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  1. +1 This is a good idea; there needs to be some kind of incentive to get Non-PvPers into PvP.
  2. Global: @Jiyo, @Nojiyo Aliases: Nojiyo, Jiyo, Gelato PvP Builds (All Fully IO'd): -Ice/Plant Blaster -Dark/TA Blaster -Psy/Plant Blaster -Spines/Regen Scrapper -Poison/Dark Defender -Ice/Nature Corruptor -Ice/EA Stalker -Psy/Rad Stalker -(More coming soon, will edit)
  3. I vaguely remember you from back in the day, I joined up as Doctor Grass shortly after you passed the reins off to Alpha. Oh double snap! I was Flaming Fed - Fire/Dev blaster on TA's Red Team way back when! My global is @Fed Wow Grass and Fed?? Hi I'm @Mystic Burst from Twilight Avengers Now playing on Indomitable (PvP Server, ofc), new global is @Jiyo
  4. Hey there, so today we’ll be getting you the 4 passive accolade bonuses. This includes Portal Jockey/Born In Battle, Atlas Medallion/Marshal, Task Force Commander/Invader, and Freedom Phalanx Reserve/High Pain Threshold. You only need to be level 50, no other prerequisites. There are a few ways to get some faster if you have certain missions/contact, but this will be a fully self sufficient guide to getting all 4 passive accolades all on your own. Why would you want these accolades? They give you passive buffs to HP and END all the time. Crucial for PvP and always useful for PvE. You can get a
  5. This is dope. Could also schedule some matches on Sat/Sun to make it like a PPV event with the kickball lol. Think about it... Kickball to warm up then watch a bunch of 1v1s after and commentate in the discord. I'm a fan of ufc so that's what I'm picturing here hahahaha.
  6. What are the rules on incarnates? Of course it's an honor system but we doing no incarns? t1s?
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