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  1. I’ve found that if you kill Hau, then at the very end allow Sigil and Kadabra to die, you get an easier fight against a Ravager and a couple of wimps. But you get to the fight quicker if you select neither will die today. So if you’re not finishing as fast as you like maybe try that. But, yes, you can skip Hua but I think that changes the last fight.
  2. Am I the only one who would like to see FEWER powers to click? Like Omega could let you basically create powers by combining 2-3 other powers to fire at the same time or something? (some restrictions apply, of course)
  3. Has anyone had success running this on a Chromebook? I can't imagine the performance would be great, but I do have a spare Chromebook sitting here, so....
  4. When you left click on a player name in a chat window, you get a popup with several options like sending them a message, inviting them to team, etc. I would REALLY love for this menu to include Target. Thinking of league play where someone is asking for a TP, or rez, or whatever, and trying to find their player name among the 48 names in 2 point font in the league window. Then you could click on the player name, select Target, then do whatever you need to do. Is this a popmenu in a pigg file somewhere that can be edited and placed in the data folder somehow?
  5. Good luck. i don’t trust NCsoft any further than my Empathy Defender can throw them.
  6. The salvage racks in my base have only very small, clickable areas - consistent across all the racks. I normally have to aim for the bottom shelf, to the right of whatever is on that shelf, in order for the cursor to turn into a blue hand so I can actually pull up the contents. Similar thing with some "mission doors" - specifically the redside "jump in the copter" kind of door where you actually need to click on a space at the bottom of the ladder. Not only is the area very small for me, but I have to be at just the right angle. It is usually very challenging for me to enter those missions. I recently upped my pointer size to 150%, but that doesn't seem to affect this at all. I have the same issue across all of my characters, and I don't really have a second machine available to compare. Is there a setting someone to fix something like this? Any ideas appreciated.
  7. The only list of options for WindowName I could find is here: https://web.archive.org/web/20120904185052/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?t=116730 Are there any additional ones that have been added? I'd love to tweak the auction house window.
  8. Thanks for the (often friendly) options. I did try FRAPS but it didn't work for me, for whatever reason. OBS worked perfectly. I seem to remember using FRAPS back before the game was shutdown, though, so not sure why it doesn't work for me now.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware the packs were available there. I’m doing my part now to crash the economy, just like Mr. Robot!
  10. Thanks for the additional suggestions! I added a video to the original post showing me solo it in 15:30 with an Empathy Defender, distractions, and a couple mapserver issues. Hope it is helpful!
  11. Can anyone recommend a free screen recorder that works with CoH? I've tried the built in Win10 recorder, but it says my hardware is not compatible. I've tried several others, as well, and they don't actually capture the game. Thanks!
  12. I was in a Rikti mothership raid last night, and a couple of players bailed because someone else was running a BAF and they "needed the iSalvage." I shared this tip with them and they were surprised, so I thought I would share it with you here, as well. You can repeat the Heather Townshend arc (Burden of the Past) in Dark Astoria multiple times, and each time choose an incarnate component at the end as a reward. It says you have to wait 20 hours before selecting it again, but much like the Summer Blockbuster Double Feature, this is not true. You can run the arc again and pick up another component at the end. It's a roll, of course, so you're more likely to get common than uncommon, etc. But you can and will get rare and even very rare drops from this arc. And, you can probably solo it in about 15 minutes (or less) once you get the hang of speeding through it. Keep in mind this is all about the salvage, not getting XP or threads. Mothership raids can get you those if you're trying to do this quickly. And, honestly - don't do it quickly if you've never done it before. No telling how long we'll have COH this time, so enjoy all the arcs you can first. There are 4 missions to the Heather Townshend arc, and here is how you can speed through them. You can go to Oro and use any of the pillars to start the arc, then click again on the pillar to get transported to the contact. You can also run these from your base if you place a Pillar of Ice and Flame there. Mission 1 If you teleported here, turn around 180 degrees and go to the mission. It's a cave. Talk to Sigil and click through the dialog until she runs away. Zip through the winding caves ignoring everyone until you find the spot marked on the map. There will be a cowering character here surrounded by lots of bodies. Click on her and zip through the dialog. She'll get eaten by something from Super Mario, then zip through to the next point on the map. You'll finally arrive at an angel looking character - the Knives of Vengeance assassin. Ignore anyone else here, just blow her up as quickly as you can and exit the mission. [*]Mission 2 You'll need to talk to Heather, but it's on your way to the next mission anyway. Just click through the dialog and move on. This one takes place is an abandoned office. First off, you're looking for 3 Knives of Vengeance assassins. There will be 4 total in the mission - you can ignore the one at the end of a hallway interrogating someone. The rest are randomly scattered, but