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  1. No one took up my challenge regarding SnakeTail, so I set out to do something myself. WHY? Honestly, it's getting a little tough for me to read the smaller print in chat, unless I am willing to blow it up and maybe sacrifice game space or get a giant monitor. I started looking for ways to have all the stuff from chat that I was interested in to be displayed on a second monitor, along the way filtering out lines I don't care about and highlighting keywords in lines I do. I decided to share it with the community in case others find it useful, or want to add or improve fun
  2. I don't lead UG or MoM, but here are some thoughts: As someone who leads leagues often, if I see someone post to LFG that they are looking for something I typically run, that has a big impact on what I choose to run. So, if you are online and looking for UG or MoM, maybe post to LFG that you are looking for that. Friend or global friend league leaders you know will run what you are looking for. If you see them online, ask what they are running and if they will be running what you want later. Lead one yourself! Trust me, even very recently I had to tell a group of Market Crash
  3. If you are a programmer and care to look at it, I would love to see a version of SnakeTail that could better support COHs "Log Chat" feature by allowing you to filter out lines you don't care to see. The source code for SnakeTail is available at https://github.com/snakefoot/snaketail-net/releases. If there is a better FREE program for this already, please let me know. I know that Herostats could monitor feeds like this for combat data, but I don't know of a way to use it for this purpose - if it's even still being worked on. I use SnakeTail on a second monitor to tail m
  4. Under "Pick Style" I'd like "Transparent" as an option, so it would function kind of like "Open to Sky" for ceilings. Also, for "Room Section" I would love a new selection above the top ceiling called Max, Infinite, or whatever. Seems like a more difficult task to implement, though, and probably breaks lots of other stuff. In short, without having to deal with the whole building above/below base thing, I would like to be able to create a room that is confined but looks like it has no ways, and that I can fly around in without the option to fly outside and around the bas
  5. No, that has to do with keeping the servers running, which I hope all of us would support and have an interest in the outcome. Why just *this* community event, though? There are others (possibly of similar size), every day. I'm not bothered by text showing up in my window, so much as text being forced into ALL my windows for a costume contest while I'm running, or participating in, something else entirely. I'm willing to acknowledge I may be missing something here, but on Ex it is not uncommon for community events to run multiple times every day that p
  6. Why do advertisements for the monthly costume contest merit being forcibly shoved into every chat window we have? As far as I know, we don't do that for any other event in the game. I acknowledge there are potentially "big cash prizes" for participating in a cc, but last time I saw this going on I only saw 50 people in KW. We don't advertise like this for Hami's or MSRs, which draw similar numbers of people. Maybe the attendance is normally greater than that, and maybe the "big cash prizes" is a huge draw, I don't know. I feel a rant coming on, so I will stop and see if
  7. Had this late contribution over the weekend:
  8. Sometimes, something magical happens in MSRs. How it began: And how it went from there: Thanks for making MSRs fun, guys!
  9. Bump! This is TODAY - a little less than 6 hours from now. Hoping to start with a full league this time.
  10. Someone tripped on a cable in the bowl.
  11. This will be an All Mastermind Rikti Mothership Raid in Rikti Warzone. The League Leader will be Boy Band. This event is for Masterminds ONLY, please. All levels are welcome. Please broadcast in zone for an invite - private tells are problematic, especially if you are out of zone, and broadcasting allows other team leaders in the league to help me by inviting you. I am planning one, and only one, run. FAQ Q: Why are you doing this on a Tuesday night? A: Because of reasons that may or may not be discussed at that time. Q: I'm not a Mastermind, but c
  12. Am I the only one who would at least like to have the option to alphabetize these, rather than listing by side and level?
  13. Thanks to everyone for their hard work on this big update!
  14. I played on Protector, mostly as some form of Medibot (Medibot 3Gs, Medibot Dark, Meditbot mini, etc.). I also played "Oklahoma" (not "Oklahoman" as I do now).
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