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  1. I'm glad you guys tried to sign up. I'll do more of these in the future, and we'd love to have you at them. I'll make sure to note in the future that I'll be soft-locking the signups after certain intervals to avoid bye rounds. Are you guys in the PvP discord? We run some other events and PvP nights that you should definitely check out.
  2. Is this last team real? I'm probably gonna hold us to 8 signups for bracketing purposes, unless we can get another 3 for 12 total. (assuming the team above is real). It will save a bunch of time and prevent people from waiting between matches. The last few of these we did went like 5 hours lol.
  3. For the record, it's only organized team arena pvp where taunt is banned/frowned upon. I wouldn't let that discourage you from trying PvP as a whole. In most casual PvP scenarios, it's harder to abuse to power. The issue with taunt is not that it pulls some damage away from squishies and over to characters that are harder to kill - this would be fine. The issue is that it does this too completely, and has no counter-play. Taunt in it's current state doesn't reduce the effect of an offensive player, by forcing them to sometimes attack a "harder to kill" target - it entir
  4. The best places for info on PvP builds are these forums: Main PvP discord: https://discord.gg/fH44egF Smol KB discord: https://discord.gg/RVUaCcd (basically a PvP help center aimed at helping out newer players, or players looking to transition into team arena PvP, they also run the smol kb event). Tank viability is really dependent on what you're trying to do. Things like rad armor or invul tanks can be built to levels of near invincibility, but also lack any sort of consistent high damage output. For 8v8/team pvp, tanks really aren't that hot at the m
  5. Liedown should be banned, lemme add that. Crey Pistol is fine. Harder to enforce but it is doable if you use demo logs I think.
  6. Electrified net arrow: -jump powers currently have no counter-play. It's possible to permanently prevent one (or several) players from jumping. With things like /trick arrow (non blaster version), or even /devices, this capability, while still annoying and impossible to counter, comes at a cost - by running these things you're sacrificing damage, survivability, and other utility to keep people grounded. These sets also lean heavily on their -jump powers, and there'd be no reason to run them otherwise. Conversely, /Tactical Arrow on blasters, is already a top performing set without the use of e
  7. SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT (it's the same as the last one, kinda) -Sign up with a team of 4 people (you and three friends!) -Randomly pair up with other teams of 4 people and face off against other team combos in 8v8 matches! PRIZES!!! *Members of the winning team will receive AT LEAST 1000 merits each! *Second place finishers will receive at least 750 merits each! *Other finalists will receive at least 500 merits each! *Those who don't win anything above will qualify for raffle prizes! This event will take place on the INDOMITABLE server on SATUR
  8. Beam animations are also bugged and not rooting for as long as they should. Probably something to do with redraw?
  9. What's the update on ski races being added to the mini competitions?
  10. As I recall night widows are really broken and probably even ban worthy. Arch mages should probably be limited... haven't done gladiators in a while though lol
  11. There are some things that would be really broken, and fixing one of those things would open the door to other things being really broken. It would be a pretty big balancing effort. -You can build an absurd amount of slow resists into characters via set bonuses. -Instant sniping blasters -Controllers with multiple single target holds, change for +mag procs, and things like weaken and benumb -Scrappers forcing crits (lol, tw) Some of the stuff, like the ones I mentioned, are pretty obvious, others might not be, or are things that we can really only guess a
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