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  1. That map in one of the posi tf's where you walk in the door and the contents of your stomach hit the back of your throat. Then you have to negotiate your way through it feeling like you are off balance and about to throw up. Hated it in live, still hate it now. The crazy thing is I have never suffered from vertigo and never been sea sick, how anyone who suffers from those things in RL situations regularly copes I can't imagine.
  2. You might find this topic a good read specially the post by Yipp. It was a great help for me.
  3. Hi Brigg, I just went into Bloody Rainbow #125 for a run with the new costumes and it is not very smooth. Not a technical person so probably not describing this correctly but the characters are jagging/rubberbanding a tiny bit, just enough to make it unpleasant. They did all look great though so I hope whatever is causing it can be fixed and I do think this is a wonderful idea.
  4. I am loving reading all these stories from you guys who are feeling the same way, thank you all for sharing.
  5. I realised this morning just how refreshing it is to play a game just because I want to, how I want to. I know this sounds silly right, why would you play if you didn't really want to but what I mean is I don't have to log in to open a box every day. I don't need to run a specific piece of content each day every day for a needed reward. I haven't got to spend 20 minutes of my playtime after each group encounter sorting through a mountain of useless loot to find the one piece that might be an upgrade. There is no constant ingame reminder of shinies that I might want and can instantly obtain if I hand over some more cash. Instead I have a huge range of activities I can join in with if I want to, or not if I don't want to. At the moment I have my main an Earth/Kin which is tricked out and runs like a dream in any group content, she has bankrolled and continues to do so, all my other characters. A number of 50's still requiring Incarnate upgrades so I cycle through them as I fancy or to fill a team need. I have a fire/spines AE farmer just because, she sits in cap and to be fair gets played very little there is just so much else to do. I have finally learned how to 'build outside the base' and so am slowly building a massive project I sink a lot of time into. I have 15 characters between 6 and 35 who I swap between for group content and task forces, my current fav is a new Dark controller, something I never had before. My solo character is a Bots/FF mastermind, I use her to munch through Flashback arcs which I love the discipline of. I am so thankful to see this game back, it is a reminder of how much I dislike a lot of the modern mechanics that have become the norm in many games and instead of feeling like I need to log in each day instead I feel like I want to, and if I don't then that is also ok.
  6. I love this base thank you for sharing and I admit along with Dacy's building videos your base has inspired me to have a go. I do have a question, when you go into your building and look up you can see the ceiling tiles and glass roof, when I place surfaces or glass panels and look up from the inside they are invisible, can you tell me what I am missing? I have tried all kinds, placed pillars etc, I can see the pillar and from outside looking down I can see the surface, but inside looking up it is invisible. Many thanks and hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong:)
  7. If i send a tell to someone forming a grp/tf and get no reply I would always assume the grp is full and the leader too busy to respond. That said, if I am forming up a TF/grp and have put out a request for members on LFG chat or TF channel and I get swamped then I will say that in those channels and try to always mention when it is full and thank them. It's not always possible, and sometimes it gets messy with people alting, someone else mentioned though that the impatient and snarky ones are unlikely to read this, but we can hope that everyone tries to have a bit more patience.
  8. Have you tried Paragon Wiki https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Soft_Cap
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