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  1. I have several device toons. What I can tell you PRE PATCH.. Gun Drone would pull TONS of aggro that even if you waited and tried to build up aggro before dropping a Gun Drone it would just not survive. It would last seconds. The ONLY time Gun Drone worked well PRE PATCH was being a Hover Blaster. Being a Hover Blaster I did not see or realize the aggro issue of Gun Drone because I was just too high up. But once I created a DP Device, oh boy.. Noticed it in seconds.. That being said.. You will have no issues with Archery Device as a Range Cap Ho
  2. Keep the Arch Types if you wish but power customization within them. Energy Blast can be standard beam from hands or Maybe a beam from the chest. Energy Blast doesn't have to be Energy with some power color customization and different effects. It could be mystical with some swirling ancient text. Energy Blast from a Staff. Follow the VEAT build types in which a player has MORE powers to choose from at a level. Basically NOT every AR Device has to be the same at any particular level. I would love to see 3 good options for each power pick per power pick level.
  3. Just wondering why the changes to Trip Mine on Devices was not ported over to Traps. It is not a bad change that someone would complain about NOT having on Traps.. Is there a specific reason why ? Overall game balance issue between the sets ?
  4. I would look at Device since it is insta cast now.
  5. just posted something similar.. I agree..
  6. You might not agree with Gavric and it upset Jimmy. But Gavric did make some clear and concise points.. Retracted statements that Gavric felt were over stepped or incorrect. Again the Devs might not like this ATM. because they are at ground zero here.. But when you are at the 10k foot mark above it.. You appreciate the candid statements. I did like the notion of making COH Homecoming your own not completely sticking with the old concepts. But I can also understand that making NEW Content is a BIG STEP.. There is no one whispering in your ear how to fix or implement some things
  7. I would like to see at some point in time the ability to have or access ALL Salvage, Recipes, INF/Money across all the characters on an account combined into one total list of some sort. There comes a point where just playing your characters just funds you enough money and IOs to finance and build out another character so there is minimal market playing required.. The problem comes when you are trying to switch merits, IO recipes and Salvage across toons. With 30+ level 50 toons it becomes a chore of logging in all your toons to build out one toon. This is my process when
  8. Definitely gave me a StarCraft Protoss look vibe.. Very cool
  9. Very nice build..
  10. Based on what you are saying I think it is fine. Recharge is good.. Defenses and Resistances could be better, but again your not looking to solo.. Maybe would have tried to squeeze out some Range defense at least.. But again as per your wording not an issue..
  11. I'm counting 38 defenses for pets with FF Gen and Unique IOs adding in Pets Maneuvers as well You made it clear you are NOT looking for Tankermind. Your defenses are decent.. Recharge is decent for double Triage Beacon. You have another heal as well. End use bit concerned.. Rule of thumb is usually EndRec is 2 points above your EndUse.. So EndRec should be 3 or you will be having some End issues from time to time. But again the Unique IOs for Endurance look like they get you close to the 3 EndRec suggested. Again your not solo but in group
  12. No one ever said change the current power.. Make that clear.. Option via IO.. Just clarifying that.. Any other changes I leave to the Devs.. If having the option drops the hit debuff to a useless level the that should be made clear.. Devs - Hey we looked into this as we thought this might be a possible idea and concept but during our power calculations we realized the penalty to the hit debuff for having the OPTION to removing repel IO was just not worth the time and effort. . Basically the Hit debuff would be reduce to a useless/negligible state that ended up not being of any
  13. I never said I wanted to keep them in a corner but they don't stay.. Someone else posted an issue or a request and I came up with a suggestion via an IO.. But after thinking about it and reading it, you know I wouldn't mind being able to just have hurricane debuff or a team or even myself and not have the repel.. I think Hurricane without repel and its hit debuff is more useful on a team on a regular basis then how it is atm.. But I also see the benefit of repel as well even if situational or behind a team and during AV fights..
  14. I have a AR Device and a AR TA both can solo 8/3 and even 8/4 as well dependent on the mobs just like many other toons and builds. AR Device is good if you are a hover blaster with Range defense and good recharge.. You can have up 2 Gun Drones up. You can be around 13 seconds on Full Auto. Before the Recent Aggro changes to Gun Drone it was still good and NOT getting TONS of Aggro, I am guessing due to the height thing. Far enough to shoot but not within aggro range so much. I do also have a DP Device and discovered again BEFORE the recent Gun Drone aggro changes that Gun Drone
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