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  1. Many of you have listed the hobbies that you discovered and fell into with a willing passion. You speak of the year, of the availability of this or that interest, of the limiting circumstances that might have kept you from taking another path. But I'm willing to bet you all skipped the first part: who you were before all of that consumed you, much like my fires consumed me. It was because I was an outsider. I was shorter in stature than my peers, and a lot less athletic as well. I labored along with nearsightedness that somehow wasn't recognized until high school. I was a 'gifted child,' with all the later problems that would bring, both in the social arena and in my performance in just about everything. I have memories of my life before then, but at some point in late elementary school, they became sharper and clearer, and it's from that point I often felt alone. My core personality became built around wanting desperately to be part of the group and furiously scorning all that, deliberately making myself one of the outcast. Lifelong reader of comic books. Original series Star Trek syndication reruns. Isaac Asimov started me off in science fiction. No, I take that back. In 4th grade, a student teacher read aloud to us from a book called A Wrinkle In Time. After that, all the science fiction my school library had, and on and on. Horror, too, starting with King's Carrie and Salem's Lot. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its first month in theaters. Star Wars (the original, before it was called A New Hope). The Lord of the Rings. Heavy Metal magazine (as well as Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine). Roleplaying games, including the first boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons and a copy of Superhero 2044. And more, but I think you're getting the point. All of this while still in my teens, but I don't want to spend all night typing out the next few decades. I wasn't fitting in in the world I kept waking up in, so I dived into all kinds of other worlds. Fast-forward to now: I just this evening walked into a local gaming shop and bought the D&D 5E Players Handbook, with the vague intent that I would try to join a local group that plays there. That's a big deal for me, 'cause since I retired (-ish) about 6 years ago, and with the internet/cable TV at hand, I don't do a whole lot of leaving the house. But to reiterate my underlying point: how many of you chose all of your myriad pathways because you felt like an outsider?
  2. WOW, that was fast! And it looks GREAT! All set to jump into Character Creation and GOGOGO!!! Thank you very much!!!
  3. I called myself looking over this thread thoroughly twice, but I still may have missed it. I'm requesting builds for Ice/Storm and Electric/Storm Controllers, please. Thanks for your attention!
  4. It was either Excelsior or Everlasting. I started on one of them in May 2019, then transferred everything to the other a few months later, then ended up playing on both a few months ago. If I had to place a bet, it'd be Everlasting.
  5. Last summer, several times I stood by Ms. Liberty and announced I was giving away 7-digit Inf to the first 10 people to come talk to me. Alternately, I would announce a giveaway to whomever came to talk to me under like level 10 AND had the Isolator badge. That one got very few takers.
  6. Teaming, yeah. As I've said, I do run on teams, but I've noticed something. Maybe it was this way back on Live, maybe it's just Homecoming's particular atmosphere, maybe it's my fevered imagination. But the teams I run on (DFBs, PUGs, MSRs, mostly) seem to seldom function as a team. It's a group of soloists on the same mission. DFB: run through, bam bam bam, some small strategy to achieve the Vazh boss badge, but that's about it, and I don't really pay attention to what others are doing. PUGs: (especially radios) run through, let the tank/acting tank take the alpha, then bam bam bam, on to the next group, pew pew pew, stomp on the last boss, done, pull up the next mission. MSRs: here is lots more strategy involved, but it's on rails, 'cause you do a mothership raid the same way -- pylons/follow the crowd, shields DOWN/plant bombs, into the BOWL, U'Kon's DOWN, BAM BAM BAM PEW PEW PEW HEAL HEAL HEAL, a big spammy sometimes-confusing mess until the timer runs out. Prolly another by-product of me doing the same ol' stuff over and over and over. Maybe I'm just a soloist who happens to be running with a team; maybe I'm the only one not paying attention. With my new toon, leveling slow, I'm planning to learn all the Task Forces so I won't be shy about joining any of them because of my current ignorance. Already I've gotten merits from 2 mission arcs that I don't believe I've run before, plus a new badge from one that I know my other, Sentinel main doesn't have. Another thing I'd like to do is start/run teams, rather than waiting for someone else. Hopefully learning the ins and outs of the various TFs will help with this. For this, I'd be fighting my own reclusive nature, which personal change is always fun, and never hard to do. 😁
  7. At the risk of poking the bear, with all those alts, is there any archetype you haven't played yet, maybe because you didn't think you would like it, or it looked too complicated, or something? Same question for everyone, actually. I myself have yet to do Kheldians or the Arachnos ATs since Homecoming stood up (and the Arachnos never). Not that I think they're bad, just...maybe a little too different? Dunno.
