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  1. Thanks to everyone who came out for this! We had 40 MASTERMINDS in the league at the end, which is really not bad for a first run at this. I only got 24 MMs the first time I tried this on Everlasting. Next time I want 48 start to finish!
  2. Bumping as a reminder - 5pm Central TODAY. Help spread the word! Look for LFG announcements when recruiting starts. I'll first be looking for 50+1's to be team leaders, probably about 10-15 mins ahead of the kickoff time.
  3. In addition to the MSR kill shot mentioned earlier, on Everlasting I use to announce a "lucky caller #7 with the phrase that pays" radio sort of thing for MSR recruiting. I've tried it a couple of times on Ex, but it hasn't happened yet because either there wasn't enough interest in an MSR at that particular time, or it was obvious people were just dropping in to try to get the cash and then drop out of the league. But it's a fun thing to do when everyone is being cool about it. Occasionally, I like to take my 50s down to Atlas and join or run some DFBs, and I give a reward for the kill shot on Tinder. Shout out to Yatman who was playing 20 questions for a cash prize on two of my MSRs yesterday!
  4. Beyond the graphics card requirements of the game itself, I can't speak to that. Generally speaking, though, you may want to lower your graphics settings for this particular raid. I try to encourage everyone to keep their pets dismissed during the pylons phase as the pylons literally disappear with too many objects floating around. Expect... choppiness. Second, masterminds only, please. 🙂
  5. 2 answers: 1. Point du Hoc in RWZ. 2. No, though you need to be at least 35 with the Member of Vanguard badge to earn vMerits.
  6. Set your graphics card to "Zork" and join us for the most fun you've ever had looking at a powerpoint! Realize in advance these kind of runs do not usually result in a large amount of vMerits. We do it because it's fun. See you there!
  7. Thanks to everyone who came out today to join the FULL LEAGUE we ended up with! Respecting Homecoming's instructions, I will not be posting a video for this particular raid. There will be another, but right now I don't know when exactly that will be. When I do schedule it, I will post it here with plenty of time for people to comment on the day/time. 🙂 Have fun out there!
  8. One final bump - event is about 3 hours away.
  9. Bumping to remind. I haven't heard of any conflicts with doing it at 2pm Central, so that is still the plan. Speak up if you know of a conflict. Also, still looking for team leaders.
  10. Has there been a recent update that perhaps broke demorecord playback? Today, I thought I might try making an animated Zoom background from in front of Atlas. I recorded several files, but all of them crash when I go to play them back. I tried several other of the demorecord files I have and noticed everything created on or before 3/30/20 works fine.
  11. I've received a few requests to run another MM only MSR, with one request specifically asking about Saturday, May 9. I'm tentatively scheduling this for 2pm Central, but I also want to be mindful of other regularly scheduled events going on at that same time. If you know of any such event we might step on, please reply and I will update the time accordingly. If you have a MM that is 50+1 or greater, and you are interested in leading a team, send me a private message me here with your character name and details.
  12. For those who may not know how to use demorecord in this manner: In addition to copying the relevant chat logs, it could be helpful to do a demorecord for the GMs if you are petitioning a player.
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