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  1. The computer I had back then died hard, and all my files with it. Screenshots galore...lost beyond recall. *cries* I brought it to the local computer shop...they were able to retrieve about half my data, but CoH was part of the section they couldn't get anything usable from.
  2. Do you have a player/character that you loved hanging out with in CoH...but for whatever reason you just can't remember their name anymore? I have a few I've been wracking my brains over...but one in particular is driving me nuts. My fav alt, Pepto Princess, met and fell in love with a purple guy who made illusions. They initially started talking because she's all pink. he was all purple.... Even got their superhero groups together for a combined party! But this all happened during the last year of CoH, I knew him for a few months, and both the global and character names have disappeared from my brain. :( Hard to find someone when you don't know who they are!
  3. Seriously hoping for a fix for this...she's just floating there, taunting me....unplayable and undeletable.
  4. I have found that laptops with AMD processors (not intel!) run CoH beautifully. I have tested this with the AMD 9, without a GPU and on a laptop with AMD Ryzen 3 and an AMF Radeon GPU. Both run the game clean, good graphics, no issues except what everyone posts as temp server issues. I can't speak for any other systems... but I'm happy to have found this, so I thought I'd share. (And yes, I just bought a new laptop specifically to play CoH. I consider it my ticket home.) HUGE thanks to everyone that tried to help me find just the right laptop to run the game and fit my budget. It was a big ask, and you all came through with great advice. Extra special thanks to @Tolrick who went _way_ out of his way to hunt through websites, talk to tech support personal, and virtually held my hand the whole way. You're the absolute best! If anyone else is looking for a new laptop, I hope this helps you out!!
  5. I don't think there was any option for a separate video card with these. They're pretty cheap, for a laptop, but I can't afford an actual _gaming_ laptop...and since I only play this game I'd feel a little ridiculous spending that much money even if I had it.
  6. It won't delete. That's the problem. It will not select to be deleted.
  7. Ummm….and these are integrated? Which ones? All? Seriously, I know nothing.
  8. #2 and #3 are only $50 apart (they're both on sale for the next 3 days), so either would be affordable if one is significantly better than the other. Salesman was trying to push #4 hard, and it's the most expensive. Thank you all so very much for helping me!!!
  9. I know nothing of tech. My knowledge stopped in the late 90s, and even then I was more software than hardware. I need to buy a laptop to be able to play my beloved CoH, but budget is mega limited. SO, I found a couple options I can squeak by with...but I don't trust salesman to be honest. Pretty please, if you understand the difference between processors, etc, look at the specs below and tell me what one you would recommend so I can play CoH again!!! I'd really like to know the minimum I can get away with and what one would be best on the below list. Thank you soo much!!!! All have 1 TB hard drive and Windows 10 1) AMD Ryzen 3 processor, 8GB memory 2) Intel 8th Gen i3-8130U processor, 8GB memory 3) Intel 8th Gen i5-8250U processor, 8GB memory 4) Intel Pentium Gold 5405U processor, 4GB memory *crossing fingers at least one of these is good enough* Btw, outside of CoH, I occasionally play Left4Dead on steam. That's it. Otherwise I just write the obligatory unpublished novel and the (rarely) published poetry, and of course do email and page browsing. I was getting by with just my tablet until CoH came back online!!!
  10. I was making a character and pressed to enter the game, when I got kicked out. I went back in and the character is in the list, but without any icon (star) next to her name and if I click on her it gives an error message that I'm an invalid player or some such. It won't let me play or delete the character. I just get the error. So she's floating in limbo. I know this happened sometimes back in the day, but it never happened to me and I don't know how to fix it.
  11. TaxiBot!!! You were my inspiration for SeviceBot...my Alt that would sit around and run newly spawned characters through the sewers and teach new players how to roleplay in a PuG!
  12. *bouncyhappydance* Here! I'm here! Proud member of Gods of the Golden Age, All Star Teen Sentinels, and Galaxy Legion and Founder/Leader of Knights of Camelot!
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