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  1. Nin offers and endurance click which is good for about 65% of your end on a 20 second cool down where SR has a recovery buff. SR does have a 20% recharge bonus but Blinding Powder in Nin allows you to slot Coercive Persuasion, the confusion purple set, that give 10% recharge and 5% ranged def. Nin also offers stealth and a "travel power" SR has a lot more DDR, choice of mez protection (clickie or toggle), and slightly higher base defenses but also takes 1 more power selection to get its full package (which is probably the biggest factor in Ninjitus favour)
  2. Can I recommend that you try out energy aura before going back to nin? It only takes a little more investment that nin (I spent 2 more slots on it and 2 more slots in weave) but the big thing it adds is energise which, combined with preventive medicine, reactive defenses, and unbreakable guard, nets you a 70% endurance reduction. In real world terms that's a 46% reduction in all costs. You do have to cast it every 30 seconds but it casts slot faster than nin's end clickie, same animation and cast time as aim, and includes a 500ish heal and a bunch of regen. I just followed your guide and set it to auto with hasten. The drawback is it typed defense instead of positional and there's a massive psi hole but I just ignored that. You also get some recharge (20%), a lot more DDR (27.7 vs 41.5), and a lot more resistance to everything except psi.
  3. Well shit. Hopefully I can get through Greedfall, Borderlands 3, and maybe Outer Worlds before this hits live.
  4. I cannot agree with you more, if they fix it I will make one. My most recent effort is using dark as the primary for the procortunity but it takes 9.5 seconds to get through the rotation so I can't see it beating fire. The snipe replacement is the worst offender. My toon just stands there at the end of the animation for half a second doing nothing while I wait for the projectile and sound effect, its maddening. Rad seems like it should be so much better than it actually is. Numbers wise everything seems excellent, but when you actually play it everything except neutrino bolt, x ray beam, irradiate, and atomic blast feels so clunky. Neutron bomb and Electron Haze being the worst offenders.
  5. I've posted a build below that should give you a few quality of life changes. The overall numbers aren't too different but you pick up a bit of range defense, a lot more recharge, lower end/sec, and higher recovery. The only other thing I would recommend is picking which you prefer, aqua bolt or hydro blast, and dropping the other for dehydrate. I'd suggest dropping aqua bolt but the choice is yours. Regen is tough to build for endgame as it has no defense and very little resistance baked in. So I would definitely recommend barrier when you get to incarnates, at its worst it gives 5% def all which would put you very close to the ranged def soft cap of 45% which is all you need as a hover blaster. It also has a ton of resistances which certainly wont hurt.
  6. I have 5 lvl 50 sentinels of various specs, although none of them fire, and I've never been able to get past 4 minutes. I'm admittedly not the greatest player so it could be pebkac. I'm working on one currently that I hope can get to 3 minute range, but I don't have high hopes.
  7. Its cool man, Flares can be the new cowbell 😁
  8. I was actually typing that as you posted it
  9. I agree with the intent of what you're saying here, a well built blaster will always out damage a well built sentinel. But....not all blasters are built for maximum damage, nor are sentinels, or any class for that matter. So just to prove that point I went and did some math. Using the Flavour of the Month posts as reference I deduced that almost a third (32.3%) of level 50 blasters have no access to both aim and build up due to set choices, and 8.5% have neither, thats almost 1 in 10. What this really comes down to is that the people that post on these forums are the top 10%. And I dont mean the top 10% damage, I mean the top 10% invested. We care and we try and we like to talk to or read posts from other people that care and try. So the people posting here that care about damage do alot more damage than vast majority of people playing the game.
  10. Knottewe

    Rad/Bio mock-up.

    So I got a new Sent to 50 over the weekend specifically to try knockout blow and I must say I'm pretty impressed. With its long recharge it has a 90% chance to proc anything you put in it and it's a hold. Anything that doesn't resist the smashing damage, which unfortunately lots of things do, takes about 1000 damage. 1462 is the highest I've seen so far on a level 50 mob (with -resist procs active).
  11. Opportunity is terrible as a class feature, ignore it. Unless the T1 in your primary is better than the T2 I would just take the t2. You'll end up with better powers and better sustain. People seem to forget that mobs have a finite amount of hit points. You don't get bonus xp for extra really totally killing them (or arresting if your video game morals don't allow murder) Unfortunately, we have decided to judge the damage we do by killing an immovable object that is unlike anything we kill (or arrest, see above) in game. It really has no bearing on how different ATs actually play. In real play sentinels are fine, although if they redid opportunity I would not complain. CoX is great because there are very few absolutely wrong answers when it comes to murdering (or arresting, see above) huge swaths of villains (or heros), but people like me get to agonize over squeezing just a little more out of a spec. Maybe a good blaster might make his team finish ITF 5 minutes faster than your sentinel, but ultimately very few people actually care about those 5 minutes. Really, you came here to ask why and the real question is why not. Play what you enjoy and if you enjoy the game you'll have 1 of everything eventually anyway.
  12. When we talk about endgame the only real difference between Sentinels and Blasters is that a blaster walks up to a pack of +4x8 mob, pops his cooldowns and erases all the mobs except the bosses and has to wait 45 seconds to do it again. A Sentinel will kill all the minion and most of the Lts., but can do it on every pack. When you have your defenses covered by your secondary you can focus more on damage on your primary abilities. There are some blaster builds that can put out insane damage, most people don't play those builds though and sentinel damage can be pretty comparable to normal blaster builds if built correctly. And as Sovera just mentioned, Mez protection is a huge bonus. I'm currently leveling a blaster and got my badge for being held or put to sleep for 10 minutes at level 32. None of my sentinels at 50 have it.
  13. I use Dark instead of pistols for the immobilize, heal and snipe (Moonbeam's quick snipe can hit for 600-700 damage against debuffed targets) but Im sure you can pull some useful info from the build.
  14. So unless I'm mistaken, and it's entirety possible I am @Bopperis the expert, ageless is a global recharge and does not effect proc chance. Ignore what pines says. As far as I understand, the only way to get correct damage numbers out of pines for proc filled attacks is to make a new build with just the attacks. Even then you'll get average numbers.
  15. Hopefully I'll get a chance to t4 all the important incarnates this week and then I'll harm some pylons in the name of science to see if what I feel like is good damage is actually good damage.
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