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  1. Several things I am guilty of. No longer playing the game from 1 to 50 ( or 20 to 50 because of DFB ) I now PL my toons to 50, I started out with just doing odd Petless mastermind builds I wanted to play around with. But now its every toon. I have about 20+ level 50 toons all defense capped in one way shape or form and all fully IO'ed out. PL to 50 is about 20 Comic Con fire missions. I make about 100 million and a bit more between both toons. I then transfer over other cash, Merits and converters to the new toon from my other level 50 toons I am playing. The game is easy and if the highest setting is 4/8 and I am at a minimum soloing 3/8. Then 7 other players are just extra DPS to move it along faster. You do not need 8 players for anything any more. I did an ITF where several where NOT 50+ and some did not understand defense cap game mechanics. I eventually told them after they complained of the difficulty level, Just don't attack first.. Let the players who are IOed out and defense capped attack first and follow along. Enjoy the ride, the XP and the loot. I wasn't complaining that one or two kept dying. Follow up on point #2, having 4 defense capped IOed players you could probably split into 2 teams and clear out ITF for example. I have zero issue if anyone wants to run ahead and clear out mobs, but I do have a problem or think is foolish when a player THINKS they can do it and then realize they can't and then do it repeatedly. To my demise I have bored/burnt myself out right now of playing and I am currently playing Fallout 4 on Horizon MOD for a challenge again.
  2. Being a very defense type oriented player I am more about what will the set bonus give me. For example I have seen some builds that have kick, punch, brawl slotted for a set bonus. I try to stay away from that if I can because I feel those powers are inferior. But that being said. Traps will get you defense capped. Traps was the first Tankermind / Provoke build out here. Traps is a very safe set, meaning you don't have to play that much with game mechanics like for example you do with Time to get defense capped. Traps is the only set that will allow you to go or afford you the ability to go petless even when your forced and still do DPS via Trip mine. I can tell you that I have had several moments with Traps in which I lost my pets due to a bad pull or too much aggro because FFG and Acid Mortar attract aggro. It was in those moments I could pop a few Inspirations, Drop Caltrops to make mobs run around and then Drop a trip mine, followed by poison trap and another trip mine to clear out mobs. Thus giving me breathing room resummon my pets. I usually go Dark with Traps because the combination of Oppressive Gloom with Defense cap is really good, then add in Poison Traps with the lockdown proc. I am telling you that you are severely cutting down on the incoming attacks. I get wanting the whip attacks as I have several petless or semipetless builds around whips. Its cool fun animation. But that being said being able to tank an AV is pretty cool as well. So with all that verbal diarrhea, I say don't skip either because they both have a really good value to a defense capped Traps build.
  3. I switched up to Darkir last build suggestion and its much better because of the increased defenses. Zero issues. I notice that HOB is recharging much faster now with the two procs going off. I would have to say it pretty much is the top DP Kin corruptor build ATM. Again depending on he mob type I am soloing 3/8 to 4/8. I also used Darkir build suggestions for SmallTalkJava for masterminds and have a petless whip kin mastermind doing 4/8 that is fully typed defense capped.
  4. I (almost) never take fly. Jet pack covers it. The most I go into it the pool is Hover for range cap hover blaster.. 1 out of 20 level 50's toons have fly. I tried fly and afterburner on a secondary build and it still sucked IMO.. But out of all the powers Teleport should be changed again IMO.. Similar to what Champions has.
  5. I was looking to run an ITF or something similar with players who have petless or semi petless ( usually last pet ) masterminds. I have a bunch but run solo on them not to hear any slack. All are defense capped to some degree and have incarnates. All can run 3/8 setting. I think Many of the petless masterminds would be whips as that is unique set. But just getting a feel on this if its even doable.
  6. I completely agree. I have many key builds that I use as templates for other builds. Current Build ?
  7. also stand behind this idea. Yet again.
  8. DP Kin Corruptor Have monitor window active for defenses but do not see any increase when Hail of Bullets is activated. Tried zoning to see changes.. Nothing.. Tried turning toggles on or off. removed incarnates.. Still nothing in the Combat monitor window.
