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  1. I did the first one, and it was a nice fun romp. The player meets Gaussian and saves some Rikti; then, you fly into West Libertailia, but they could only afford a bargain airline that runs out of peanuts. Then you whack some Council (from a custom group) then join up with the Scooby-Doo gang to unmask Old Man Johnson as a ghost. Finally the gang invites you onto their boat to smoke a doobie, but some Sky Raiders try to bogart your stash. Something like that. This is a quick, fun adventure with good writing and no time wasters. It does tell you what your character thinks and feels in quite a few places, which tends to put off the ultra serious role players, but those people won't be playing this arc anyway, they're in Pocket D roleplaying a six-breasted vampire ocelot.
  2. Given that alt accounts are allowed, you effectively have infinite architect slots.
  3. I wasn't trying to be snarky. The author had a very deep knowledge of CoH lore, which strongly suggests that he had played on the Live server, which means he is not an actual child. So, looking at the many grammar errors and the (in my opinion) childlike style of writing, made it seem likely that the author was Very Special. Rest assured, when I'm being sarcastic, people know it. People in the next forum over know it.
  4. "Make whatever character you want, as long as she's a thousand year old demon sorceress vampire succubus."
  5. This arc is the final chapter in an 18-arc epic saga, wherein the "Pachiderm" traps the badguys in a "Mobius Strip", but that attracts the attention of the "Dagon" and the "Pale Queen", and there's a big and burly knight named Anguin, and... there's a lot of stuff, is the takeaway here. It's like the time when you were fourteen and got foisted on your great aunt for the afternoon, and after filling you full of Chex Mix and cheerwine, she sat you down in front of the tube with her to watch her 'stories', which you couldn't understand because you didn't know the eighteen years of backstory, like how Becca used to be married to Chester but he cheated on her with Lurleen but she was really one of Janice's alternate personalities, who was secretly married to Brad, who was really an alternate personality of Sergio but also he... well, you get the idea. It's like starting a book at the last chapter. Anyway, the player arrives in ruined Faultline (with a cute injoke), meets up with Agvine (who is big and burly) and here we run into the arcs biggest problem... Objective Overload. In the first mission, the player meets with Mr. Burly, then meets another guy, then clicks a glowie, then clicks another glowie, then clobbers a guy, then clicks three glowies, then rescues another guy, then rescues another guy, then defeats an EB, then rescues another guy. That's enough objectives for an entire arc in the first mission. Each objective does not appear until the previous one is complete, and this takes place on a wide open map, which means the player is going back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth. Also the map has patrols, and more patrols spawn when some objective are complete, and many have mez powers. The four other missions don't have quite as many objectives, but there's still a lot. So, after meeting up with about a dozen people and taking them to the Cryptic Lounge for a socially distant toga party, Anguen decides we need to meet the Watcher on High. The player ventures into a Rikti base and and reverses the power leads on their generator, which causes them to join you. Then off to Frostfire's Frozen Wonderland to take down Cruella de Vil or something, then into the "office with a slight air quality problem" map to send people to hell. This map has three tough EBs who spawn one after another, which can be a problem since the player is reduced to level 35. My 35 Blaster got completely obliterated; I tried it again with Spider-Kitty, a fully tricked out Crab Spider who eats AVs for breakfast, and still had to eat a handful of insps to win. Yes, that's right, I slogged through the first four missions TWICE to write this review. This should give you some idea of the lengths I go to provide quality AE reviews for my readers, and should not be taken to mean that I spend sixteen hours a day in front of the computer playing CoX and swilling Night Train, honest. Finally, after Angueuin dies of cholesterol poisoning, we meet the Watcher on High, who is really Statesman smoking a joint, which has expanded his consciousness to encompass the universe or something. This is a hard arc to rate. The writing is extremely high quality, and there's a LOT of it, with plenty of clues and details. There are quite a few custom groups, with varied powers and costumes, and all have bios. However, the Objective Overload makes it a poor choice for someone looking for a quick mission before dinner, and the difficulty makes it hard for soloists. In summary, this arc is suited for teams who appreciate a deep story and have a lot of time to spare, most likely members of an RP supergroup. But then, those people have no doubt already made up their minds to play this arc, thus making this review completely redundant.
