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  1. Ah, that makes sense. All righty.
  2. If I could ditch some of my pets, like tier 1 of most sets or the kinda useless Spec Ops in Mercs, on a cave map and retain full effectiveness, I’d be quite the happy camper and so would everyone around me. I’d recommend buffing other effects in addition to damage and health for some pets, however, such as mez duration, buffs, debuffs, and heals. Good for Protector Bots, Enforcers, Demons, and especially Lich. Hm. You might imagine ditching tier 1 and 3 of Necromancy to “flip the switch” between debuff/utility and raw Grave Knight damage, or double up on that debuff/utility by ditching tier 1 and 2 and keeping the Lich but with boosted effects. Interesting, if it is indeed possible.
  3. Payloads fired from a bow at enemies should logically all do such things as damage, control, and debuffs. Like modern or science fiction riot munitions and more unconventional, debilitating substances and agents that can be dispersed except in arrow form. I like that thought.
  4. “Tough Blaster” suits my favorite theme: soldier in power armor with a gun. I really hope that doesn’t get scrapped.
  5. I actually would love to see this along with a “Riot/Tactical Munitions” control set for a secondary that would have the player doing hard CC and other Controller things with less-than-lethal riot munitions such as stun grenades, tear gas grenades, beanbag and taser rounds, etc, all fired from the underslung launcher. Maybe even make some stuff up like an “anti-gravity grenade” that does a strong knock up on targets or whatever. EDIT: I might say that this set you propose should focus more on single-target damage, but perhaps that can be for a beam rifle assault set.
  6. I think most people would say /Thermal or perhaps /Dark would help Mercs survive the best. /Dark has a lot of mitigation in its amazing cone Terrorize and -To Hit, Darkest Night with -DMG and even more -To Hit, Fearsome Stare as a decent hold, Twilight Grasp as an amazing heal, and Tar Patch to take down the resistance of enemies to... sort of help their piddling damage. /Thermal provides healing as well as damage resistance shielding, a buff, and some debuffs. Maybe you can make a... Mercenary Officer with magic or dark arts training or something. That's what I did with my Mercs/Thermal. Mercs by themselves have no strengths relative to other sets at all. Their damage is low, and so is their durability. It's painful to look at with how much I'd like to lead a squad of soldiers as a character concept, and you can see that Mercs could be possibly decent if their survival powers, Spec Ops CC and debuffs, didn't take 2-3 minutes to recharge while only being good for 6 seconds of mez and 20 seconds of debuff. When that's not up, or the AI wastes it, Mercs without the Mastermind's secondary power set helping them take everything thrown at them. It also doesn't help that the Medic dies a lot and his one healing power is piddly anyhow. Plus Serum is crap, hands down one of if not the worst power in the game. They feel weak as well, and not just because they are weak. Their attacks are burst/heavy burst/full auto, but it's six guys firing like that. Six guys mag dumping on one minion, with less damage than almost any other primary set, to kill it. If they did single shot/burst/heavy burst instead, maybe it at least would make it look like they cut down on the ridiculous amounts of ammo needed to kill a given thing by two thirds. That being said, Masterminds are like pizza; even bad ones are still kinda good. Your soldiers are still worth something, still quite capable of doing a bit less damage than Necromancy with a tenth of the debuff and CC power and with the fragility of Ninjas, and if you invest procs for their attacks that all do -defense, which'll be Spec Ops and Soldiers mostly, I hear that it brings them up to... somewhat close to being competitive. I'm really sorry to doo-doo all over poor Mercs like this. I love them for the concept, don't get me wrong, but that's exactly why I'm so vocal about their need for some improvement.
  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Personally, I’m a sucker for tacticool and power armor. Malta gear would be amazing, and literally all that’s missing for a Crey Juggernaut suit is the helmet and backpack. I would love to have those.
  8. That's a fair point. Sometimes I do wonder if the devs were just lazy about some things. I know I am.
  9. I understand the original devs' worry that players would make Masterminds of all female henchmen with... certain outfit themes and name themselves stupid, degrading middle school/4chan crap whenever the topic of customizable henchmen came up, but I wouldn't be opposed to certain henchmen summons having just one female model to be picked out by random as the game assigns an appearance to summoned pets. Like how the Skulls started taking on female members.
  10. I feel you. I bring it up because one of OP's concerns was a lack of melee attacks, and I believed there were enough existing assets and animations that can be used to fill out some melee damage beyond the obvious rifle butt & bayonet.
  11. I’d like to add in Crey’s energy weapons and that purple assault weapon for Beam Rifle. They’re available elsewhere, but not to Beam Rifle. In fact, proliferate all the guns between all the gun weapon sets, and let’s have some ones not available like the Uzi-style SMG used by the Hellion/Skulls Gunner mobs and the SMG used by tier 1 Mercs. There’s other gun models I haven’t thought of yet I’m sure, just take a look in the weapon display cases at a Natural store in Steel Canyon or at the Vanguard base. OP, consider renaming the thread to “Weapon Skin Proliferation.” :^)
  12. Or we can borrow Vanguard’s energy/hard light bayonets that I’ve been wanting for a while :^) Add that to a rifle butt attack and a short-range plasma jet burst like I mentioned earlier and that’s three melee attacks. Maybe even make a kicking attack while still holding the weapon.
  13. A buff should happen regardless, of course, but you’ll hear no objection from me if the buff includes bayonets.
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