much, it is among the most powerful feeling choices in this game. However, when it leaves 2-4 enemies behind that isnt optimal. also should be able to port anything including AVs when the triangles are down up to +4
  8. Indeed, that was one of my premier builds. I rebuilt it first on homecoming, but it didnt enthrall me quite as much as it once did.
  9. I personally view things as risk vs reward. Or at least that is a major contributor to how I view balance. So for me fulcrum, while ludicrous, is ok because you need to face down 10+ enemies for it to be ludicrous. And you need to do it often, on a set with little personal mitigation. Farsight and in particular, pb+farsight, entails rolling your face across the keyboard once every 2 min. If CoH is easy, then pb+fs is the hello kitty difficulty setting. People say, "but the VEAT's can mind link." yes they can. But people probably don't realize that mind link is bugged. The power is not supposed to be benefiting from recharge slotting. It doesn't accept recharge enhancements. So the fact that def/rech IO's are boosting it is not working as intended (note I play a widow, i'd be ok if this was fixed, but I'm not worried about it). So fortunatas should really struggle to perma mind link. NW's with a good IO build could. Definitely not with just SO slotting like a time manipulation heh. If fulcrum was a "gather for" buff that gave +200% damage and lasted 2 min, I think most people would think that was OP, but maybe not...
  10. I love the missions with doppelgangers. Sometimes they can be one heck of a challenge. Like stalker combos can be hilarious. Although it turned my savage melee into dominator savage assault. It was still cool.
  11. The beauty of this game is there is room for defenders that only take heals, petless masterminds and people that sequester themselves in phase shift while waiting on elude to be up. keep in mind that farsight can hit anywhere from 1 to 255 friendlies. Your phaseshift only positively affects you and your enemies while the rest of your team covers your absence.
  12. Ok, but in this example what does your SR do for the other 3+ min that elude is down?
  13. You may have already posted this: It just goes up to the damage cap. So 9.38x4 = 37.52 resistance. how you get there isn't of consequence to the cap. So any combination of res slotting and damage boosting will get you there.
  14. imo given the short duration of powerboost it was probably intended to be reactive. ie short powerful heals, burst sapping, or alpha absorbing with a boost in weave/maneuvers. With it benefiting 2 min duration powers on the magnitude of farsight it becomes an even better proactive tool. *remember ff ally buffs used to be single target. To be even and consistent maybe powerboost should grant 2 min +special. That way everyone can benefit from it more equally. If no one cares that farsight is granting as much personal def as it is under powerboost then hurricane, or dispersion bubble should be allowed to operate that way full time too. And find a way to get traps ffg in on this too because there is no indication to a player that hasn't dug into the code that farsight will grant them heaps of def with powerboost, but ffg wont.
  15. pb, doesn't boost endurance recovery. If it works with victory rush, then that is an oversight.
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