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  1. OK, this guys rocks...NO pun intended...well kind of 😛 But this is an awesome concept. Nice job Mjolnerd! 😁
  2. Thanks Tech right! Appreciate the comment 🙂 And, yeah, as you can see with my other characters (link below the picture), I try to keep them fairly clean in design, though Al American is probably the cleanest. I also try to stick with two main colors, not always, but most of the time. I will sometimes throw in a third color on say a small item such as a belt or a chest emblem.
  3. Created a new design (4th one...haha) for my invul/tank AL American 🙂 The other designs are here:
  4. Yeah, might be a little much for some groups that I get into...haha...😋
  5. Thanks again Archer! 🙂 And yea I was pretty pleased with how he turned out.
  6. THANKS Archer! 😃 (he's actually an Alien in a power suit, but close enough...😜...going to post bio's of all these on the RP pages)
  7. ZERO-SAN 5000 - Dual wiled Katana Scrapper Sun Fall - Kinetic Scrapper Aurora Phaze - Gravity Controller/Healer
  8. Al American - Invul Tanker JAG 13 - Old fashioned blapper 😉
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