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  1. Here you go! Hopefully I linked it right was on break!!!!
  2. There is an amazing poison guide in the defender forums. I think you should take a look at it it will tell you all you need to know. If I get time I will link it for you
  3. Thanks, from the look of it it is similar to mine but once I get home I can check it out further
  4. Nice builds darkir! As my first corruptor I went fire/dark/dark and I love it. I am level 50+ but still working on build. I have one that I run but am curious to see yours. Would you mind posting it? And are you able to solo 4x8 and AVs? I am not full Incarnate shifted yet but run on 2x8 going to try 4 soon!
  5. Yes it was haha. I just leveled my widow and pimped her out but I could not survive on +4X8. Not sure why but I could imagine a lot of things. How would you compare Kheldians to Widow(Fortunata).
  6. Are you playing more PB or WS on homecoming?
  7. Thanks, I actually reference your old builds all the time haha!
  8. What about Thugs/Poison or Beast/Sonic? Have anyone tried these combos?
  9. I am currently working on a Thugs/Poison and wanted to get some feedback from others who use poison. I remember it being an active set but don’t remember how good it actually was. I am looking to solo difficult settings with it.
  10. I see you four slotted Vengeance, why is this if you are doing solo? I am just curious if there is somewhere else to put those defense enhancement to raise the defense. Thanks for posting this build it looks awesome!
  11. Man, I really appreciate the time and hard work you put into this guide. It has made me love ninja's even more than I did before which was a lot already haha. As far as Incarnate abilities which ones do you run with? I started working on mine and I have Support, Barrier, Degenerative, Pyronic, Musculature. You probably already answered this question but I can not remember if I read it or which post. I also wanted to know what settings you usually run ninjas on, because I know the key is to not overwhelm them with too much so I have been running 1X4.
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