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  1. Hami as in Hamidon? Then Seer like a caster and melee scrapper, brute or stalker? Can definitely come up with something, but, just need to know this to help refine it. Nice Bio! I completely forgot about the ears!
  2. Could use some refinement in color hue maybe but they do compliment the powerset without having to change the color of the powers. Defender - Nature/Water or TechFey.costume Fey.costume
  3. Do you have any other references you'd like to base it off of @MaidenJustice? I was searching around and since I happen to like more the modern-sci fi designs. I found some below that we could base it off of. Thoughts?
  4. Out of random curiosity and since I won't be able to get on to test anytime soon. How does the Defibrillate animation and FX look? Does it need improvement? I haven't seen it, so I'm not criticizing, I only imagined while reading it looking like... a charged jump fist smash into the ground next to/on top of an ally and the ground lighting bolt FX from 'Electrical Melee - Lightning Rod' that would reach other allies.
  5. What about the idea of presetting all possible weapons for classes via a fully open, extended weapons menu with every weapon in the list? Maybe this will help with invisible weapons? If the archetype is capable of wielding it, whether your powerset does or not, you can select a weapon to fill it. "If you have the ability to wield a weapon of this type, this is what it will look like." This could also open up opportunities for temporary power looks as well as fix epic power weapons now and in the future. Blaster for Example ( Weapons ) ---- ( Beam Rifle ) [Selection] ---- ( Dual Pistols ) [Selection] ---- ( Katana ) [Selection] ---- ( Rifle ) [Selection] ---- ( Titan Weapon ) [Selection] ----... and so on. Not only would this give you the option to select these weapons, it would give you the option to see what all other archtypes/powersets have available to them.
  6. Haven't seen a whole lot of fires lately. Would be cool to have the invasions trigger building fires in any zone. SO you have to fight off the invasion, then go put out fires.
  7. Found It Would still love to see this with live statistics.
  8. Homecoming released a database of ALL the possible power set configurations and how many players they have that play them, but I can't seem to find it at all anymore. Anyone have a link? It would be nice to have an API or easily accessible/viewable database like this, maybe under "Server Status" with much more information than just the amount of players.
  9. Could build it like GW2 builds? https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki ?
  10. A lock on anything would be great! That right there could solve the issue.
  11. I'd like to see the ability to save body and/or face sliders. Going through some of my costumes having to 'rebuild' them trying to get the same shape and face on each one is time consuming, even if you do save and import a 'base' shape then revert all costume changes as coloring seems to get messed up in some areas.
  12. I'd support that, will have to determine if you're on the ground or in the air though.
  13. Full size static buildings would be nice. For edge placement or filler. Huh, could even actually fill them.
  14. I have spreadsheets as well, even for costumes / costume plans for those characters and bio's...
  15. I agree.. times have changed since live, where throwing people around was fun and only a little irritating. People didn't care about efficiency that much back then. Now days, very few games seem to have knockbacks, game companies don't seem to add them, because they know people won't use them.
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