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  1. Since it’s basically the same mechanism, I assume this also works with Unchain Essence? Don’t usually take that power (partly because of this issue), but just curious.
  2. Got it, thx for the clear replies! Thematically I like it, so I'm willing to deal with the "get to ground" part as long as it actually works 😄
  3. This is exactly the situation I’m asking about. However, your response is qualified enough that I can’t tell the answer for sure. Could you confirm specifically that in fact it can be triggered with hover on, you just have to be as close to the ground as possible?
  4. Can this incarnate power be used while hovering, or do you literally need to have your feet on the ground? If it can be used with hover, how close to the ground do you need to be, like all the way down, or within “melee range” e.g., 7 feet?
  5. Everyone is entitled to play as they like. I don’t presume to tell anybody how they HAVE to play. I was just pointing out that it may not be an optimal thing to do, since the ultimate purpose wasn’t stated by the OP. As suspected, it’s pretty much a play-style thing in a bi-form build. TL;DR, don’t be an ass.
  6. Not sure why you would take it though (maybe if going just dwarf/human)? Ebon Eye is usable in Nova, and is the highest DPS single target attack while in that form, so that’s the better option between the two. Maybe you want a gap free dwarf attack chain? With a bit of recharge, that’s pretty easy to do with just the form “attacks” (including taunt if you really want to mash buttons). If you want to do damage, then either you should pick up Nova or alternate dwarf and human attacks (smite, drain, and gravity well in particular, and of course both mires). If it’s purely a preference/play style/theme thing though, then by all means go for it. 👍
  7. "As you may have noticed, Reunion and Everlasting have been mostly unaffected. After investigation we've discovered that machine hosting Everlasting's database server is located on a completely different server rack to the machines that host Torchbearer, Excelsior and Indomitable (and, of course, Reunion is across the pond!)." This statement just made it seem like those two servers were in a worse situation, so migrating the others seemed counter-intuitive. I have no doubt they know what they're doing. Edit - Derp, I read it as "mostly affected", nm 🤣
  8. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. If Everlasting is most affected, it seems like that would be on the "bad rack", but you're migrating the other servers? I have no tech background, so maybe I'm just missing something obvious to others...
  9. The most basic decision you will have to make that will fundamentally shape your build and playstyle is do you go with nova/dwarf or human only? Both are viable, so it's really a matter of personal preference, but they are entirely different paths. If you go with forms, then the only "must have" powers that aren't already built into the forms are Glinting Eye (can be used in nova and is the most powerful single target attack in that form), Inner Light, and Light Form. However, the human melee attacks are strong (as are the pets and nuke), and there is certainly utility in the secondary set (e.g., Essence Boost, Reform Essence, Quantum Acceleration, etc.). If you go human-only, then you are probably going to want most of the human attacks (except Gleaming Bolt and Proton Scatter), as well as the shields from the secondary set (at least until you get Light Form). Either way, powers to avoid (IMHO) include the aforementioned Bolt and Scatter, Pulsar, Glowing Touch, and of course Group Flight. Recharge is your best friend, so other than Hasten (ignore Red's posts about not taking Hasten for now 😄) you will need a few LOTG mules. You can run into End issues, especially as human-only, so make sure to invest in slots/enh for that. Also either way, pay attention to and utilize the benefits of your inherent power, Cosmic Balance. It can make you very durable or an offensive beast (or a balance between the two) all by itself. Key advice - understand that this is a fundamentally different AT. PB are meant to be flexible and adaptable (whether in forms or human, again thanks to CB). Embrace this and you'll do well. Ignore it and you'll just be frustrated.
  10. Purely for endurance, it’s Panacea > Perf Shift proc > Miracle > Numinas. Not sure about a second slot in health (with either Miracle or Numinas) versus a second one in stamina. I’ve always done Perf Shift Proc/Perf Shift % plus Panacea. Might want to look at adjustments there in light of your concerns. Also, Ebon Eye does more damage than Nova Blast on this server, supposedly (never looked it that closely as I have them evenly slotted).
  11. Hence my interest in the specifics of its operation. Basically, I was thinking of using this on my WS in combination with Spiritual alpha and Gravitic interface. With he inherent slow/-recharge on a WS’s attacks, this would potentially seem like a totally debilitating setup, making 4x8 farming and whatnot very doable even without a full purple build.
  12. I’m sure Red’s system has its advantages, but personally I use the “three bind” system with no bind file loading and it seems to work fine. Basically, you need one bind to shift into nova and swap your bottom tray to powers for that form, one bind for dwarf and applicable tray swap (and maybe teleport rebind, but I just keep both in the same slot and have that bound to a mouse key since you have to use the mouse for it anyway), and one for human and that tray (plus sprint activation, and again maybe port rebind). Duplicate the human powers you need to keep an eye on in your second tray, and you’re good to go.
  13. No, if your main goal is spectacular AOE nukes, or ranged damage in general, then human PB is not the route for you. Human PB’s do decent ranged damage, better melee damage, and even in the low levels can be very durable on teams with shields plus their Cosmic Balance inherent. It’s like 75% of a blaster, 75% of a scrapper, and 75% of a tanker rolled into one. Even with a human-only build, it’s an AT of variety and flexibility. If you like that concept and play style (it is different than any of the other more “focused” - “limited” IMHO - ATs), then it’s definitely worth sticking with it as it only gets better as you level. The 30s can be a little rough due to endurance issues, so if you haven’t yet then you will want to make sure you’ve invested in the slots and IOs to address that.
  14. Sure, turn it on and do /stancevillian whenever you’re just hanging out (at the trainer, waiting for a TF or trial, etc.) and look totally badass 😉
  15. I appreciate that we have the “color tintable w/o bubble” option, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what the combination is for the original color schemes (if it’s even possible - I suspect there are more than two colors involved) which, personally, I love for both PB and WS. Would it be possible to include just a “no bubble” option that otherwise preserves the original colors? Or, would it be possible to see what the combination for that is? Come to think of it, this may have broader implications. When any “color tintable” option is selected, it seems that the game randomly chooses which colors will initially be displayed. It would be nice if it defaulted to the original scheme so that could be used for context.
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