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  1. Pentarchy of Punishment - 41032 The contact is a nanotechnology researcher, who tells us that badguys have infected his daughter with a nanotech poison, and will activate it unless he gives them his nanotech research, but he won't do that because they could do a lot of evil stuff with the research. Except that if they know how to make nanotech poisons that activate on command, they already know quite a bit, what more do they need? Ah well. Kyksie ventures into an Arachnos base filled with Rogue Warburg troops and kicks the EB boss, "Melissa Mayhem". She has a vial of an
  2. Don't forget Pride Month's official AE adventure, The LGT BBQ, #28172.
  3. Snakes From the Isles - 41022 The level range for this arc goes down to 10, so I call Scarlet's Web again. The contact is Agent Hahn, of Longbow, who tells me that some snakes are attacking an office building in Atlas, go check it out maybe? Scarlet arrives, and finds that the office is, in fact, under attack by large mutated snakes. She joins up with Agent Mila, and... hmmm, why is that cop attacking me? I mean, yeah, I'm an Arachnos Soldier, wearing an Arachnos uniform and snacking on Spiderling Scout cookies as I fight, but... wait, now a businessman is hostile to me as well?
  4. Publish the story when your friends want to play it. Take it down afterwards. Or, give it a description "Fire farm, WIP". it will be buried among the 84832942 other fire farms.
  5. Make a custom group containing the badguys. Make sure the group contains only bosses. Find a small or unique map wherein the spawnpoints for a particular location are all together. Put all of your spawns in that location. For example, the green X's in this map are the front, white the middle, blue the back. If you use this map and set all the encounters to "back", the y will all spawn together in that room. Just make sure the map has at least as many X's as you have mobs.
  6. Of Guns and Asa Ronan - 41018 The level range is 5-15, so Kyksie called up a friend of hers, Scarlet's Web. A low-level Arachnos operative, Scarlet often finds herself short on money for Drenched Donuts and Crunchyroll, so she takes on some odd jobs for extra cash. Their good friend Billy Heck tells her that a Marcone weapons smuggler has gone missing, so the family either wants their money back or his head on a platter, or both. Scarlet ventures boldly into the sewer, and finds the smuggler and his buddies chopped up into little pieces and stuffed into Major Flanders boxes.
  7. I'm not sure. They're not specifically marked as such.
  8. Kyksie

    Electric Armor

    What, am I the only one who refers to set bonuses as 'boners'?
  9. Some maps have 'running screaming people' baked into the map. They can be targeted but not attacked.
  10. Kyksie

    Electric Armor

    If you want to farm, Electric Armor can cap Energy resist easily, and there are Energy farms. Capping S/L is harder but it can be done with Tough and set boners.
  11. Infection From the Isles - 40876 40915 A nice fun arc. The contact is Agent Hahn, who was probably a business major before joining Longbow, because her intro is filled with buzzwords like 'onboard' and 'deep dive'. Supposedly, Arachnos has made a change to the Infected, allowing them to infect others, which would be pretty bad, implying Lord Recluse has been playing lots of L4D and Fortnite. The zombie part of Fortnite, not the battle royale part. The player contains the zombies, meets with Matthew Burke, kicks some Arachnoses, then captures Dr. Creed, shutting down the source of z
  12. If you use a small-ish or unique map, find one with only one spawn point with a particular tag; say, there's only one "middle" point. Put the boss there, then when he's defeated, the Final Form spawns there.
  13. Kyksie

    Electric Armor

    Good resists, a damage aura, a passive 20% recharge bonus, and it keeps your end bar full in several ways.
  14. Pretty good, a few minor spelling and grammar errors.
  15. Yeet - 24206 A week has gone by with no requests for arc reviews, and boredom is beginning to set in. Kyksie has recovered the Liquid Computer and the P.L.O.T. device from the Council several times this week, enough to write a whole arc about a cola machine becoming sentient. Finishing off her Tankburger and Freem Fries from Up-N-Away, she wanders back to the Architect building in Atlas, wiping her greasy hands on her pink leggings. Sighing, she pokes through the latest fire farms, S/L farms, meow farms, and farms with plots, but finds nothing in need of reviewing. As she plucks th
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