  9. Let me add. As I stated earlier.. I would be very happy if someone else explained to me how you are correct and I am incorrect. Trust me I would be respecing many builds based around this new found game mechanics. Darkir reworked a DP Kin build I had to a point where that KIN portion is the framework for any other KIN build. Currently reworking my Whips KIN to this build which will be full positional defense capped. Smalltalkjava posted yet another KIN Beast related to speaking with Darkir. Again this is how you learn. No need to reinvent the wheel. You get core builds from primary and secondaries and then just pick IO sets for what is missing. Range cap hover blaster AR/Device .. Hover, kick, tough, weave, Maneuvers, Tactics, Skip AIM if you have Tactics. Scorp shield to get maybe S/L cap as its the most common component to many attacks. I just hope this whole thing isn't relying on an incarnate ability.
  10. There are 9 builds here on this thread.. And I get you want to rally people to your side. But this is a Bots storm thread. This discussion is about bots storm. This discussion is about play ability of bots storm. How off topic could this be ? You stated with no status protection that bot storm could handle some mobs that I don't think they can. Again I'm not the smartest person on these forums. But I also don't see anyone looking to rescue you either. But I do see many people looking at the thread. So they are curious. But please next time you ready to post.. Please post your current build as you mentioned that build was old. I mean at a minimum do that. Post the build.. I will happily PL a Bots Storm of your build to 50 and look to fight Carnies myself on a 4/8 setting. I have been mezzed and I see my pets do nothing.. I have a stormer and have gotten my backside handed to me several times while being mezzed. You keep trying this how dare I hijack a thread related to the exact topic we are discussing but you still haven't posted your build. Further Antiquated builds ? Has this game changed in 8 years it was dormant ? NO.. My 8 year old build is just as relevant today as it was 8 years ago.. Game mechanics has not changed.. You can search my name and clearly see I asked the player(s) behind the proc monster stuff and even they conceded that surviability on some of their builds were difficult. Procs are great but not at the detriment to player survivability. No player.. No pets. Further again the procs don't exactly work that well as expected on many powers. Yet again you can see my work and logs with Oil Slick on the forums. The procs were minimal. Again I did the work.. I have the post to prove it. I am running petless masterminds on 4/8 against certain mobs - circle of thorns. There are players that can't run 1/8 setting on IO builds. Only because they don't understand game mechanics.
  11. As was clarified. As any arch type you do NOT have to pick all your attacks. Again for example not many players pick T9 powers that cause endurance crashes. Again was an understandable thing when COH came out but as the game evolved the Devs realized this was a bit antiquated. But again I get the whole comic book experience here.. The hero uses all his power to protect the team and saves the day or sacrifices himself to save the team. Again I get the concept here. So again with masterminds the only real option you have is NOT to pick attack powers. Not picking the pets or not Picking the Tier 1 pets for example that are 2 levels lower and picking up a 2nd attack to use consistently is a fools errand. Again I have I think. about 5 or 6 petless or semi petless masterinds. But these are all power leveled and require incarnates to help with the endurance issues. I tried to level one and at level 30 I think I gave up. Again 5 slotted with SO's and IOs it became impossible with endurance. Someone who is unsuspecting and doesn't understand will quickly realize that using their attacks along with the pets puts you in a bad position because the endurance drain is that sever over the course of regular game play. Eventually the player should realize I need to cut down on these attacks because I don't have that much endurance to use my secondaries. Eventually the player will realize I need to respec out of this attack and pick up something else because the DPS vs endurance isn't helpful to my build. To me the attacks were just added because they simply had nothing else to put in. But they wanted to punish you as well for using the attack. Basically Every mastermind attack is like a endurance crashing mini T9 depending on the attack. Some being more sever then others. So as low as the Tier one pets might be when running 4/8 ( which is now 6 levels lower ) it still better endurance wise then getting an extra attack overall. The tier one for me are nothing more then extra hit points for when I provoke. I have had times where I provoked and got all