you'll learn where they appear. You will have at least 1 and maybe 2 on the first level, and at least 1 on the second level of the building. Find them, blow them up along with the other NPCs with them to collect the 3 clues you need. All you need to do now is find Sigil and Kadabra on the very bottom level of the building. They're having a domestic dispute, so let them sort that out. If you are a MM, you can set your pets to GOTO a spot directly behind Kadabra, about halfway to the wall, and set them to aggressive during this time. After they finish their argument and other knives come in and go, you'll have 2 waves of bad guys come at you. If you are a MM and you placed your pets as I described, they will be all over it. Otherwise, kill off the waves as quickly as you can and go talk to Sigil again to exit the mission. [*]Mission 3 If you are savvy, you can fly to where you know the next mission will take place and hit R as you go, then quickly call Heather to get the mission assignment. Otherwise, just call Heather, get the mission, and head out. First, endure the little argument all these guys have, then talk to Hua Tov. Tell him you're an incarnate, and that he should bring it on, and blow him off the face of the map. Head to the doors behind him. There are 3 items to touch, and a Ancestral Warden and company to defeat. The 3 items are randomly placed on the map, but you quickly learn where they probably are. There is ALWAYS at least one at the very end of the map. There could be 1 or 2 at the intersection as you come in - if there are two at the intersection, ignore the hallway to your left and fly straight to the end of the map. Otherwise, 1 or 2 may be in the hallway to your left. Blow up whoever you need to so you can awkwardly touch the glowies without interruption. At the end of the map you'll find the Ancestral Warden and at least a couple of henchmen. Blow them all up. If you need the final glowie just fly around this area till you find it. Exit the mission. [*]Mission 4 You can call Heather and head to this mission, which is very close to the mission you just left. Ignore everything and fly to the very end of the map. If memory serves, at the rooms you will go RIGHT, RIGHT, fly up the stairs and zip along the wall until you find the tunnel, LEFT, the STRAIGHT and STRAIGHT again. You'll learn the map with repetition, especially as you identify some wayfinding points to help you remember. You should end up in a room with Sigil, Kadabra, and a lot of Knives of Vengeance. If you are a MM, position your pets in the middle of the circle of Knives before you talk to Tempest. I always select that both are not dying today, but I don't know if the others would provide a speedier end to the mission. This fight for my level shifted incarnate MM literally takes about 5 seconds, but expect it to be tougher if you are just getting started as an incarnate. Talk to Sigil and then you're golden. You should get your time for the Oro run, and as a +3 level shifted MM I can consistently do the run in 15 minutes. I think my record is 12 minutes and change. Expect it to take longer when you are starting out and improve as you learn the maps and become more powerful. As I said, select the incarnate salvage component (I hope you get Very Rares each time!), talk to Heather to close out the arc and get an SO as a reward, then repeat. The text will say you can select the incarnate salvage only once every 20 hours, but that's not true - just run the arc again and you can select this again, and again, and again. I haven't tried it with a group to see if it goes faster. And, of course, certain builds will manage it better than others, but pre-shutdown I would routinely run this every morning with my Empath Defender and finish in the same amount of time once level shifted. I've found Ion Judgement settles a lot of arguments. :) Have fun out there! Hope this helps. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Heather_Townshend NEW! - Video proof of me running this in 15:30 with an Empathy Defender and a couple of Mapserver errors!
  13. I’m all for increasing the caps on the bins. I’d also like to see that done with transporters. I’m a minimalist and why have 5 transporter pads when just 1 will do? Likewise, can we get an O portal as a base item?
  14. Maybe there's a reason we can't do this, or at least not do it now... but why can't we simply multiply the monthly anticipated expense by 12 and just do 1 fundraising effort to cover for a year? Non-profit organizations typically have just 1 big fundraiser each year, though they may have other smaller ones throughout the year to augment operating costs or add new services. Perhaps some are still nervous the game isn't "here to stay" - which I get - but when we solicit the annual donation we just say that if anything happens the excess funds are dispersed to Doctors Without Borders (or whatever) after all final bills are paid.
  15. On “Edit Tab” add the ability to EXCLUDE or HIGHLIGHT messages with certain keywords. For instance, you can make an LFG tab that excludes all messages containing “DFB” but highlight any messages that contain “BAF”. HIGHLIGHTing might include some kind of pop up message, perhaps the same kind used for “Level Up!” In the sense that it appears on the screen, then fades down to the chat windows. HIGHLIGHTing could also make the message stand out in, say, gold, or maybe with a background? Also, would love to see some ability to tag another character in a message. Like “Please invite @player name@.” The tag would become clickable in the same way the sender name is now, assuming what is between the @ is a valid character name. Lastly, kind of picky, but I wish we had a “Chat Font Size” between 12 and 13. I’m older now and need something larger than 12, but have to stick with 13 even though it’s really bigger than I like.
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