  6. I gave this a spin today. The people before me covered most of the bases, but let me rehash: Mob levels are locked at 54. Why? This makes the arc unplayable by anyone except an Incarnate 50. The overall story is pretty good, and ties into unused backstory about the Battalion. It uses several characters you don't see often, like Twilight's Son. Props to the author for avoiding time-wasters. No kill-alls, no massive glowie hunts, no huge maps. Even when you rescue a hostage, you don't have to escort him to the exit. There's a lot of spelling and grammar errors... a lot. The one that really made me ram my head into the desk was the repeated use of "was'nt". In quite a few places, the clues tell you what your character thinks and feels. This is generally considered a no-no. The dialog is sometimes... odd. Mob barks are any of a dozen variations of "I will eat you now". At one point, you rescue a hostage named Harold, who replies "Harold has been saved". Is he the sort of person who narrates his life in the third person? "Harold is going to City of Gyros for lunch." "Harold is happy that his Beam Rifle Baklava is still warm." "Harold is wondering if he should take a whiz here or back at the office." At another point, an NPC makes an offhand comment that Vanguard is joining the party. Then, in a clue, the author runs the joke into the ground by telling how your character wonders whether Vanguard will be bringing balloons and cake and ice cream. This is a very hard arc to evaluate. The story is deep and consistent; the author clearly knows a lot about the game, as evidenced by the use of unused lore, and a joke about how Azuria tends to lose things. On the other hand, the many spelling/grammar errors and the almost... childish? dialog make me wonder if the author is a Very Special Person.
  7. That ^^^ might be caused by the Vanguard day job.
  8. I dug up the files for my AE trilogy from Live, which all use Lord Recluse as a contact, and tried to publish them here, but contact model was broken. I moved all my costume files out of the directory, but the problem remained. Then, I created a totally new arc with Recluse as the contact, and that was bugged as well. Recluse appeared normal in Grandville, and also appeared normal as a foe in one of the arcs.
  9. I was putting off reviewing this because I was expecting someone else to jump in, but since no one else has... this arc is awesome. Really awesome. The player runs into a Nemesis Jaeger running around playing "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer", or something like that, I dunno. The player chases it into the sewers and finds some Family men breaking into a office, some of whom are from a custom group. This in turn leads to a warehouse, then another warehouse, then another, because as we all know everything nefarious in Paragon City takes place in abandoned warehouses. Needless to say, it was all part of a Nemesis Plot. This is really a top-notch arc. The writing is superb, with lots of details at every turn, with plenty of clues and decorative glowies. No time wasters, no overtuned mobs. For those of us who will be spending this Christmas in a empty house eating a turkey TV dinner, A Very Nemesis-y Christmas is the perfect antidote to a dull holiday season.
  10. "John Woo" says "I need you to go kill a guy". No story, no explanation, go kill a guy. You go into a one room map and kill a guy. There's a custom group with one member with no minion description and a glowie with no text. That's it.
  11. Maybe I was a bit too blunt. This isn't a horrible arc, it's just... not great. The player is told that the fey have come to Paragon City to steal land, which is odd because they're already here in Croatoa. We go into a warehouse to whomp some baddies and smash some "Soul Anchors", then to an outdoor zone to whomp more badguys and smash more Soul Anchors, then to yet another outdoor area, where the player needs to set up tents for a children's annual church picnic... nah I'm kidding, more baddies and more Soul Anchors. That's it. The writing isn't terrible, but it's bland and simplistic, almost childish. For example, the final badguy's villain bark is "Children taste delicious with a garlic sauce Ha Ha Ha." That's... um... supposed to be scary? There's also a fair amount of spelling and grammar errors, including a lot of words Capitalized at Random In the Middle of Sentences. There's a custom group, but it's only three or four types, with brief and sometimes missing minion descriptions. Again, this isn't as bad as some of the arcs I reviewed on the live server, which were clearly written by 12 year old listening to Megadeth while snorting Pop Rocks mixed with Ritalin. Oh yeah, did I mention I had a review column on the Live forums? Purple Lovin's Highly Sarcastic Review Pit. Anyone remember that?
  12. Bland story, low effort, terrible spelling and grammar.
  13. A nice quick adventure. Someone has been horking hairballs all over the Vindicators' locker room and it's up to you help Mynx clear her name. The EB at the end is a bit hard, but you have Mynx to help you, and you 'win' even if the target flees.
  14. Like I keep saying in all the other threads: of all the 'spiritual successors', City of Titans are the only people whom I'm certain are not scammers or idiots. They truly *want* to give us a finished, polished MMO. However, I strongly doubt that they will ever cross the finish line.
  15. I gave this a spin a week ago, and like the 872 other maps by the same author, it's pretty good. The Architect system is being hacked, so an avatar of Dr. Aeon helps you dislodge the intruder. All the actors are very well voiced. This is one of the arcs that actually addresses the player from the point of view of the AE, which raises the possibility that the player really came here to play Sister Psyche's Topless Beach Volleyball. Sadly, my beach seeking came to an abrupt halt in the fourth mission, which required me to open a safe. However, my arch-nemesis Frostfire had cunningly sealed the safe under a layer of ice, making the objective impossible to complete. Fortunately, after reloading and running that mission again, the safe was accessible in another spot.
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