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  1. I care, I tried to voice my complaints as well.
  2. The problem that a lot of you seem to forget is that no brute is constantly at 100% fury, nor are they constantly at 70% fury in groups. With the agro changes they will have even more trouble keeping fury up so tanks WILL do more damage. Edit: Regardless, I have made my opinion very clear at this point so I will be leaving this discussion so other people can chime in. I just hope more people see how bad a change this would be.
  3. Increasing tank damage A LITTLE is fine, this is a massive change. Oh and for the record you replied to me saying With So yes, that is what you said.
  4. So will they be behind or better? Make up your mind.
  5. Oh so tanks should have all the benefits but not the drawback of having to get fury all the time yet still start with higher hp/res/def 10/10 balance feedback.
  6. So lets say tanks get brute levels of damage, what do brutes get? The painful reality is that tankers either must do less damage than brutes or brutes tank better than tankers otherwise you get a "useless" AT. Increasing agro control and team focus is the way to go, not damage.
  7. And why should tankers do brute damage? They have higher hp caps, higher base defenses and better agro abilities. How about proposing something that makes tankers more unique instead of invalidating another AT to steal their spot.
  8. These changes sound more reasonable in my opinion.
  9. I agree with this completely, tankers should fill a role brutes don't. Not fill the role brutes do.
  10. I am not saying these changes are going live, I am speaking about the numbers as they have been posted and giving my feedback. Nothing else.
  11. So they are going to be better brutes with these changes, I expected as much as a 0.15 damage multiplier increase is massive.
  12. The increased damage cap does not help with soloing though, reaching that on a tanker requires outside buffs. I think the 600% is too excessive.
  13. 500% would be a good middle ground.
  14. While I agree that tankers should get some kind of damage boost a cap of 600% seems very excessive.
  15. So investing heavily in IO's, and teaming with 1-2 buffers will get you there? That was my point... Brutes also need to fuel fury, in a group you will usually sit around 50-60 fury on average in fights. Making tankers hit a damage cap that rivals brutes with one power from one character WILL make brutes "worse tankers"
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