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  1. Thanks for the feedback. This will be useful for future work. There is really only one false lead, which is the CoT mission (which only occurs if you take certain actions when dealing with the Auctioneer). All other leads are real ones that help you pinpoint the true thief. As for Semrig turning friendly, I am going to say that's a bug. Hopefully it'll be something that can get resolved. Also, technically, you can learn the CoT are spirits inhabiting bodies at any level, provided you kill 200 of them to get the badge. For more likely scenarios, you learn it in the Mortimer
  2. The Council turn friendly in the mission once you save him, meaning you can have them help you fight the PPD.
  3. Here's a link to a very, very stripped down arc. It doesn't have everything in it, because I don't understand how a lot of stuff works and there are apparently some converter tools that turn things into what actually need to be used by the system... I don't really understand it all, I'm just a writer! I can't promise it'll really teach anyone how to do anything, but it might help a little for some people.
  4. No on the actual missions, for reasons. But I can probably get a genericized version out this weekend.
  5. Don't really think so. You kinda have to know how things work before you can really talk about it. It's not exactly the most elegantly put together system.
  6. There's work being done on a tutorial about how to put together content. It's actually pretty complex, so it may take a while.
  7. Oh, and do not worry about this (at least from me). My view on the alignments is as follows: Heroes - Do what is "right" even if it involves personal sacrifice. Will (generally) not bend their morals or break the rules of society Vigilantes - Do what is "necessary" even if it involves breaking the rules. They're generally concerned about the greater good (as they see it) Rogues - Do what gets them ahead, as long as it doesn't hurt others too much. They will break any rules and are generally selfish, but only hurt those who "deserve it" or can afford to be hurt Villains - Do
  8. To clarify, I did not handle any of the balancing. As far as I know, the spawn system does handle all of what spawns. I assume that room has too many spawn points set into it or something. If that spot turns out to be too difficult, I can look into having it toned down in future patches.
  9. Can you double check what dialogue option you chose to get that? The only one I see with "go" in it is him saying "Go on then." We don't set how enemies con in the missions. If this happens, it was probably just bad luck for you. If you mean Rider, I could not find him using the phrase "You didn't" at all. Could you double check and provide more details?
  10. Thanks for the feedback and praise. This was the first arc I worked on, so some of the issues you raised were due to me not knowing the full possibilities of the system, so hopefully future arcs will feature more dynamic stuff like you mentioned.
  11. It may be typical incarnates garbage, possibly soloable but definitely unteamable. I needed a quick second mission once and got conned into a Belladonna Vetrano arc, an experience I do not care to repeat. I expect it's like the rest of that twaddle, full of confuse and terrorize and psi nukes, with missions that move the goalposts once inside. You do not want a team, you do not want bosses, and you want everything to spawn at -1, which isn't how I usually roll. Actually running the missions will be a grim slog. Mission that was the problem was three Avatar of Hamidon AVs spawning t
  12. I've run all of his missions twice and none seem broken. What is the issue with them?
  13. The normal way to perma something is to use Hasten, slot as many Luck of the Gambler +Recharge IOs as possible (up to 5) and then slot as many other recharge boosting IO sets (Purples and AT IOs being the best). Depending on the ability, this may be enough, or you may need even more IO bonuses. As for what's worth permaing, anything that provides a big boost to your survivability or damage is usually "worth" it. This include Hasten, Domination, defensive powers like Eclipse on Warshades, and things like this.
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