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  1. I've been doing some digging in the spreadsheet and other resources and see minimal builds for an ill.emp controller. Especially one that doesn't used flight. I'm used to 2v2's and stuff so flight would get me worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I've been told this is the server for Hami raids? If that's the case... what time and anything else I need to know?! I just transferred my lvl 50 ill.emp controller to this server since I was told it had hami raids and all. If anyone has a good PvP and Hami build for an ill.emp too... that would be swell. See you on Excelsior
  3. Hey all. I have decided to come back and play. Got my 2nd lvl 50 for pvp... but wanted to see what servers were having Hami raids? That was something I did on my emp.ele defender on Triumph. 2.3k heals with absorb pain when required. I had a blast doing it and want to do another asap. Any help getting a home for said stuff, would be appreciated. Thanks Remainder of 2 Riders of Apoc Triumph
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