  8. And I restarted my main, NRG/RA Sentinel, 50 and mostly-done Incarnates, about 850 badges, morphing to NRG/NRG Blaster, same as my main back on Live (why do we still call it 'Live' when we're actually playing today, now, live, too?). No double XP, a single DFB to get those badges, running actual contact missions in AP & Kings Row. Have even turned off XP-earning twice so as not to outlevel content. I'll skip the Hollows, since I did most of that not too long ago. Lvl 10 (kinda accidentally), so with XP again turned off, will run KR contacts until they tell me to go away. The goal is to hit as much content as I can along the way to 50, and who cares how long that takes.
  9. I laughed hard at this. Even showed it to The Boss, who, being a long-time CoX player herself, completely understood. She doesn't suffer from this perfidious disease, however; when she makes a character, she plays that character until she gets it to 50 and then completes its Incarnate journey. She has dozens of 50s and is on a break now. "Call me when there's another new powerset," she says. ================================================================== Here's another thing I often feel, and I wonder how many of you ever feel this way. I have many characters that are stalled in the mid-30s or low-40s, mostly idle while I chase new shiny after newer shiny. Almost all of these characters are based upon some build I found on these forums, like @Redlynne's No-Get-Hitsu Tank. What I sometimes feel like I want to do is start these characters over, and play them right this time, without any clearly-defined definition of 'right,' just a nagging feeling that I've 'done it wrong' somehow. Not having goals is probably contributing a lot to this feeling; after all, 'Get it to 50 so I can kit out the final build fully' is a very broad goal. Prolly another treadmill, albeit a very big and long one. Sheesh, sometimes when I'm really feeling burnt, every character I play, no matter what type and no matter the content, seems like I'm just mashing buttons until a target falls, then mash buttons until the next one falls, and so on. Maybe I should start drinking. 😜
  10. It has helped me to 'say' all this out loud, to clarify it in my head as to what I've been doing. I was like 'I'm making too many alts!', which was the case, focusing on the 'too many' part of 'too many alts.' I didn't really have a purpose for these alts beyond wanting to play with a new shiny. And I wasn't really doing anything with them, abandoning them quickly for another shiny new alt. That got me in a recent slump of doing the same ol' content obsessively over and over again, which is, yeah, a rut. Cue the Dissatisfaction Mambo. It was never really about how making new alts had become a problem. And all of your feedback has been very helpful; thank you all very much!
  11. Greycat, I should have mentioned that, as you're right, playing with others makes things more interesting almost as a rule. Certainly faster. 🙂 I retyped this sentence three times to reflect that I mostly solo, but that's not really true, once I think about it. Maybe 90% of my play (or more) lately consists of: DFBs, PI radio/mission PUGs, and mothership raids. I don't currently belong to any SGs (aside from my personal SG, with base used for storage and transport hub). I was a member of 3 or 4 last calendar year (1 at a time), but I chose poorly, and my time with them was inevitably fruitless. frustrating and short. I have not 'fallen in' with a company of people I could connect with and run with on a regular basis. I blame my own reclusive nature for this.
  12. Not trying to take you out of context, but this phrase really struck me, because I kinda believe this about my behavior. I just haven't stated it so explicitly. "BEAM RIFLE! Wow, that looks neat! I gotta get me one of those!" "Plant/Kin Dominator! Wow, this post I just read makes this sound so delicious! I gotta get me one of those!" "/Sonic Defender! Everybody says they're great! I gotta get me one of those!" I really have been like this. I needs to get offa this merry-go-round.
  13. I have a (mea culpa) Spines/Fire Brute on a second acct that I use for farming Influence and powerleveling characters on the main acct. I rarely run it just for the Influence anymore, especially since the 'nerf.' Maybe that can be one of my goals: run it however many times to get X amount of Inf, instead of just 'Run it to get Inf.'
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