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  1. Or he'll just show up while I'm typing
  2. Fire is the best dps if that's all you're looking for. But from those 3, water has great aoe but mediocre single target, ice has great single target but lower aoe, and dual pistols is a solid all arounder. @oldskool has written extensively about dp/sr (well, everything sentinel related really) and he's far more eloquent than me so do a search, he'll sort you out.
  3. You can save a slot in hasten by using just 2 recharges boosted +5 Synaptic shock has a run speed/end mod unique that you can slot with an end mod from the set for 22.5% run speed. I usually combine them with a pshifter proc in stamina.
  4. I'd go with FF, not because it would be better, but because you could have more fun with it. You have already committed to a non-top tier build so fun is the only factor here. You only really need 4 powers from FF, force bolt, the 2 shields, and dispersion bubble. Combine with Maneuvers, Nerve or Agility, and the 2 +5 IOs and your mercs are soft capped. Assuming you take the medicine pool for heals, and 6 slot the heals (which is definitely not required), that would leave you 11 powers and 34 slots to play with pool and epic/patron powers. You could take presence and fighting and tankermind with crosspunch, repulsion field, and maybe thunderstrike + charged armour or KO Blow + shark skin. Or you could take Hasten, Force of Will, and Field Mastery and take a bunch of force feedback procs in ranged attacks to get Unleashed Potential up as often as possible. I'm sure there are plenty of other options to play around with. Would it be "good"? No Would it fun? Yes, well..., until you ran out of endurance but recovery serum and ageless are a thing
  5. I always try to 6 slot Preventative if I can afford to. The 8.75 recharge, the end discount, and the proc are all solid.
  6. While this is true, one of these options will play a sound effect every time you press forward and the power fails to go off, will un-queue attacks whenever you press forward, and will cause redraw whenever you press forward while using claw attacks. The other just works. Sometimes a little extra work is worth it.
  7. no pictures but with 6 numina at level 50 it does 423, 317, and 211 Also, it doesn't stack with multiple castings, and if you target a different pet the new first target will get the larger amount and the old first target will reset to new amount (75% for the 2nd, 50% for the rest) depending on when it got hit. It only ever covers about 40% of the bar even though it covers a lot more of their health.
  8. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/4494-psa-for-new-players-how-to-have-hasten-and-domination-on-auto/
  9. That's essentially what I meant by slots and effort. I just found that if I spent my time spamming proc ed out hawks, ravens and eventually static discharge from Mu I got through fights much quicker. Since my pets and I have very high resistances and have absorb shields I was never really afraid of mobs. Other than my Alpha Wolf who seems to be the only one that ever dies, I think he got dropped on the head as a child. Bots has pretty terrible personal attacks though, so I probably wouldn't build that way if I was bots.
  10. So I've been playing Beast/Elec for a few weeks at 50 now and wanted to take a sec to add my 2 cents to the discussion. First off I must say that I found the endurance drain mechanics of the set to be pretty lacking for a Mastermind. You can drain spawns if you spend slots and effort doing it but your reward is a bunch of mostly full health mobs running for the hills, I found it much easier to just kill them instead. I can see the potential if you had another set to support it but for my purpose it just didn't do enough. Static (Circuit Boost) Faraday Cage generates static passively so you never really have to think about it in combat. Out of combat though you need at least 1 stack before you'll get hit. T1: Shock (Ranged, Foe -DMG, -End, -Recovery, -Regen): Its damage debuff feels useful on hard tagets, its -regen probably helps, I'd probably skip it if I could but it never felt like a waste. T2: Rejuvenating Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally Heal, Self +Static): I really like this heal and find it far easier to use than single target or player based/enemy targeted aoe heals. While its not as strong as other heals the fact that it hits all of your pets and all of your teammates without them having to be around you or your target and without you having to change targets makes it feel very strong. T3 (Masterminds): Discharge (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -Dmg, -End, -Recovery, -Regen): I wanted to like this power. When I checked it out during the beta I thought it was going to be good but it never felt impactful. It went from 6 slots, to 1 slot, to just not bothering with it T4: Energizing Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally +End, +Recharge, Self +Static): 6 slotted this costs 9 end to cast and, worst case, gives 25 end back assuming you have 1 static. It allows you to spam attacks and abilities non stop, its one of the better powers in the set. T5: Faraday Cage (Location (PBAoE), Team +Res(All DMG but Toxic, Status, Knockback, -Rech, -Rec, -End)): The jewel of the set, its as good as advertised. I find the aggressive and defensive goto commands do a decent job of keeping my beasts in the bubble without too much micro management. Make sure you get some KB protection though, as getting knocked back right as you're casting it is rather annoying. T6: Empowering Circuit: (Ranged (Chain), Ally +DMG, +Tohit, Self +Static): This ones OK as a one slot wonder. 5% to hit and 11% damage is good enough T7: Defibrillate (Melee (Targeted AoE), Ally Rez, Foe Sleep, -End, -Recovery): I have very little experience with this so I wont comment other than to say its a little too niche for me T8: Insulating Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally +Absorb, Self +Static): This is good for all the same reasons rejuv is and better than rejuv because its an absorb T9: Amp Up (Ranged, Ally +Special, +Recharge): Utterly pointless. At the very least this needs to be a chain with a shorter cool down but even then I'm not sure I'd take it. Overall it was a very smooth ride to 50 and my time at 50 has been enjoyable. Compared to other support sets I would rate it as vastly superior to empathy and pain, not as good thermal but its easier to play than all 3.
  11. If you're only going to pick one power to put procs in from Electrical I'd go with Short Circuit. It only has just over a 40% chance to proc regular procs and 60% on the purple but it a target rich environment it should get you a pretty good return on investment. Try Sirocco's Dervish Acc/Dmg and Proc, Armageddon Dam/End and Proc, and the procs from Obliteration and Eradication (assuming you have your accuracy sorted). It should average about 240 damage, which is about 100 more than a purple set and 130 more than an ATO. Just be wary that sometimes they just wont go off but it will average out. At perma haste it should be around a 7 second recharge so you can open every encounter with Short Circuit (3 second cast), Thunderous Blast (4 second cast), Short Circuit which aint terrible. Anything that gets hit by all 3 and survives will be at -125.5% end too for whatever thats worth.
  12. Knottewe

    Poison Guide

    Poison/Archery Poison/DP Poison/Elec This one looks interesting Poison/Fire Poison/Ice Poison/Psi Poison/Rad Poison/Water *Shrug* Seems ok to me Elec, Fire, Rad, and Water are a step above the rest but none of the rest are bad.
  13. I've been running this and its been working pretty well for me.
  14. Knottewe

    Poison Guide

    Poison is far better than most forumites believe and the tweaks it needs are actually pretty minor. It is easily my favourite defender and hopefully Frosticus' excellent guide will get more people to give it another look.
  15. Mastermind, double ninjas. Constantly summoning an infinite swarm of Ninjas for the win.
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