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  1. My fire/bio kills a pylon in about 4 min, and it's built defensively to softcap to all but psi. I'm sure it can be brought lower if you focus on offense with more procs etc. I'd guess 3:30 or maybe 3:00 as a cap for fire/bio.
  2. I will take a more in depth look later when I’m not on mobile, but just looking at the forum post I would recommend dropping rad siphon and slotting contaminated strike instead and also slotting parasitic aura a bit more heavily. Rad siphon is a trap - a lot of rad’s dps is from contaminated targets, and siphon will strip contamination when used, leading to lower DPS. With ablative carapace, dna siphon, and parasitic aura you already have plenty of healing. Also, put both of the -res procs in irradiated ground (achilles and fury of the gladiator)
  3. Wasn't the point of the changes to make the tank vs brute dynamic be tanks = 90% damage brute damage vs brutes = 90% tank survivability? If the best time was 1:55 on a brute and 2:09 with a tank then it's a 10% difference in damage for the absolutely most well tooled primary/secondary combo that benefits tankers the most, so wouldn't that be mission accomplished?
  4. The thing about the secondaries is there's a pretty large difference when you're talking about with IOs and without IOs. With IOs Bio or Energy Aura are probably the strongest defensive secondaries, without them it's probably super reflexes, invuln, or maybe willpower. If I had to say best all-around pick at all stages of the game, I'd say Energy Aura. Its top end IO'd out performance is lower than Bio, but it's gonna be good at protecting you from 1-50 and doesn't require the super specific type of build Bio does for softcapping.
  5. It improved the damage of the radial assault, but these changes IMPROVE the strength of core assault AND make the increased damage from core assault stack with team damage buffs more easily. Second, I've been min maxing the shit out of a bunch of tanker builds with these changes, and there is finally a reason to actually make tankers. The changes are a net positive for solo damage for all of the high end builds I've made - this is a net increase against strong AVs etc. in a solo situation because bruising was resisted by the purple patch (9.6% debuff after you have an alpha slot level shift). Will they do slightly less damage with a full team against an AV? Yes. But they will do significantly more damage in every other situation, and are also going to be better at buffing teammates via leadership, which they will also be better at running due to the end changes. Taking assault pretty much gives you half of your bruising debuff back anyway - only characters stacking tons of damage already through IOs or Kin would have significantly better performance from utilizing a tank's bruising than from the leadership buff. I'm sorry you don't like the changes and are losing bruising, I can see how some people might have been attached to that inherent. If you look at it objectively it's not really even a significant single target nerf, and the damage scalar changes have definitely made tanks more attractive to me. I haven't made a tanker since the game relaunched, and I'm going to be making one for the first time since I20.
  6. I made a /rad brute on the test server that sits at 90% resist to everything (toxic, psi, cold, literally everything) at all times. You have to manage ageless and some cooldowns though.
  7. I've got a fire/bio that's softcapped to everything but psi and can take a pylon down in about 4 minutes or so, maybe faster but I haven't checked since I respecced to do even more damage. It can also take out +4 AVs without using -regen effects. If you want to push fire/bio sentinel damage as high as it can go you actually want to take the psi pool for dominate and mind probe. Combine those with blaze and then you use flares for filler. Ageless to handle the endurance drain is pretty important if you're against a single target too since dominate costs so much endurance.
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