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  1. Several NPC costumes were given out at special events in the form of cards with unique serial numbers that would unlock the costume via the Paragon Market. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Costume_Code_Cards It would be great if these were available somewhere on Homecoming, such as through the P2W vendor or as rare tradable drops.
  2. Ah, I've found the problem. That icon is hidden when you select "Hide Autopowers". I always have that turned on to keep icons to a minimum. I wonder if the devs might consider making it not an "autopower" so it shows all the time?
  3. Is there any visual indicator of AF stacks, besides the orange ring around Assassin's Strike at 3 stacks? I find it distracting to continually glance at my try to see when it's up.
  4. Just tried the 64-bit client, and the "vis_scale" command doesn't appear to be able to change the value. By itself, the command returns "2.0", but when I type "/vis_scale 6" and check, it still returns "2.0". Otherwise, amazing work on updating the client!
  5. Fair enough Widower, I used the wrong language. By "revert" I didn't mean "undo the powers code change," so I'll stop using the term out of that context to avoid confusion. What I'm suggesting is make a new change to Rage so that functionally it works similar to how it did on Live, meaning dropping the -Def crash or making it resistible. Once that's done, we can have a rich and lively discussion about wholesale revisions to SS, which can be tested on Justin before being implemented. I maintain that the "functional revision" of Rage can be detached from a full review of SS. If people really want the latter (although I personally don't see the necessity), then by all means let's do it, but do so after Rage is changed.
  6. I don't see why reverting the Rage -Def crash has to mean a wholesale review of SS. Why not do both over appropriate time scales? Revert the crash, effectively taking it back to how it was on Live; then seek input on other major changes to SS (possibly including revisions to Rage); then test those changes on Justin. Reverting the Rage -Def crash doesn't need to go through a lengthy beta test. It can be done quickly. It won't break the game, it'll just take it back to a place where most people were already content with it. And it doesn't preclude other ideas for how to balance/improve SS.
  7. Is there any news on this? My SD/SS tanker has just died three times in a row due to the Rage crash -Def, I have been using Hand Clap (with KB -> KD) to help mitigate damage when it happens, but it's usually not enough to save me. If there must be a crash, can we have the -Def balanced with -Res? Or just revert the crash to pre-bug fix and make the -Def resistible?
  8. Don't forget you never really outlevel story arcs once you get access to the Flashback system via Ouroboros. It's a great way to experience stories and generate merits.
  9. This thread shows how to modify in-game sounds: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,3642.0.html You might find a way to silence or reduce the volume, or replace it with another sound.
  10. Many thanks for all your hard work! One possible bug: Radiation Armor (all ATs) - Particle Shielding can accept End Mod enhancements but adding them doesn't change the Recovery on the Effects tab.
  11. My SD/SS Tanker has a similar issue, with three wanna-be-auto-powers: Rage, Hasten and Active Defense. After trying all manner of single key binds that failed, I now auto Rage, and use two thumb mouse buttons for Hasten and AD. It works, but it's not ideal. I do neglect the latter two sometimes - which can be annoying in the middle of a long fight forgetting to refresh AD, and I get mezzed. I'd love to see many or all affect-self powers able to be autoed. I don't see any reason why that would detract from gameplay. Removing these clicks is QoL not easy mode.
  12. Great suggestions. Endorsed. That said, I've always found the recharge on many TA powers a bit long. You don't think any could be reduced, perhaps with a corresponding balance to their effects? That might allow more to be used on each group of mobs.
  13. I'm not sure I get the resistance to rolling back the change coming from some quarters. Even if no-crash Rage gave SS an edge, I didn't see it preventing people from playing other powersets and making them very effective. Am I wrong about that?
  14. As a long time player of both (although CoH is my all-time favourite MMO), I agree with much that's said here. I totally agree that CO fundamentally represents superheroes in a different way to CoH. CO is almost a parody, and it's not pleasant to feel like the game you're playing is making fun of your passion for superheroes. CoH has a measure of gravitas - but more silver age gravitas that also allows for a bit of campiness (we're wearing a lot of spandex, after all). CO also has very poor animations. It's hard to overstate the impact that animations can have on the feel of a game. CO animations lack momentum, impact, flow and a sense of power. The martial arts powers - energy builder in particular - are terrible. Even walking and running look uncoordinated. CO's lore and villains are dull, and many are shallow copies of CoH villian groups (eg Red Banner a weaker version of Tsoo). Some of CO's core powersets just aren't satisfying. Super Strength has massive knockback that makes playing it irritating. The same goes for Force. I think one reason the CoH community is generally nicer is that CoH is very team oriented and very forgiving about builds. Just about any build is welcome on any team. Therefore just about all teams & players are welcoming. In CO, there's a strong zero-sum optimisation mentality that writes off many builds, and it's much more solo focused. When you feel that teaming is going to slow your progression, you're going to be lot less welcoming or forgiving. There's also an idea that "a game is defined by its limitations." If you tell someone they can be anything at all, at any power level, there's not much of a game there. If you say they must make decisions and trade-offs, then it's more interesting. CO's Freeform is a cool idea, but it tends towards the same basic build with only cosmetic changes. Once you've made a level 40 character with powerful offence and defence, there's not much reason to make another, as it'll end up playing much the same. In CoH, there are real trade-offs, and they deliver real differences in playstyle, which fuels alts, which keeps people playing. I could go on, but I'll just link to a post I wrote in 2012 about some of the things that CoH got right: http://www.tremblinghand.net/2012/09/11-things-mmos-can-learn-from-city-of.html And another post about one possible source of CO's woes: its "Chief Creative Officer" http://www.tremblinghand.net/2009/09/why-roper-has-to-go.html.
  15. I wouldn't be averse to allowing multiple use of powexec_auto only on self-buff powers, like Hasten, Rage, Active Defense (using my current SD/SS Tanker for example) and not on attacks, team buffs, etc. I don't know if it would be possible to restrict which powers it applies to in the code, which might be why it is the way it is.
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