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  1. I'm not looking for ways around it, I'm just concerned it's not working properly. It really is an obscene amount of immob stacking and -jump, and seems broken. But there is also the possibility I'm imagining things. It's like suddenly being forced to be a Granite tanker outta nowhere.
  2. But Caltrops don't have -jump just -spd I'm going through villain arcs and that means fighting a lot of Arachnos and Knives of Artemis, both of which spam web grenade and caltrops. I've never felt so stuck to the ground in all my years playing. At one point I got mobbed by a huge group, spammed a ton of web grenade, it was as good as a hold. Popped at least a dozen BF, still could not even move a single step.
  3. So I've noticed recently that for some reason, caltrops and/or web grenade cause me to be unable to jump....and even break frees won't help. For starters, caltrops aren't supposed to do -jump right? Doesn't matter how many BF you pop, you can't jump. At one point I got mass mobbed and all movement was basically impossible. Is something possible wrong? Give it a try by fighting knives of artemis without immob protection. Then try with just Combat Jumping. Won't make a difference. Break frees either.
  4. Necro-raising this thread. I use this method for keeping Hasten and Practiced Brawler on auto on one of my chars, but you don't need to use files. Turning on an auto power is wonky, in that if you just slap it in there with a movement command it won't actually "stick". However, I discovered that as long as something is between it and the movement command, it works fine. So I use these two binds to alternate between the two whenever I move left or right. /bind A "+left$$powexecauto hasten$$powexecauto practiced brawler" /bind D "+right$$powexecauto practiced br
  5. As far as I am aware, the other Origin Pool travel powers are more or less interchangeable with the original travel power they are based on, and yet for some reason Super Speed has a +stealth component and yet (as I learned the hard way) Speed of Sound does not have +stealth. Is this intended or an oversight?
  6. This isn't entirely correct still. For example, many of the powers in scrapper's Savage Melee have incorrect information.
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