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  1. Yeah, we don't do optimism here. 😆 Back to your original thought about cross-server play, from a technical perspective when I've seen something like this mentioned in the past the response was (1) we don't have a good way to manage the same character name being present multiple times in the same trial, and (2) LFG sux and no one wants to touch the code. I recall it being mentioned that moving to a character name structure that somehow embeds and hides your global (I think Champions does this?) might work, because then "Oklahoman.Hero Dude" can be different than your Her
  2. I feel your pain. I chuckle when I advertise an MSR and then see the ad scroll out of my LFG window by people asking for a farm. Like, why sit in a farm and do nothing when you can come punch Rikti and tell dad jokes, but whatevs. I try to keep 2 things in mind. First, despite how I feel about the farming chatter, my leagues always fill. Well, 9.9 times out of 10. People who are looking to play will scroll back through LFG and find my post. Second, we have absolutely no guarantee the game will be here tomorrow. If being PL'd brings you some sort of joy, go for it, I say. Gratz on y
  3. Yes, they do. OK, fine. I *think* the scheduled ones start in The Hive and maybe move to The Abyss. My best advice for people is to start using /search around the start time to see where it appears there is a build up of players.
  4. The event calendar doesn't include the nightly Hami raid at, like, 8/9pm Central? (He said, with no confidence whatsoever.) That's pretty consistent, and they rarely need to advertise for it because people just show up. In addition to that and the calendar, there are frequent Hami's and MSRs throughout the week as league leaders like myself have time and energy to do them. I run MSR's several nights a week at 10pm Central, though I may start earlier - I don't have any kind of schedule for that at all. Welcome to Ex! See you soon!
  5. Definitely a lot of room here for big improvement, I think.
  6. Had success on 2 out of 3 Triple Threat runs recently, and wanted to share what we did. This is via chat only - not using Discord or TeamSpeak. I only use 50+3's for this, and I mix the teams up as best I can. Sometimes, 11 blasters show up and you do your best. During the Kill 250 IDF phase, make this announcement in league: Just before all 250 IDF are killed (arrested?) make this announcement in league: The biggest change was this - when the league approaches 10%, 5%, and 2% on the AVs, make these announcements as appropriate BOTH in league AND reque
  7. I mentioned this idea in another thread, thought I would break it out here. I think it would be helpful if we could "expand" any given server on the server status page and see how many of each type of trial is in progress. I'm wondering if that would be easier to do on the server status page than inside the game itself. Might also be helpful to know how many are in certain zones where zone events can occur (and PVP I guess, but I never do that) - RWZ, The Hive, The Abyss. That could be an indication something is about to happen there - or maybe just finished.
  8. It would need to be auto-drop, I believe, but I would support this. When I run badge runs I have everyone pass me their grenades (and acids) so I know I am in control of all 10. Would help a lot if they just disappeared upon trial exit.
  9. As I was playing the other night, I wondered about adding an ammunition to Swap Ammo. Healing Cloud, or something like that. I suppose you could have a targeted AoE heal with regular damage on the target, but an ally AoE heal around them. Not sure how you would buff that unless you allowed slots for Swap Ammo itself. It's not quite what you want, but maybe an easier lift programming wise?
  10. I completely agree, and I absolutely do. I haven't seen on Excelsior, though, many attempts for Triple Threat without Discord. You probably don't see me join others runs as Oklahoman, though, but rather one of my alts. I'm always curious how others run things, even for things I run frequently myself. As an aside - one of the things I frequently learn from others runs is what instructions I no longer need to give, so I can streamline what I do. Less is more. I definitely need to check this out, assuming Everlasting will have any of my toons back. 🙂 I'd also wel
  11. Last night we were successful in getting Triple Threat on the third try. First try failed due to itchy trigger finger syndrome. I think it was a MM who wasn't controlling their pets. Second and third try used the same plan, which was to get all the AVs down to 2% and hold, then turn the NEGA team loose and ask the other 2 AV teams to take their cue from the NEGA team. On the second try we were off by maybe half a second - it was really close. On the third try all the AVs dropped at pretty much exactly the same time. No doubt luck and overall league skill factors into it
  12. Is it possible an invite was sent WHILE you were zoning? I run into that a lot with my iTrials, where I don't mind getting tells for invites, but since I am recruiting fewer people it's easier to notice if I sent 3 invites but only 2 joined for some reason. I should have included that as yet another reason I ask people to broadcast for invites for MSRs - your invite could get lost while zoning, and I can't always keep track of it as well. Since others have listed their pet peeves in this thread, I'll list mine in hopes of completely derailing the conversation. I posted a
  13. I get what you are saying here, but you need to understand that after you say option 2, the conversation is almost never over. That's not a satisfactory response for someone who feels entitled to have it thoroughly explained to them in a manner with which they can agree. Your response here would probably elicit a response from the player of "Why? You just took all that time to type that and you could have just invited me instead." And on it goes while you are trying to form a league. Worse, even if you have decided to stop responding to the tells, they keep going. "What? Couldn't face you were
  14. I like this concept of a safety valve, because as a league leader trying to guide everyone at the end there is SO MUCH to try to keep track of. Having someone else keeping an eye on a couple of those things would help. May play around with this idea, thanks!
  15. We made 3 attempts at it yesterday. First attempt was my regular approach, and again someone got an itchy trigger finger and dropped an AV before I said go. The next 2 runs we did like I mentioned above, where starting at 5% I asked only tanks and brutes to fight. Again, the first result failed because an AV dropped before I said go. The last run failed because one of the AVs regenned a bunch right after I said go. On that last run, the tanks and brutes had trouble keeping the AVs around 2%, and we had to keep jumping in and helping. Someone mentioned Damage over Time a
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