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  1. Things like custom maps. Or Special In-game effects and cut scenes. Like when Recluse is turbocharged, or the scene when Reichsman is awakened.
  2. I mean that's part of what I'm asking. Do we have those tools or Information? If not are there plans to get them or develop new tools? If we do have them, are they available for study?
  3. So to my understanding, setting up a server to host like a dozen people isn't a big deal. Is that so? If it is, what is the viability of building a set of tools that would allow the development of custom missions/task forces? Here is my thought process: A super group sets up their own server. For story purposes, they can build their own missions/task forces and change the enviroment to suit their own respective stories. Perhaps they don't want Statesman to be dead, they swap the contact of Ms liberty back to statesman and update the text to match. Maybe they have a contact with
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