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  1. Mainly inspirations. On /WP or /Fire I try to keep a few purples around for rough moments; on /SD or /Inv I keep a few greens. I'm also not above using /ah to load up between missions; I often zone in with a tray that looks exactly like my avatar. Passive regen is also more important than you might think; 300%ish from set bonuses and uniques means you can take about twice as much sustained damage as you could with just unslotted Health. Every 100% regen amounts to a free Respite every 60s, more if you have +HP from powers or accolades. War Mace specifically is also very good at juggling enemies. Picking out either the hard-hitting boss or the annoying-debuff minion/LT and keeping them on their back until they die really reduces the danger.
  2. I'd slot more endredux in your attacks. Two blues and two reds is probably better than one blue and three reds at this point; you can always carry red inspirations to make up for the difference. Frankenslotting would also work. With a typed defense set, I'd consider dropping Defensive Sweep at this point, and getting a sixth slot in some of your other attacks. Unless you're going to use the Numina/Miracle uniques, 3 slots in Stamina and 1 in Health will almost certainly serve you better than 2+2. I would definitely turn off Tough and possibly Weave until you can get them slotted more, maybe toggling them on situationally in hard fights. They're expensive toggles, and Tough doesn't do much by itself without slotting. Also, don't be afraid to abuse temporary powers. A recovery buff from your SG base and a stack of Recovery Serums can handle a lot of problems.
  3. It works exactly like endredux slotting, and stacks additively with slotting. But since it isn't actually slotting, it isn't subject to ED limits. This is just like how damage buffs stack with damage slotting.
  4. How much more consistency? Can you, say, run HeroStats for a session and check the results?
  5. In short, no, there's no good way to never get cascaded. You just have to deal with it. If you don't have DDR, then you're playing something other than /SR, so you have tools in your secondary besides defense, and you combat it with those. You can also use purple inspirations as ablative armor against debuffs, and if things get out of hand, moving out of range for a few seconds until debuffs fall off isn't a terrible idea. If it's only certain enemies that debuff you (like the Banished Pantheon guys with radiation powers), you disable and kill them first.
  6. If it's hitting at the same time as a teammate KD power, they can conceivably stack to make KB. A few enemies (mostly Clockwork) are also vulnerable to knocks, so even low-mag stuff will knock them back.
  7. Negative; it has knockdown. Like all KD effects, it will turn into KB against sufficiently low-level enemies, but that's only rarely a problem.
  8. Uh, are we talking about the same set? SS only has knockback on two powers, namely the two that people rarely take or use anyway. Claws and Kinetic Melee already have more knockback problems than SS does, since it's unavoidably attached to their AoE attacks instead of on a separate power.
  9. Hopeling

    Rage Drop

    The Rage crash is costing you 25 endurance every 1-2 minutes. In the meantime, you're recovering probably in the neighborhood of 2-400 endurance. If your blue bar isn't moving up, it means you're spending all of that on toggles and attacks. So Rage may be the last straw that actually drains you, but most of the issue is your other powers. What you can do is slot your attacks and toggles with more cost reduction, maybe run fewer toggles, and avoid using expensive powers when they're not necessary (like Foot Stomping a single enemy).
  10. That's actually a really neat idea. Lightning attacks already have the endurance-refund thing; just crank that up and maybe add the recharge bit. Lightning blasters in comics tend to be speedsters or power sources, so it's thematic. And it gives the set something cool of its own instead of a "boring" effect like straight extra damage.
  11. Yeah, that's going to be pretty squishy even with softcapped defense to one type.
  12. On what kind of character? My Dominator is S/L softcapped (thanks to Ice Armor). He survives well enough in most content, but feels "brittle" to play - he'll die suddenly and ingloriously if he comes under heavy fire from defense debuffs or enemies that use other damage types. My /Elec sentinel focused on S/L defense and is not even softcapped to that, but is incredibly durable, because 35% defense plus 700% regen plus 60-75% resist to all types plus hovering out of melee range means that enemies have to get through a lot of layers of protection to actually hurt him.
  13. Right, slotting for endredux helps a lot; with sets, you can pretty easily have 60% or more endredux in every expensive power, which helps a ton compared to the 30-40% you get from SOs or commons. Chasing endredux set bonuses doesn't do a lot; you might pick up 10-15% total across your entire build. If you get one, great, but a build that focuses on those set bonuses isn't going to be a lot better off end-wise than a build that just slots the recovery/+end procs and then focuses on recharge or defense.
  14. Frankly, I feel like it should be the other way around. Hibernate seems like a more suitable power for an AT that doesn't need to hold aggro and can reasonably drop out of the fight for a few seconds, while Icy Bastion seems more suited to a tank. With the history of the set, it obviously couldn't be the other way around, but in the current game it just feels strange. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if all melee ATs got Icy Bastion rather than Hibernate, but maybe that just means Ice/ Tankers aren't for me.
  15. That's OK. Higher-tier Alpha powers enhance multiple things, but most builds are only really interested in one or two of those effects. Musculature Core Paragon enhances damage, -def, and immobilize, but it's worth taking just for the damage bonus. If you have some -def and immobilize too, great, but that's just gravy.
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