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  1. Running a bit low on cash once more, Kyksie drifts back to the Rogue Isles and hooks up with an old 'acquaintance', an ex-Outcast named Bedrock. After a few beers, Bedrock lets her in on a plan to corner the underground tampon racket in Paragon. Hiding in the back of a delivery truck, Kyksie infiltrates the Cotton Pony plant in King's Row, hacks the delivery computer, then proceeds to... ...sigh. I was going to spin a whole tale about how Kyksie sets up her illegal sales and distribution network but is stopped by Mynx and Luminary, but I kinda ran out of inspiration hal
  2. Has potential, needs polish. I'll post a full review when it's done.
  3. Did you autocomplete while in Atlas? In low level zones, ambushes will not appear, to prevent griefing.
  4. Pretty good. The player is told by Wonder Woman Heraclea that baddies are invading Themiscyra New Colchis, go help out. The island is inhabited by a tribe of big, strong warrior women with bulging muscles... in fact, they're so strong and muscle-y that they can complete several of the objectives without the player's help. Then you track down and defeat the big baddie with the aid of some lesbian yodelers. A nice fun adventure.
  5. I'm 100% confident that they're not scammers, in the sense that they really did spend the money on what they said they did, and not hookers and blow. However, I'm also 98% confident that they will not deliver unless they bite the bullet, do another Kickstarter for ~250K, and spend the money on full time coders.
  6. Missions are saved locally as a text file, maybe cut 'n' paste?
  7. Not a bad idea, but 99.9% of people won't use it. I mean, I played on Live from launch until close, and only at one point did one of my characters have 2 billion, and that was only because it was on my bucket list.
  8. Looking for something closer to home, Kyksie recently took a job as night watchperson at M.C. Louis Investments, at their Talos Island office. To pass the long nights, she practices katas, nibbles the occasional cannabis edible, and most of all, listens to NewsAnon, hosted by Tucker Hannity. "Those Rogue Isles liberals! Coming in here and taking our jobs, going on welfare, cutting in line at El Super Mexicano! Where would we be be without the Blasters, Tanks and Scrappers who patrol our streets tirelessly, keeping those libs locked up! And lets all thank our Defenders and Controlle
  9. Played it a month ago, and it sucked. Shooting was blah, the weapons all felt the same. Skill points and perks felt meaningless. The story was incredibly blah, "oh look there's a huge corporation over there and they're really bad, but you can side with them if you really want to."
  10. Have you considered simply removing the Hami buds? They serve no purpose.
  11. I've come to accept that Deity cannot be beaten under normal circumstances. There are some obscure rules setting that let you win, but in the general case it's impossible.
  12. Hmmmm, test of the paladins sounds vaguely familiar, I may have played that.
  13. OMG, I used to love FRUA back in the day and made a dozen terrible, terrible adventures for it. This was back before the internet exploded, so mercifully I didn't inflict them on anyone. I found the site you mentioned half a dozen years ago and have used it as an example of 'why are they still around'. Which were the ones you made? I may have played them.
  14. "Roll call!" Mistress Felicia Morrigan stood behind the podium on the main hall of the League of Extraordinary Yiffers base. Barely contained by the purple silk bustier, her breasts hung almost to touch the dark brazilwood podium before her. The only known catgirl vampire, Felicia possessed an aura of unearthly beauty that mesmerizes everyone around her, just like her bio said. White-furred hands resting softly on the dark wood, she gazed across the wide, sun-dappled hall. "Here!" exclaimed Dolly, leaning against one of the white marble pillars that ran in twin rows down the room.
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