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  1. Found It Would still love to see this with live statistics.
  2. Homecoming released a database of ALL the possible power set configurations and how many players they have that play them, but I can't seem to find it at all anymore. Anyone have a link? It would be nice to have an API or easily accessible/viewable database like this, maybe under "Server Status" with much more information than just the amount of players.
  3. Could build it like GW2 builds? https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki ?
  4. A lock on anything would be great! That right there could solve the issue.
  5. I'd like to see the ability to save body and/or face sliders. Going through some of my costumes having to 'rebuild' them trying to get the same shape and face on each one is time consuming, even if you do save and import a 'base' shape then revert all costume changes as coloring seems to get messed up in some areas.
  6. I'd support that, will have to determine if you're on the ground or in the air though.
  7. Full size static buildings would be nice. For edge placement or filler. Huh, could even actually fill them.
  8. I have spreadsheets as well, even for costumes / costume plans for those characters and bio's...
  9. I agree.. times have changed since live, where throwing people around was fun and only a little irritating. People didn't care about efficiency that much back then. Now days, very few games seem to have knockbacks, game companies don't seem to add them, because they know people won't use them.
  10. Additionally... please fix Teleport Foe, it's hit rate and target eligibility is crap.
  11. It's actually really surprising how many people don't take some powers like Hurricane or Repel (kinetic power). Being able to control and push enemies where you want them is nice. Or.. just going bowling and running through the middle of them all.
  12. +1 Great idea! Origin, Powers, of course. Play time Level Current Zone Current day job benefit location Could be a whole ton more information.
  13. I don't mind it myself but +1 anyway. I think the closest though could be something like an 'inventory' of enhances kind of based on what you see when you /respec.
  14. I believe they intended to expand on a few of these things, but we all know what happened. I agree with you, but AE was created as a tool to help facilitate expanding content without developers and permit players to create their own content. This gave the game a self evolving content creation platform. Whether players used it for farming or creating legitimate content is solely based on the players, but at least that freedom was given to us. Farming already existed before AE. I would rather have AE and have farmers, then not have AE. Content is still content whether it's created or not and should still have rewards to offer incentive. I like that idea. However I feel like their orginal intent was a 'simulated story telling platform.' where they could separate not actual world effecting stories or events. Like we play video games in our world, supers of this world would go play AE. Doesn't seem bases support 'mission doors' of any kind though, even if they did I think you'd always end up back in a regular zone after the mission. Everything you get from the Mission Terminal says you have to go to a regular zone and /ah doesn't even work. Now if any of these things could be enabled, that would be great! I'd also like to see the ability for players to enter the same AE mission from any zone. I could be in PI, team leader in Atlas and we could both enter AE in that zone and end up in the same mission. If it's a 'simulation' we would both connect to the same one. It doesn't work this way because when you start a mission it 'assigns a door in a zone'.
  15. -1 One of the best things about City of Heroes, is that it didn't rely on in-combat/out-of-combat mechanics. This makes things a lot more complicated and frustrating even in other games. Wouldn't mind seeing the Rest initiate/lockdown time reduced though.
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