but my Tier 3 pet wiped out ( half life ) but I survived. Funny has heck, but still had to resummon pets which pretty much put me below half endurance. If I happen to be using some attacks I might not even be able to upgrade my pets because my endurance is so low. No upgrades = less dps = less survivability because mobs are still alive to fight back. Again understanding this from regular game play. When my Assault bot goes down the first upgrade I use is the 2nd upgrade which gives him swarm missiles. Because more than not after a resummon the first attack from a resummoned Assault Bot with a 2nd upgrade only is Swam Missile. I do this because if its that bad of a fight I want that swarm missile to get stuff away from me and give me some breathing room. But I also learned I ran out of endurance several times after doing the first upgrade that I had to wait for the 2nd upgrade. Or again a really bad moment where they instantly died on resummon and my upgrades and even pets where still on recharge. So Thus the 2nd upgrade first on a resummon. I would also like to add that the Devs here themselves have even said that they looked at code and wondered what the heck the original paid devs where trying to do because none of it made any sense. I do Cyber Security but if I told you I knew everything and I was a cyber ninja I would be lying to you. Prior to that I did computer forensics and testified in court on many many many criminal cases as a forensic expert. But again if I told you I was some forensic ninja I would be lying. There are people much more smarter than me. So don't hold the original devs as knowing everything code wise. Again like any arch type I should be able to pick any powers OR NOT pick any powers from a set and be able to run with it. Again game mechanics require a Sentinel to pick up the two first attack powers to be able to use the Special Sentinel ability. But I have seen many builds that work great without having both attack powers. Currently now with all the Masterminds ( full and petless), Sentinels, Blasters, Corruptors, Defenders, Controllers I have at 50. Masterminds are the most pigeonholed that require to follow a certain path or be doomed. If everything is equal then the only thing I can see wrong is the endurance they pay.
  12. Go to test server.. Create a level 25 mastermind. Pick no pets and just attacks. Run a mission on standard setting and watch your endurance crash. I get the whole but wait your petless. Summoning pets is a big endurance drain. Not something you can always do in the middle of a fight. But if you are not summoning pets between your primary and secondaries you should have a decent amount of endurance to run a mission. The reality is you don't. Having many different toons leveled to 50. I can tell you I never had any sort of total endurance crash on any arch type excluding heavy toggled based ones maybe.. EG Darkest Night, Hurricane type powers. EG Thug Traps to level 25 and see how it rolls. Again trust me it won't. You don't have enough blue inspirations in your tray to run a mission on base setting. Even slotting up endurance to 3 or 4 slots will give you issues. Run a DP traps to 25 and see the difference.. I have .. Its drastically noticeable. Masterminds are paying more for primary and secondaries. End result they are pretty much pigeonholed you into just controlling your pets and NOT attacking.. At the end of the day Tankermind is the most effective for endurance reasons. As an example Seeker Drones from Traps.. Nice power decent.. But its good for maybe taking the alpha but once your set up you really don't need it. I barely use it. TIme Bomb ? Hardly anyone uses that. End result they become picked powers that are rarely used, unless for set bonuses. That is what I think of some of the builds I see for masterminds.. I see many players THINKING that its a great idea to pick the attack powers, but quickly discover they really can't use them as expected leveling up because it drains endurance they need for secondary powers. Overall I believe the whole mastermind set needs to be reworked. But that a different thread.
  13. plainguy

    LF DP/Devices build

    I think one of the builds posted there has trip mines in it. Device was very AR oriented. DP HOB is melee based attack. Bit difficult with DP Device to obtain Range and melee defense cap build. The IO sets are just not that conducive for that type of creation. End result Trip mine is going to be more of the thing you drop before a fight.. Again the with long recharge 6 seconds maybe 5 seconds ? What are you going to be doing with it in the middle of a fight. I think you need to look at the big picture here. If you were talking DP Traps then its a different story because you would be defense capped.
  14. Thank you for putting some real information behind my layman observations.
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