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  1. I guess there's not much point just restating opinions. I feel one way. Others feel another. I guess it SHOULD come down to what proportion of the community want it changed, and what proportion don't. Or perhaps some people just know what's best for us and we should just keep our traps shut. [lowers head below parapet] SPEED ITF LFM PST (no PBs or MMs please)
  2. "Also... really? A "change this and I'm leaving" post?" Well, arguably, if people say nothing, then no one knows that people feel a certain way. Also, it more nuanced than "change this and I'm leaving" (but thanks for telling me what I think/feel). as I tried to explain in my post, I don't post much on the fora as I'd rather spend time playing the game that chatting about it, I have rolled with all the punches over the last 14 years, it MIGHT be time to step back ANYWAY (for other reasons), but nothing has really made me want to post before, and this IS important to ME. But, hey, if you'd rather just belittle my opinion then that's on you. Either other people agree with me or not. I can't change any of that. Have a lovely day.
  3. I don't usually post on the fora. Generally very happy to roll various brutes and blasters and speed my way through TFs and trials repeatedly. I'm a simple soul. But I am very, very annoyed that the devs are nerfing the enterbasefrompasscode command. Apparently something to do with people abusing it in pvp. While I understand that there are some who love pvp, it does nothing for me and never has. Whereas I love the enterbasefrompasscode command. It's one of the reasons I'm still here, after all this time, to be honest. I played back in the day, when if you died in the Hollows you had to trek all the way by foot from the Atlas hospital, etc etc OK Boomer. Now, in 2020, I really don't want to be wasting time trekking across zones to base portals and train stations (or the limited selection of ouroboros-connected zones) to get around the place. I wouldn't want to get all precious and poor-me, but I'm still playing because I love the game, and, arguably, the time may have come to step back a bit, but if anything was going to make me play less, it would be nerfing the enterbasefrompasscode command. If it happens, it happens. No one gives a crap what I think. I get that. I've paid £200-300 since the game came back to help keep it going, and no one will miss my contributions, I get that too. If everyone else is happy about this, then so be it. Have fun, people. Stay safe. @Philtrum (ex-Defiant, now Torch)
  4. Any chance of an earlier start (or allowing non-US players to run earlier) for those of us who can't be playing at 02:00 (UK) or 03:00 (EU)??
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