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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of trying to squeeze in at least Tough buy lvl 30. I see your build waits until 44. Is that something he can live without at this level?
  2. I have a buddy who has a Shield Defense/Broadsword tank that just hit lvl 28 and I'm trying to help walk him through replacing his SO's with lvl 30 IOs. I want to walk him through a complete respec because I think he's made some poor slotting choices, but I've not played a Shield Defense tank before so I'm not 100% certain on all the powers. Can I get some suggestions on a build up to say lvl 30 on what would be best for him to use?
  3. My Fire/Axe tank just hit lvl 40 and I need a good blueprint for slotting him out with IO sets. My general philosophy is to slot lvl 30 IO's at lvl 27 and leave them until I am ready to start buying sets. So if you guys have any good builds that you've had success with, please throw them at me.
  4. Yo OmegaX. I was also a member of Freedom Reborn. I went by Raptor at the time. My main in CoH was Capt. Conduit and I actually posted some CC fanfics on the old FR forums. Good to see someone from the old community still kicking about.
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