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  1. Neat idea! Makes me wonder what other “default” popmenus can be customized like this? Specifically I’ve always wanted to customize the one that pops up when you click on a player name in chat.
  2. I get that, but PDH is relatively controlled and the turrets don't react to the dropship at all. If MSR recruiting took 5 minutes I'd be OK with it, but it usually takes much longer to recruit (which is already not fun) and it's just not fun getting randomly killed. There's a couple of places to hide at PDH, but that doesn't feel especially heroic. And before someone mentions LFG, I know it's there and it's probably not an issue there. I'm in that camp of people who prefers to run MSRs that everyone can participate in.
  3. Was not confident I could spell it correctly when I posted, so I went for the abbreviation. 🤪
  4. Any chance we can remove whatever route the drop ship takes that allows it to zap people waiting at PDH? That's not especially fun.
  5. We got 24 Masterminds together for an MSR today on Everlasting. Will try again on down the road to see if we can get more.
  6. We ended up with 24 MMs in the league of 48, so pretty good, I think. As far as I can tell the servers didn't melt. We may try this again in the future and see if we can get even more MMs!
  7. Not a lot of interest shown here, but I’m going to go for it anyway. If we can’t get a full league we’ll invite others with pets, then fill in as best we can. Pass the word.
  8. OK, misunderstood. The thread is about changing the base entrance direction, so when I read you could rotate the plot I thought that would change the rooms with it. In the case of this particular base it would be a huge PITA to move the rooms around - as I understand it I would need to take everything off the walls. Guess I'll just deal with the minor inconvenience of coming in facing the wrong direction.
  9. I did search the thread, but I didn't read through 8 pages to see if this has been asked for already. Sorry if it's a duplicate. I'd like NPCs that can cheer, wave fist, victory, etc.
  10. No definite time yet, but I wanted to see if there is interest in doing a MM only Rikti Mothership Raid this coming Friday? Probably around 1pm Central. And, yes, legend tells of servers from the olden days going up in smoke at the mere mention of such a thing. I asked about this previously in a more general setting here: Who is interested?
  11. I replied here: To restate, I misunderstood what you were looking for. Major changes like gender, body build, etc. currently do not have an NPC in place for base use that I am aware of. However, you can adjust some items with your character, which is what I thought were you asking about. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. I think I see where the disconnect is here. I misunderstood what you were wanting to do. Yes, you can make *some* changes to height, body, etc., but not major changes like gender, body build, and so on. I'm uploading a video right now that perhaps helps. Again, it appears to me that Icon and Facemaker do the same thing, they just look different. But neither can provide the cosmetic type of changes you are asking about. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. I just placed a Facemaker NPC in my base to check, and I was, in fact, able to adjust height, body, etc. For what it is worth, I could do the same stuff with an Icon NPC, so I'm guessing these are just interchangeable? Maybe there is some reason your character could not adjust height, body, etc. Level, perhaps?
  14. ElPuerco

    MSR & 64-Bit

    For what it is worth, I've run several MSRs recently on the 64 bit client with no crashes. If I do back-to-back MSRs I do get much more of a slideshow on the second run, but still no crash.
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