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  1. I'm on a vehicle fix lately and I wanna drive things. I'd like a mix of on-foot/mechanized gameplay for in and out of closed environments. Like, imagine flying a Chaser through CoT/blue caves just ugh no
  2. I'm gonna just do this for fun if nothing else. Does anyone else look at the Longbow Chasers or Sky Raider Skiffs and think "I want to pilot that?" I do. I really do. City of Heroes already has a transformation mechanic in place that gives the player a set of powers with their new form, see the Kheldian archetype, so I figure that can be used for entering one's vehicle "form." Perhaps something like a Malta-esque robo mech could be considered a vehicle set, or anything else I haven't thought of. Might even consider other forms for an actual shapeshifter and have vehicles for your tech/natura
  3. Oh I guess that makes sense. Sort of. I find it hard to believe Commando's knockback amounts to that much.
  4. Demons have better resistance, healing, and crowd control than Mercenaries. How in the world did Mercenaries rate safer than them? Let alone safest of them all? That makes no sense to me. I don't get it.
  5. A Mercs/? Mastermind is just a gimped ?/ Defender rn 😂
  6. Pretty much. And "middle of the pack" doesn't account for their Ninjas-tier survivability, just their damage.
  7. Yeah, toxic is oddly resisted quite often, but while a few sets involve toxic it’s not like any set focuses on that damage as AR and Mercs focuses on lethal.
  8. So much this. Let's keep talking about Mercs, guys. My soldiers need some proper training.
  9. The struggle is real, and has been a chronic condition since Mercs was born.
  10. I... kinda like that. Yeah. So for 5 minutes, Medic hands out Serum buffs to all your henchmen? Is that right? ‘Course if Medic dies you’re down serum buffs until you can equip a new Medic with ‘em.
  11. True, giving just Serum a passive effect would be a pretty simple way to add some survivability. I'd probably stick to resistance, though, and have the sum of the passive and active effects be what amount is provided right now. Serum would still probably call for resistance and recharge slotting, probably +to hit if we keep that in there too.
  12. You could just up their damage values, but what we'd be left with is basically a ranged DPS set like Ninjas as they'd still have pretty much pathetic survivability and nothing that makes them unique beyond that but those utility powers on absurd cooldowns, and extreme burst damage every few fights because of how long it'd take LRM to recharge. Of course the ideal solution would be to patch those recharge problems so they can be marked by their CC and debuffs, and I recognize y'all have said as much, but the bottom line I'm saying is if really is the case that the only way to make mercs do what
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