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  1. Unfortunately the only way to be certain that neither side suffers from latency would be to have multiple servers setup in both EU and CA, the downside to this would be with out the proper architecture in place they would not be able to link it so you could play with your American/EU friends unless you logged in to the opposite servers serving their side of the pond.
  2. Its good to see you all you should come find us on the justice server discord https://discord.gg/Ajn2Je
  3. In order Everquest CoH Launch - Close WoW intermittantly with roommates when not busy leveling on CoH then after close of CoH - current StarTrek Online Lifetime Sub at Launch - current Star Wars Old Republic Beta - current Other beta tests were intermittently interspersed in there but never memorable for me so not mentioned CoH for Life
  4. Welcome to the Best little MMO out there. you will find the costumes addictive and the community welcoming. We love new people and we love our game. we hope you love it as much as we do.
  5. click on game account and change password or if you have not set up game account set it up
  6. click on game account and change password?
  7. Ok Justice Server, everyone else is making their voices heard lets give out a shout and join in the Brouhaha of voices out there exclaiming our joy to be back! Lady Inferus reporting for duity find me in game if you want to group. always down for some fun.
  8. did you redownload the tequilia installer? http://patch.savecoh.com/tequila.exe that might help
  9. Agreed he needs some love for all he has done for us!
  10. Thank you for bringing us all home. seven years we floated in the miasma of other games wishing for this to take place and now it has happened. we will take what we can get and love every minute of it knowing it was a blessing brought upon us by a few amazing people. so Kudos to the teams involved. thank you again and Good Gaming.
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