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  1. I miss the challenge. I resented IOs and Incarnates at release, though at the time I didn't know that there was a word for it: "power creep."
  2. I’d like to see more enemy groups with supporting combatants in their ranks, perhaps if they can somehow disrupt/slow the current build meta with IOs. Something to throw a curveball at everyone’s softcapped defense.
  3. I would like to see medieval/fantasy henchmen. I’ve always figured it’d have T1 with swords for offense and shields and parrying to defend, with the third one being a healer type akin to the Luddite Friar: slottem for damage/accuracy/heal. T2 would be archers with strong single-target damage and either a hard CC or offense debuff to enhance and indirectly help survivability. T3, I’d style as a war wizard with nasty AoE damage and a resistance buff that can be enhanced and is applied to minions, and perhaps even the Mastermind, like the Ember Demon’s buff. I see these pets being mostly resistance focused with the T1 henchmen also having good melee, but only melee, defense from their shield and Parry attack. No bullet parrying for the mooks. I see them being like Necromancy: relatively low damage, but high survivability. Perhaps better at AoE damage.
  4. Fly, for its complete freedom of three dimensional movement, is by far my favorite travel power.
  5. I’d rock a medieval/fantasy set. T1 might be men-at-arms with swords and shields, with the third henchman being a very healing focused cleric like a Luddite Friar with a mace and shield. Healing worth enhancing, that is. T2 could be archers with strong damage and either one type of debuff or a CC that’d also be worth enhancing. T3 could be a sort of “battle mage” with a list of area effect damage spells, er powers, like fireball, ball lightning, maybe fire rain or imps or animate something whatever that’s magicky looking, and some resistance buffs OR ToHit debuffs to contribute to henchmen survivability.
  6. Epic pool powers are usually meh anyways, especially in Sent’s case. I don’t see any harm in making them available sooner. And, as said earlier, this could be good for concepts.
  7. I’m glad I ain’t the only one feeling this way about combat challenge, OP. I hate the idea of running into a DPS race meta.
  8. I like it. Huh, what if hosping put the player in a cell with a regenerated door?
  9. Seeing the thread asking for a Ninjas buff reminds me Mercs could use one even more. So I'm going to shamelessly bump this thread as I do genuinely want to see Mercs given the buff they desperately need.
  10. It’s true. In the fifteen years since this game launched on live, I have changed substantially and so has my available time and concept of fun. I’m not much for grind anymore. Heck, I remember before when we had all these IO sets and Incarnate god powers. City of Heroes at that time wasn’t about building up epic gear with billions of the game currency and getting these Incarnate perks until the game became trivial when the best we had was Hamidon enhancements.
  11. Oh, I have no doubt Mercs will still stand out from Thugs. So a drone summon based on the target, much like Soul Extraction. That's... heck, that's pretty cool. I can dig it. "Malta-ness," I've envied their tactical kit for the longest time. I've been wanting to "Malta-fy" Mercs for a while in costume at least.
  12. Yeah, I admit I have no regard at all for the "cottage rule." There are several possibilities for sure; many different things can be done. AoE Serum, I suggested an AoE Regeneration buff, or calling in a Sky Skiff to friggin' strafe your target with rockets like an airstrike... I'm particularly attached to calling in a Sky Skiff airstrike. Bottom line is sky's the limit if people let it be.
  13. Oof, finally outta work. Yeah, there's one thing most players can agree on: mercs need help.
  14. If it’s for the Medic, just the mobility with only the regen buff I figure. Although as a T1 pet, I’d probably rather have him with a suite of healing abilities, like one single target, an area effect heal or regen buff, maybe just take Stimulant and make that area effect possibly with a regen component or changed to regen entirely. Definitely no area effect attacks, maybe try him with two attacks with the Council Rifleman’s animation, so 2.67 seconds of activation time, and like 3 seconds of recharge so those get cycled rather than him getting tempted to brawl.
  15. Giving Mercs a FFG? Sky Raiders do it, I suppose. Though I have an interest in focusing on Medic’s healing to make enhancing it more worthwhile. Hm. This makes me think that Commando can be good for more than just raw damage, and right now only slotting for accuracy and damage is worth doing for him, so if a FFG were added to Mercs, I might move the FFG over to him since he’s more likely to survive, and by extension his FFG as well, and 6-slotting him becomes more worthwhile especially with level 50 basic IOs. As with most pet-sourced buffs, I might replace the dispersion bubble with some more subtle radiating circle effect like a Circle of Thorns crystal that only applies the 7.5-10% or so defense bubbles on the player’s mercs and maybe the player himself. I’ve been interested in seeing Mercs focus more on staying power than damage overall; this fits that pretty well. Or if we stick with Medic, because Triage Beacon is annoyingly immobile, I might replace it with a, uh... “Triage Generator” that boosts nearby Mercs’ regeneration. In addition to doing what I previously said, of course, like changing Stimulant to an AoE possibly with a regen component and maybe having Medkit do a self heal as well.
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