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  1. Question, in the guide you have the following: Slash M - High damage melee attack. Lead from stealth with this attack for a large crit until you get slash What are we using slash for until we get slash? is there another power we should swap out or sub in before slash or afterwards?
  2. this seems to be in the base i25 code from when it was released a year ago. I run a private server for a small group of people, and I have the same results.
  3. I noticed this last night as well with normal fly.
  4. I would like to read an updated version of your guide. I read the old one just last week, I have a warshade started, but cant decide if I want to stay tri form or go human form.
  5. I have a question, how useful is the numinas proc in aid other? Would that only fire when you use the power? Should it be put in health instead? Thank you.
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