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  1. I played on Protector, mostly as some form of Medibot (Medibot 3Gs, Medibot Dark, Meditbot mini, etc.). I also played "Oklahoma" (not "Oklahoman" as I do now).
  2. Releasing Downsized
  3. For those who may be watching - I understand the daily MSRs are canceled for the next couple of days, but since I've been advertising this event at this time, I hate to change it at the last moment. If I can (no promises), I will step in for the daily runs today as Oklahoman, then switch to Boy Band for the scheduled all MM MSR.
  4. Did I miss something? I'm not finding the Rikti targeting dummies in the RWZ base.
  5. This will be an All Mastermind Rikti Mothership Raid in Rikti Warzone, followed by an All Mastermind BAF iTrial in Ouroboros. The League Leader will be Boy Band. These events are for Masterminds ONLY, please. Recruitment for the MSR will start in RWZ1 following the completion of the regularly scheduled afternoon MSRs,. All levels are welcome. Recruitment for the BAF will happen in Ouroboros following the MSR, roughly an hour or so later. Please broadcast in zone for an invite - private tells are problematic, especially if you are out of zone, and broadcasting allows other team leaders in the league to help me by inviting you. FAQ Q: I'm not a Mastermind, but can I participate? A: No. Q: You know you are a classist, right? A: Yes, for these 2 runs out of the month. For all the other events I run during the month, not so much. Q: You know I can summon more pets than a Mastermind, right? A: Yes, and I'm just so happy for you. Q: Masterminds suck! A: That's not a question. Q: Yeah, well, that's not an answer, either! A: /gignore *.*
  6. So, this is a hard decision for me, but I have decided to drop the name Boy Band on Everlasting. I've been sitting on the name in case I decided to move him back there, but it's pretty clear to me now that I am not going to, and I would like the name to be available to someone else who can use it. I could just drop it and post it in the drop name thread, which is probably what I should do, but as weird as it sounds I would like to know it has found a good home. I dread the thought that the name might end up on the 3rd page of someone's alt list. I recognize this is likely a sign I need to up my weekly therapy appointments. For those who don't know, Boy Band was probably my second level 50, and he ran a lot of MSR "benefit concerts" on Everlasting. I love the community on Everlasting and had a lot of fun roleplaying him with you guys. But I hit a point where I wasn't getting to play as much as I would like, so I moved all my characters to a more populated server so that when I could get on there was something going on. If you are interested in using the name (preferably as a Mastermind), I would also hand over the supergroup Atlas Records to you, including the associated base (ROCK-10368), which you would be free to do with as you like. My preference would be an active player who enjoys roleplaying. Not looking for anything in return other than an assurance the name will be put to good use. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks, Everlasting!
  7. Just a quick thanks to everyone who came out to the MM only MSR yesterday. We ended up with a full league of masterminds right at the end. I'm hoping next time we do it we can have a full league start-to-finish. Speaking of next time, I am looking at Saturday, October 3 following the completion of Docs regular runs and any costume contest or dog and pony show that might be going on around that time. Most likely I will start recruiting at about 4:30pm CT.
  8. Here are the ones I use for BAF, MoDD, MoLAM & sLAM, and MSRs. baf.mnu dd.mnu lambda.mnu msr.mnu
  9. Checked it out today - looks great! Curious how you got the letters in the portals to spin.
  10. Thanks to everyone who came out for this! We had 40 MASTERMINDS in the league at the end, which is really not bad for a first run at this. I only got 24 MMs the first time I tried this on Everlasting. Next time I want 48 start to finish!
  11. Bumping as a reminder - 5pm Central TODAY. Help spread the word! Look for LFG announcements when recruiting starts. I'll first be looking for 50+1's to be team leaders, probably about 10-15 mins ahead of the kickoff time.
  12. In addition to the MSR kill shot mentioned earlier, on Everlasting I use to announce a "lucky caller #7 with the phrase that pays" radio sort of thing for MSR recruiting. I've tried it a couple of times on Ex, but it hasn't happened yet because either there wasn't enough interest in an MSR at that particular time, or it was obvious people were just dropping in to try to get the cash and then drop out of the league. But it's a fun thing to do when everyone is being cool about it. Occasionally, I like to take my 50s down to Atlas and join or run some DFBs, and I give a reward for the kill shot on Tinder. Shout out to Yatman who was playing 20 questions for a cash prize on two of my MSRs yesterday!
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