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  1. Me personally I see it as a real wasted opportunity to not maximize my build with incarnates in mind. Whether that means ignoring endurance, or even accuracy slotting for example. That becomes my 45+ build. I use build slot #2 for my exemping build as most content I play is at least lvl 20 plus so a generic Franken IO build is more than suitable for pretty much everything in that range (20-45). It works pretty well for me 🙂
  2. Maybe too bothersome to implement but given the bigger aoes and the higher target caps would it make sense to have the damage decrease the further the target is from the tanker? akin to the way lightning rod in elec melee works. Alternately maybe 16 is too much. I understand why the 10 target melees are upset about that. Maybe 12 targets is enough of a boost considering how MUCH easier those aoes and cones will be to execute efficiently.
  3. charged brawl, havoc and shocking grasp all have great dpa.
  4. Sure, negatron is a pretty good attack. gives you a spot for another purple dam proc and does well with achilies -res. xray in and of itself i is one of the "best" of the t2 attacks. it only takes 2 or so slots to max out dam enhancement so you could still fit 3-4 procs if you so desired.
  5. that's just it and why it is so hard to roll anything other than fire for blasters. Fire doesn't need procs to excel. So you can end up with crazy fast cycling blaze (and blazing) and do unbelievable damage. I agree 100%, the idea you came up with is great. CC is still valid in tons of situations and I imagine if you revisited the optimization it would keep pace with many blaster combos...just not fire :)
  6. What I'm saying is that ideally you'd have proton, cosmic, posi cell and xyray. All proc'd with at least 4 damage procs. Though if you are using beta decay then I'd personally (and do) use negatron. Then you will have a proper rotation without gaps in a (near) perma hasten build. The OP's build (and this isn't a knock on them) is relying on xray spam to fill large gaps in their attack chain. Not proc'd xray either. That will never keep pace with fire blast past the first cycle of your attacks. To get rad blast to perform you need to rethink how you approach playing and leverage its strengths. 1. Huge amount of procs that can be slotted 2. Massive -def. 3. aim + bu Proper utilization of 1, 2 and 3 means you can forgo almost all acc slotting in your st attacks. Think of your first rad attack like momentum building in titan weapons. Get it to stick and everything else flows. Which means intuition is not the best choice. You'd want musculature. How would it play? aoe's are still slotted more traditionally, so just fine and st damage will be considerably better.
  7. My em/fa brute was my favorite warburg/rv zone pvp character before em and pvp nerfs. It was such a satisfying play experience. Hopefully the current devs can infuse some fun into the set again. Procs help a bit with et/tf, but the set is so anaemic that you want to get their rech down as low as possible, which undoes much of the proc advantage. It is also eclipsed by stone melee in every meaningful way.
  8. You'd probably do both if you were chasing decent st damage.
  9. Without trying to step on tender toes, or question the expertise of the advice you are being given, a different approach leads to some things to consider: Incarnates: -If your primary reason for going nature is for the 3 buffs then why not take resilient alpha? it boosts all 3. -Why use web envelope? there is a much better way to keep everyone in your rains that doesn't slow your output to a crawl, doesn't root you for considerable time and isn't limited by your ability to aim well. It also lets you off-tank on teams that need it because you should be able to with this combo. Melee Radial hybrid* * does assault hybrid work well with rains? I suspect not, but would love to hear otherwise. - If you go melee radial then you no longer need clarion and can use barrier, which is so much more potent on nature. AOE's: - assault (leadership) doesn't buff rains. Well I mean it does for like the first tick, but meh. You definitely want aim w/ gaussian. It is a huge buff to your aoe output. Single Target: - ice requires huge recharge investment to run a good chain. As it stands now you have huge gaps in your st chain and/or you will be spamming icebolt for pitiful damage. All the procs in the world won't make up for extensive periods of 0 damage. - either abandon procs in the ice attacks and get the chain tight (traditional build), or add another st attack (bitter freeze). It will make a huge difference vs solo bosses or team AV's. If your current attacks are just to clean up the odd straggler then add more procs to them as you can get damage buffing from so many sources. In general: - if you play fast you will almost never use spore cloud. It takes like 7 days to cast, the -tohit is of almost no value in the only place you need it (AV's) and while decent, the -dam isn't complimented by any meaningful -res to amplify it. I'd skip it in a final build myself and I'd never use it to fill holes in a build unless you are a very passive player. - Lifegiving spores are ok, I doubt you'd miss them in late game. - frost breath doesn't mix with the playstyle that uses entangling aura. Something to think about. - if your plan is to be in close to maximize entangling aura then I'd pick incarnates and an epic pool that compliment that intent and help it where it fails. I went over incarnates, but I'd also go dark epic. - you should be able to have softcapped melee and ranged def with just a handful of targets in range (much better than typed def imo), similar global rech, much higher overall resistances, much better mitigation, way better functional use of rains and be operating at, or near the damage cap a significant portion of your time for much better overall damage both aoe and st. And more proc damage. Just something to think about.
