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  1. Or you could still do the team without the toxic person. Here's hoping, Good luck either way!
  2. We've recently added @BP to our roster. Welcome!
  3. Has been the case in this game since forever and will always be probably.
  4. People like to argue about them. I wish they'd offer me more popcorn while they did so. What a shame. I got you.
  5. yeah what's going on with warshades?
  6. hp

    PvP Bugs

    Also there's some bugs with the arena terminals in general as well. You cannot view match results from completed matches. We tried to run a 12v12 match this evening and it wouldn't allow us to start the match.
  7. hp

    PvP Bugs

    What's the progress looking like on getting these bugs taken care of ??
  8. Could we look into adding some sort of suppression and/or counterplay to -jump powers (net arrow, glue arrow, etc.) in PvP. Currently you can lock players down to the floor permanently if you wanted and there's no suppression timer and anything that counteracts the amount of -jump most of the powers have unless you stack 8 inertial reductions with Super Jump.
  9. hp


    I've got the names Tumblebee, Battlebee and Squabblebee. I'll sell Battlebee and Squabblebee for 250 milliom. Tumblebee is 500 million though.
  10. Globals: @hp @king Known aliases: JC Pose, Golden Arms, your grandpappy, real big dawg, sactownz finest, RONCO, babygurl303, feedioughta, slickadelaphante, premium cabbage, thicknass, breezy Blaster Psy/Em fully loaded Defender Emp/Dark fully loaded
  11. Nice times. It's amazing what 6 yrs of practice can get ya. I played from Issue 2, to issue 23 then about 6-8 months on the private server. So probably closer to 8.5 years. Cool, I played from Issue 4. I could have used those 6-8 months. I like to believe that I was the reason there was a blacklist on the Private server. hold on, you need 6-8 months to perfect how to run a TF in this game? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA is that what you read? having any extra playtime with the new fotm's would have been beneficial. you need to 6-8 months to learn how to play a titan/bio scrapper?
  12. Nice times. It's amazing what 6 yrs of practice can get ya.
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