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  1. I'm looking to give an electric-based character a fair try. To that end, I'm scratching my head as to an archetype to choose. I know electric powers drain endurance; I'm not sure how that's useful when killing, I mean arresting the bad guys as quickly as possible is pretty much a top 10 goal, if not #1. I'll be wanting to play a ranged character, but you electric melee-type fans should feel free to show me the error of my ways. My play-style is very largely solo; when I do team, I'm not too worried about what I do or don't bring to the table. Either I'm taking fire so someone else
  2. Never less than impressed, often thrilled. Your hard work is always appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Requesting Illusion/Time Controller, please.
  4. Here's likely a silly question, but reading through the last 2 or 3 pages of posts is only leaving me more confused. Is the download link in the original post still the one to use? Or is there a more up-to-date version available elsewhere?
  5. I had repurchased the original Guild Wars last month and was plinking around with that. It too was like coming back to the old hometown. Spent a few weeks running around until a friend interested me in BattleTech by Hare-Brained Schemes (sp?). I had never played, tabletop OR online. When I looked, Humble Bundle had the entire collection on sale at 75% off. Now I'm playing that and having a bit of a blast!
  6. Every few months I start feeling a little burnt-out with City of Heroes. I end up backing away for a few weeks, then I wake up one day and fire it up, carrying on as normal. I'm in one of those troughs now, and am casting about for a diversionary pursuit. As a casual gamer, I've not been attracted to first-person shooters, and I don't think I'd be any good at console games period, being a PC fan. I have played Guild Wars in the dim past, but that was 2 computers ago, and my account is long gone. I am interested in trying out similar games; thus this post. Specifically, how good is Dungeons &am
  7. If I may make another request, I've seen you tackle a few Rad/ Corruptors, but not a /Rad. It may be an old hat, cliche pairing, but I'd like to see your take on a Rad/Rad Corruptor, please.
  8. Many of you have listed the hobbies that you discovered and fell into with a willing passion. You speak of the year, of the availability of this or that interest, of the limiting circumstances that might have kept you from taking another path. But I'm willing to bet you all skipped the first part: who you were before all of that consumed you, much like my fires consumed me. It was because I was an outsider. I was shorter in stature than my peers, and a lot less athletic as well. I labored along with nearsightedness that somehow wasn't recognized until high school. I was
  9. WOW, that was fast! And it looks GREAT! All set to jump into Character Creation and GOGOGO!!! Thank you very much!!!
  10. I called myself looking over this thread thoroughly twice, but I still may have missed it. I'm requesting builds for Ice/Storm and Electric/Storm Controllers, please. Thanks for your attention!
  11. It was either Excelsior or Everlasting. I started on one of them in May 2019, then transferred everything to the other a few months later, then ended up playing on both a few months ago. If I had to place a bet, it'd be Everlasting.
  12. Last summer, several times I stood by Ms. Liberty and announced I was giving away 7-digit Inf to the first 10 people to come talk to me. Alternately, I would announce a giveaway to whomever came to talk to me under like level 10 AND had the Isolator badge. That one got very few takers.
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