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  1. As a person who has found a (newer) love for the Tanker AT, thank you for putting this into words I can understand. Most of it is common sense, I guess, but being able to read and visualize it at the same time, helped greatly. I too have quite a bit of Tanks in the clubhouse. They are easy to get a team with, but more importantly for me, easy to run mish after mish without the need of teaming. I try to "practice" while soloing also. I always try to let the team know that I'm new(er) at the AT but I'm always trying to get better. After reading this, my biggest problem is going to the next
  2. Yes. I made up builds with Cross Punch and it does look like a great alternative. It's one of those things that you'll have to decide on just what attacks you want to roll with. More single, kill one faster, or (help to) widdle away at a handful, lol. The "problem" I have/had doing builds is, it's hard finding inhan slots for CP or where would you take them out to put them there? And then there's the can of worms with "Taunt". I know it works, playing this toon the whole way up, It seems to work really well keeping or pulling aggro, no matter the TF or lvl. Just don't know if it TRUELY n
  3. one more thing. Looking at both builds side by side, cant figure out why one has WAY more +Acc then the other. I can't find any +Acc adds in the first build to skyrocket the numbers. Maybe I did something very wrong on the second? Can't see me hitting much of nothing @ +4/8 and at 150%(ish) Acc. lol
  4. Thanks for the compliment on the name! I really appreciate it. I had some time this afternoon and whipped this "offensive" minded build for her. This would be a more "on my own" build, with more attacks, but also have the +Res capped most of the time and (some) DEF pretty high as well. looks "fun". your two cents would be really appreciated on this one as well. I'm not sure if I'm using sets correctly. You can always move sets around, I get that, but just trying to not have to respec too often. Also, maybe you can help me with a part of the game I have not even looked at (for fear
  5. Fellow Tankers, I'm asking for help on an Inv/Rad build. I'd really like this to be my everyday, get on and go AT. I've started her as an 801 idea of an endgame Tank but realize, for me that I'm probably not going to be the Tanker that people would expect me to be (in those UPPER, UPPER level ones). That said, playing the AT from the beginning to currently Vet level 8, I'm learning and getting better with each TF I run. Not trying to be one of the best, but really just doing my job and helping to move everyone forward safely, lol. The (problem) situation I have is, I REALLY like to solo m
  6. Hello all. I'm asking for help today to give me every little thing I can get out of my new toy. Her name is Goldirocks =) A little background on me and my toys, she is my sixth Brute 50, all but one is IO'd out to the best of my ability through Mids. I seem to make one, farm with it, get the four major accolades, do TF's with them and have a little fun before moving on to my next creation I know it sounds cruel, but I do go back and play with them all. I put as much inf into all of them so inf is not an issue whatsoever. i'm not trying to brag, I just REALLY love to farm, it's calmi
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