  10. You def want: envenom, weaken, poison trap and venomous gas I strongly recommend putting the available damage procs and -res procs into envenom, weaken and PT They proc pretty reliably in weaken and envenom, but also help to show you how big (small) the aoe is against the group as the power effects are otherwise quite minimal. PT is of course a proc bomb. Love it. Neuro breath is a pretty good power. I definitely use it up until I have venomous gas. Once I have VG I want to be up close right away. I put the smashing damage proc in neuro. Again it helps show just how big the area of effect is as it procs well. Plus you may well do some damage if you are taking the time to cast it. The heal, ally mez protection and rez are all good enough powers. You aren't a healor so don't try to be but helping patch someone up between spawns can be valuable. Mez protection really helps most squishies play more confidently, but it can get time consuming. The rez is a rez. Poison is about facilitating quick clear speeds. A downed teammate impedes that. Of those three powers I would take the rez. But only if I have vengence (which I do). Veng then rez = faster clear times for the team. Having the heal in that situation can trap you into trying to keep them alive, but it is faster for the team to just let them die then veng+rez chem rounds stack nicely with strong -dam of weaken and venomous gas and get boosted nicely by all the -res you toss out (also a reason for the -res procs). It should really start to click once venomous gas is in place.
  11. The best candidate I've come up with for maximizing this is Hot Feet. In that it has a fast enough cast time that you arent wasting valueable time casting it, good enough procs to consider, big enough aoe that you don't have to jump through hoops to use it and a non-noteworthy enough effect that you won't miss it being off for a few seconds at the start of the fight.
  12. Given how powerful forcefeedback can be: I think of it more as that forcefeedback proc often requires two slots. Many of the best spots for that proc only shine with the kb>kd IO as well. If you have a power that does well without the converter then I personally view it as a bonus. glass half full 🙂
  13. there is indeed. I have a different perspective with this character from most of my others as it is primarily intended to team. So irradiate is gold for me. I look at it as another solid big aoe debuff. Huge -def, decent proc rate on 2 -res procs. Add some damage procs if you like. Cosmic and proton are heavy hitters once loaded up with damage procs. Not far off from the almighty blaze+blazing bolt
  14. Mid's is pretty accurate. Except when you start adding recharge as mids doesn't distinguish between global and internal rech slotting. As a defender you are almost always better off from a damage (dps) perspective slotting a damage proc before a damage enhancement. I'd have to check, but this holds true even for nukes other than inferno. *things can and do shift when you start talking about overall slotting efficiency of a power though as you may want to enhance other aspects than just raw damage output.
  15. reasonably confident it ticks away irrespective of what you are doing. I noticed some big variance in my demon/storm times from 48 sec up to 1 min without much explanation as it was happening on clean runs and it is a relatively low proc build. That is a massive swing in dps - like nearly 200dps. There is a lot going on with that many summons and there could be another explanation of course.
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