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  1. I have a INV/SS tank, lvl 50 + a few vet levels, got all the expensive sets in place, Incarnates almost all done. I feel pretty powerful, if a bit slow sometimes, but that's what teams are for. It's safe for me to jump into most mobs an' take a nap (almost), so that feels great. Also, Perma-Rage has me spoiled, I think. And there's the rub: no other tanks have satisfied to date, although I do admit that I've not invested the time an' money into any other tanks to this point that I have with my main tank. I like Foot Stomp, but dislike that it's my only AOE. I'm pretty much a sucker
  2. In discussions of various builds and powerset combos, I will often see advice/tips/recommendations to use 'resistance' sets or 'defense' sets. Looking at the Homecoming Wiki, the best I can find are pages that discuss the mechanics of these two, when what I'm looking for is an outright list that clocks me on the side of the head and says, 'THESE are defense sets, and THOSE are resistance sets.' For instance, earlier today I saw advice to pair Sentinel Dark/ with a resistance secondary set for best effect. Whether the advice is good or not is beside the point; I dunno which sets tho
  3. @Zhym, thank you, that jibes with what I had now 'discovered.' A single-mission arc gave me the restrictions, but awarded no badges. When I did a 3-mission arc, all 4 badges that I should've gotten were awarded appropriately. And thanks @Glacier Peak for your help as well. Off to run myself blind doing flashbacks!
  4. I will try with different missions and report results (fingers crossed, and your success gives me hope).
  5. Sooo, is it a known bug (think I read that somewhere) that badges aren't being awarded appropriately for chosen limitations?
  6. I can access Flashback missions within my SG base, via the Pillar of Ice and Flame. It even gives me the option to choose limitations. However, once I completed the mission, no badges were awarded at all. For badges, do I need to run these from the Pillar in Ouroboros?
  7. Here's a few that I couldn't make work, despite many tries: Aethereal Boneyard Queen Cold Hard Truth CryoJenn CryoThermic Delicious Demon Fleche Noire Gamma-Raye HellFlower Invisible Swordsman RipSlash SoulSear StreetWraith Sudden Darkness Super Robo Blossom Retaining the names until the 1st of September. If you're interested, let me know here and I'll release the name to you. After 2 Sep, they'll be just plain released and up for grabs.
  8. Are you saying you're not getting AE badges? Or are you not getting AE tickets? If the latter, when you first select a mission, it will ask you if you want standard rewards (recipes, enhancements, salvage) or architect rewards (tickets, capped at a certain amount depending on the map the mission uses). To get tickets, if that's what you're after, of course select architect rewards. Hope this helps.
  9. Oh! Forgot to mention: we have at least 3 Chaos-United SGs (for member alts) and a large coalition, so lots of opportunities to make new friends. We also have 2 channels ingame, one of them anyone can join: Chaos United Channel.
  10. @Kahm, Chaos United may serve your needs. We have players from all over the world, so there's active players in the wee hours of the morning (American time). Our members are age-diverse: I know of a few that are under 21, many in their 30s and 40s, and even a couple in their 50s or beyond (ahem, that's me). Voice chat is available but never required, we have our own Discord, specific themes or even roleplaying are not mandatory. We welcome those folks afflicted with alt-itis (I my own self have over 60 characters on Everlasting, but I'm told those are rookie numbers). There are a number of fol
  11. And may I add (rant) well after the fact, that it is ridiculous that the Patron pools are not automatically unlocked at 35, as the Epic pools are. It should be coded such that you can still run the Patron unlock mission arcs, all four of them, but the Patron pools should not still be gated behind them (/rant)
  12. I've been kicking around the idea of a Stone Tank for, oh, 40 or 50 years mow, with no real sense of tryna get anywhere. Not that my foot is on the gas now, but what might be the general consensus on the viability of a Stone/Ice tank? I have a concept, but it has to be a workable combo, too.
  13. Delurking at a very late stage to ask, freely admitting I may well have missed it in the many very informative yet very lengthy posts, what Incarnate decisions @Redlynne or anyone else might have made? Edited to add: Uhr, I see now that Redlynne hasn't been on the forums for nearly a year. Did she move to the Homecoming Discord, I wonder, or simply move on? (runs to check)
  14. I'd like to make 2 requests, please. First, a Shield Defense/Stone Melee Tanker. Second, a Fire Blast/Mental Manipulation Blaster. I lean towards ranged for my blasters, over blapping, though I don't mind either and/or both. Thank you for your hard work!
  15. MUCH thanks to both @KauaiJim and @Blackbird71! With a fix like this (which I will likely use often), I see no need to suggest that QoL change--the devs have enough on their plate without addressing this extremely trivial 'problem' that isn't even in the game itself.
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