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  1. Darn, I was coming to the forums in the hopes of finding exactly this build. Or at least some pointers. Anyone have anything worked up yet?
  2. Add me to the "baby is annoying and interfering with gameplay because I can't get through doors" votes. Not being able to dismiss was a bad call. Mandatory fun never is. I'll do marketing today and play something else.
  3. Oh darn, I was hopeful for you. And for my ability to do builds on my work computer, but I was going to let you go first.
  4. I would like to see what PB does to my -other- powers though, and what my defense numbers will be. Yes, I can hack through it. I can also just do the math by hand. I was wondering if I was missing the way to show the updates that are in testing for PB/Fade using this update to Mids. This is sounding like I'm not, and that hopefully that change will hit when the update goes into the live game?
  5. Yes, and this is still showing PB affecting Fade. I want to update my build without that effect.
  6. This is so awesome! Thank you so much! Probably a me thing, but I'm not seeing how to get the changes to Fade's interactions with Power Boost to show up. Are they in? Where should I find them? /Dark control.
  7. Seconding Ill/dark being oodles of fun. It's very busy, Perma PA, soul abortion, power boosted Fade, get pets back out and on and on. You're active and monitoring what's up and what you need to re-up next. It's control through chaos and I love it.
  8. I only have an Nvidia card, and have been able to play the game fine until today, but I'm now getting this error - any help? I'm on an HP Omen. Edited: Fixed it - my computer forgot it had a video card at all, or something. Once that got ironed out CoH works fine.
  9. I'm considering a storm/sonic, this is really helpful, thanks!
  10. I'm going to toss in a vote for "not emp" as well. I'm in love with my plant/kin, but that style goes well with me. Plant/nature looks great, but I haven't played both sets together. Emp is great, but it's busy and new players fall into a trap of thinking it's about healing. If she's sold on it, just don't let her take absorb pain. Regardless of what sets she takes, controllers benefit from as much recharge as you can stuff in them. Hopefully she'll be mass confusing mobs entangled in carrion creepers to her hearts content regardless of secondary.
  11. Tweaking/Updating Citadel would be great, and I wouldn't mind the others being given a brush up as well. But I love the city tour aspect of Numina. Maybe I'm sentimental, but "touch every part of the city you protect" delights me. I could see revamping it to have the tour be the task force - include more zones and expand the tour sense while getting rid of more of the missions leading up to it.
  12. I play by mood. But is can usually make myself useful and welcomed with my dark/dark def, plant/kin troll, or fire/time Corr. Dark plays as smoothly as it ever has, people who don't love Fulcrum Shift go to the bad place, and... well... Fire Time is just a bag of good tricks for all occasions. The corruptor has branched out to have controller and blaster variants, so it's Fire Time! whenever anyone wants.
  13. Fire/Dark looks good, Fire/Kin is a classic for a reason. I have an incarnate Fire/Time and she's so much fun. Hot feet + time's juncture, distortion field + bonfire with knock down, farsight + imps, and two single target holds for telling even AVs to sit down makes for a fun time. She's softcapped for S/L defense and perma Chronoshift, she makes high powered, fast moving teams very safe. She can control just swaths of mobs, wading into the middle of one group while bonfiring another. She is an endurance hog - I may have to retune a bit to get the endurance issue ironed out, right now she's aimed at recharge and damage and survivability more than efficiency.
  14. I run about a TF a day (or more) with a mix of old friends and new. I mostly play squishies/support, so I'm always happy when a tank shows up (or a team built brute who can and will taunt wanderers off of me.) I like balanced teams - so someone to stand in front and start the fights, some solid sources of buffs/debuffs/damage. As long as a team has at least one of those, it'll do okay. Mostly, I like people who have built for team support more than people who have built for themselves alone. Teams where the leadership toggles start up and start taking up a whole row let me know that we're going to roll whatever it is. I get a little leery of the ATs that tend to attract more "I don't need any of you" types - scrappers, MMs, some brutes? Because they have a tendency to zip off and get dead somewhere else, then attract some poor support squishy trying to save them who will also get dead. I have done all of the tauntless PUG ITFs I plan to do ever. Rommy runs too much. Other than that and things where ATs affect outcomes (LGTF needs some source of ranged/control/melee for the mini Hami, Cuda as described above) I'll try almost anything with almost any team that is game for the experience. A team of all controllers can roll content as well as a balanced team - but the experience is going to be different. People who want to speed run and people who want to kill most are going to have a tough time on the same team. I'll usually be happy either way, though I tend toward kill most, but I don't like being on a team where people are crabby with each other. Recruit the player, not the AT is a big thing. Communicate about what you want and how you intend to get there, find like minded folks and go get it. This game is not a delicate ballet of ATs, its a fun romp with lots of available options to enjoy. Play characters that fit with your personal style and that you enjoy.
  15. I'm just finishing a Fire/Time and I'm really liking it. Time's Juncture + Hot Feet is fun. Bonfire (turned to knockdown) + Dispersion Field is hilarious. Imps + Energy Fonts make for an active battlefield where nothing is shooting at you. Endurance is an issue, though I'm still getting things slotted and hoping perma Chronoshift and my last few recovery bonuses will fix that. Incarnates may have to patch some of it too.
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