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  1. Making a new controller and I am not sure what primary I should stack with it. I am leaning towards grav/storm or stone/storm.....any suggestions?>
  2. Bubbles232

    New Tanker

    I need help building a new tank, I like the looks of rad and heard invulnerability is great. I am looking for something that can grab and hold aggro pretty easy, both primary and secondary. please help
  3. I do enjoy my scrapper with shield might have to try it on stalker haha
  4. My only concern is the aggro that one man Army for shield I think creates. Not sure I want all that attention when I do team up lol
  5. Thanks all! Really kind of looks like I'll roll a couple see what feels good haha!
  6. Is kin really that strong? Or everything else that week?
  7. Looking to make a stalker just can't decide what the best primarys and secondaries are. I will be soloing lots but still want team potential. For primaries I am looking at Kinetic melee Staff Dual blade Martial arts(really not sure about this one) For secondaries Ninjitsu Regeneration Willpower Anyone with any suggestions please help haha.
  8. I've always loved controllers and supporting a team, I'm looking for advice on the best team play controller. Any ideas could be good ones haha
  9. I have decided on titan weapon. Not sure what's better rad armour or bio armour. Any suggestions?
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