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  1. 2nd character over 1500 badges 😄
  2. closing in on 1500+ on the 2nd, 1495
  3. The other one is the plaque in City Hall where Wolfe is. Enter City Hall and go in the door on the left.
  4. Oy, that's way to much for me to figure out. lol oh well. GL all!
  5. She's a ninja....and she's THE MAN!!
  6. While not with the very top dogs yet, new high for me. 1515
  7. Yay, finally got there! Everything but the anniversary badges. Big thank you to @furyraiser for running all those incarnate Mo's (I don't want to see another Keyes for a long time) and @Spider, @Makerian. @deathtrip, @Anne Marie and everyone else for the help along the way!
  8. Celebrating Drk during his Ouro vigil...
  9. Ah thank you. I was thrown off by it being greyed out on the menu.
  10. How does one unlock these 2 emotes?
  11. That was it. Thank you so much!
  12. Got to 11 of 12. The only arcs I see left in level 1-9 originate in Port Oakes. Before I try rerunning the arcs does anyone have a list of the missions? Is there another arc that goes higher like the "Enter contest" one that I'm missing?
  13. Well it's definitely not X of both...Accuracy and Interrupt. I know I didn't do any Interrupt. I'll try a lvl 25 Damage and see if it moves the needle as I did a bunch of 30's recently.
  14. I noticed several badge progressions have stopped. CoT Bosses badge isn't progressing. I needed 8 Level 25 or 30 Damage IO crafts for the badge....I did 9 and it never moved the needle.
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