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  1. That was it. Thank you so much!
  2. Got to 11 of 12. The only arcs I see left in level 1-9 originate in Port Oakes. Before I try rerunning the arcs does anyone have a list of the missions? Is there another arc that goes higher like the "Enter contest" one that I'm missing?
  3. Well it's definitely not X of both...Accuracy and Interrupt. I know I didn't do any Interrupt. I'll try a lvl 25 Damage and see if it moves the needle as I did a bunch of 30's recently.
  4. I noticed several badge progressions have stopped. CoT Bosses badge isn't progressing. I needed 8 Level 25 or 30 Damage IO crafts for the badge....I did 9 and it never moved the needle.
  5. Thank you!....I was looking near the Reservoir marker and not the actual Reservoir. Doh!
  6. Is there a better description on Pristine? I've tried and tried lol and the the only way I know the /loc command is to keep running to different spots and trying. I haven't figured out which direction I need to go to get closer based on it. Thanks!
  7. Energy Transfer nerf retired my Stalker....and PvP changes in Issue 13. 20 players/friends from my villain group left the game over it.
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