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  1. I am all for it.. Honestly ANY IMPROVEMENT beyond the current situation would be great. Stack the powers like Kick, Punch, Crosspunch. Again anything beyond what it is now.
  2. I get what you are saying.. If I am correct.. Which I am pretty sure I am. You are saying since the pets are summon and forget, If it cost you 53 endurance to summon and buff and if you let them just fight a group of mobs if it took them 10 minutes to kill that group you would have only spent 53 endurance.. Whereas if you were a blaster for example you would spend 200 endurance and kill them in 1 minute.. I am pretty sure this is what you are saying.. That is understood. But this is a false base line.. Because I understand
  3. If you look at mids you will see there is a difference.. EG Call hawk on Mastermind does 49 Damage and on Dom it does over 100 for the same endurance. I would imagine at the start of the game they probably had a set of formulas and numbers that went something like this.. 1 point of DPS equals X amount of endurance. Then they added variances for Range Melee and then other elements like AOE, CONE.. Debuffs.. Then at some point they had to add some variance based on Arch Type.. I recall the endurance penalty wasn't there at the start of masterminds, but
  4. This should be a sticky in a few places.. I just did it and it worked Thank you
  5. See for me a shot in the back usually just kills the runners.. Plus they always come back.. Also it depends on play style.. For me If MY BUILD can't do 8/3 setting it is garbage. I don't care about anyone else's build.. I don't care if they are running SO's and have all the travel powers.. On average, on a full team 3 defense capped players is all you need to steam roll. Everyone else is extra DPS.. Then add in incarnates.. I go for AOE attacks and a few single target attacks to pick off runners.. PERSONALLY I like Disruption arrow over Entanglement Arrow for
  6. Again. .No one said SKIPPING Anything.. Please re-read what I have posted and said repeatedly.. It would be very foolish of me to ask to remove a power option completely.. I clearly said choice several times..
  7. I think this is more of thematic concept. Personally I think my toons are great with all their powers.. Thus the choice option request. So you are aware VEAT actually have this option already. They have 2 choices for each power level on both primary and secondary..
  8. See I would be making hideless stalkers.. Don't want to derail, but Petless and semi petless is a good litmus test for new Mastermind arch types and play styles.. Imagine if Masterminds just had different mechanics based on the number of pets you had. Imagine that if you only took ONE Tier of Pet that it was as strong as all 3 pets. EG Imagine having 3 Tier one pets that were level 50 and just had a bit more attacks and YOU also had more attacks and other game mechanics.. Personally I see a lot of different play styles you can do if they changed how Masterminds worked. You would see
  9. Funny you are asking me why I am asking you about being a cheesy player. But you are quoting another person in response to me. If you take the time to read what this other person sent me to read, that you are quoting and stating it will never happen. You will realize the Developers are actually stating it can happen and they suggested it. You will read that the Developers wanted to switch the T1 powers with the T2 powers. Meaning your first mandatory choice would be the T2 power instead in the T1 spot.. They were moving 2 powers around. They were NOT giving playe
  10. Oddly enough the Developers didn't see it too much work to switch T1 and T2 for Tankers. So why would the OPTION of allowing to take a T2 on a secondary set be so difficult. Again this is already an OPTION for Primary powers. I replied to some of the comments and even tried to explain my point as it seems some posters misunderstood the request. At the end of the day its the suggestion forum and they don't go running around locking threads because you don't like the suggestion or what is being said. I mean this is what you said It has NOTHI
  11. LOL okay.. Not going to play this word soup with you. The Developers clearly made endurance and recharge changes to mastermind pet summoning. There was a reason behind that. We all know why. The also mentioned they would review things further as well. Look I have said a lot already on this above. It takes about 14 seconds and 51 endurance to summon and upgrade pets. It took them coincidentally 14 seconds to kill a Death Mage and I was able to do it in 8 seconds with 20 endurance with just Dual Pistol attacks and everything removed. Half is 25
  12. Is this bizzaro world ? I didn't mention anything about damage.. YOU DID.. I also have many 50 masterminds all of them don't have endurance issues. IF I go slow.. If I do a 3 count between powers.. If I look at my endurance bar and determine if an attack power is okay to use.. But YOU said Mastermind pets do HUGE damage this is why the endurance is not an issue. If Mastermind pets did do HUGE damage then it would be foolish of me to come and make a comment that I was do be able to do MORE HUGE damage or longer sustained Damage.. Again I a retorting back to your fl
  13. I am talking level 50, IO Build. Rule of thumb which I follow and well versed in is 2 to 1 for endurance vs usage. Basically your recovery has to be 2 points above the usage. I follow that all the time and make sure I am at or above this mark. Sometimes Incarnates help push you above this as well. Robot is a prime example. That Photon Grenade attack is very noticeable endurance wise. But Playing Traps for example I am straight up Tankermind.. Lay down my traps and mine(s) provoke and keep going through the cycle.. I'm at 45% Positional Defense cap with IOs and
  14. First off do you play Masterminds ? Do you have any at level 50 ? You have some numbers on this huge damage compared to other Arch Types.. Mind you yes, I am sure Masterminds will do more damage then certain other builds on certain other Arch Types.. In a sense they were supposed to be the Tank for Red side. But your statement is false.. First off the Tier 1 pets are 2 levels lower then you( level 48 max). There are countless threads on suggestion forums that bring up the issues of the Tier one pets and the lack luster damage they do. That leaves you with 3 other
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