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  1. Thank you.. I Believe someone mentioned this as well earlier.. I glazed over it but now caught the comparison..
  2. Basically he conceded that the IO isn't an issue for him but he had to stress that the idea sucks.. The analogy is giving an apology and then using the word but in the same sentence.. It pretty much negates the apology.. Sorry I messed up but wouldn't have happened if you didn't do this.. Then I wouldn't need to apologize if you didn't do that.. As for the IO well I think it's an undesirable change in how Hurricane works but okay if someone wants to neuter their ability to use Hurricane's soft control ... He half arsed conceded about the IO but still is expressing his discontent and expressing on how it would ruin the power..
  3. Yep.. Look maybe this opens the door for other unique one off IOs. I know someone in this thread brought up water blast powers related to this. Again my idea is to give suggestions that will not imbalance or make sweeping changes across the game for everyone.. This is not game breaking at all. Again the Devs could toss this in the round file basket. Or This can be that new 20 million INF sink..
  4. I couldn't help but laugh.. This is okay I'm sorry BUT you still messed up and this is why it happened.. But I will apologize.. But you know.. Again just YOUR OPINION.. Which is fine.. I think it just a different way of using the power.. Mind you no one needs a stormer to herd.. No one is saying in LFG MUST HAVE STORMER TO HERD... Yea on certain teams not having repel and just the hit debuff of hurricane can be more useful.
  5. They go in an IO slot for the power.. They are pre-crafted IOs.. They are not player crafted IOs.. But offer a proc and bonus to damage and recharge.. Holy cow you are either trolling or splitting hairs here..
  6. Something else just popped into my head.. Have you ever used PW vendor ? Have you never seen those SINGLE IOs that are only good until level 20.. They have procs and such.. That sort of blows your always comes in sets statement out of the water..
  7. You know oddly enough as much as they did asymmetrical shoulders and boots.. I have NOT seen may new costumes come out with these changes being posted here.
  8. Yes I see what you are saying.. But your analogy isn't the best because they are sort of a necessity or you can have a bad outcome.. You are required by law to turn headlights on at night.. Failure to do so could be a summons or arrest for neglectful homicide. There are guidelines. There are no guidelines here.. I also mentioned in a previous post you failed to quote in which I mentioned that players usually end up doing thing with powers that Devs never expected.. For example like herding with hurricane. This was echoed by another poster Alty in attempting to refute a comment but also failed to see I mentioned this as well. The issue is Wavicle is stuck in the notion of LRN2PLAY. Is completely ignoring the fact that this is a suggestion forums.. The fact that no one is saying to change the power out of the box for everyone and that an OPTION to make a change with an IO is possible.. MAYBE.. I say Maybe because it could be possible that Repel is baked into the power somehow and just cannot be changed without recoding the whole power. And now in an attempt to grasp at straws is now challenging me on what this IO set would be and its requirements.. Again not an impossible feat of recoding since I believe the current Devs have done this with other powers. Not minimizing the task or the prioritization either.
  9. Do you see now you are coming after me on parameters of the IO set.. Do you see how you keep moving the goal post. It was about a change in repel.. I mentioned the IO OPTION.. Now you want to hawk me for details on an IO Set and how this whole concept now is bad in your mind because I cannot produce the accurate information on an IO SET that could be somehow validated and approved by the community ( specifically you). Or even required to post a suggestion on the Suggestion forums. Who says always.. Just because that is how it is TODAY.. It doesn't mean that how it MUST BE TOMORROW.. Again the devs could come here and say No dude.. IOs just can't work that way.. THEY MUST BE a FULL SET.. Or They might come here and say you know with one off IOs we can put in a bunch of different options and it just up to the player to decide if are willing to loose the benefit of an IO set.. Or They create an IO set.. Someone smarter than me can figure that out and post it here if they are so inclined.. Suggestion forums.. Nothing says we have to outline the whole project when giving a suggestion.. That is the whole point of putting out on the suggestion forum. Someone else gets an interest and says you know I have an idea for this so called set.. Here is a break down of my IO set bonus for this Repel removal IO set.. EDIT old Devs said Mastermind pets could not be changed.. Other servers have found work arounds to make that possible. The new Devs have made it clear from time to time that some of this code they see is utterly messed up.. Just horrible patch jobs that even they cannot discern why its there and what it is doing and have cleaned it up.. I gave you this great idea.. My job is done..
  10. I will add that some players do calculate INF like when farming the INF per minute.. If they can do an 8/4 mission setting in 5 minutes and now they are doing it in 8 minutes it can be a big issue for some players.. In their minds they know they are loosing X amount of INF and they just don't like it.. EG Speed ITF vs Non Speed.. I farm for example but I never do the math of how much I make or am missing.. For me I am just happy I can do it when I want to and I can PL one of my crazy builds to 50 when I know I can never get a team with them for example.. No.. because when you move against a flat wall YOU are now creating the angle that pushes a mob out.. Again you are really stuck on this LRN2PLAY hurricane power notion.. Its about repel and if there should be an OPTION not to have it.
  11. Look in all honesty you cannot keep mobs up against a flat wall.. The mobs will get knocked down and repelled. Eventually they get back up and move.. They might fall again.. But eventually they move to a focal point that puts them at an angle of this flat wall.. Which then causes them to just slide to the left or right and away from your hold. Could several stormers do this by spacing apart and such.. I would guess so.. Still doesn't answer why an IO would be such a horrendous game breaking idea..
  12. No To be more clear.. I stated already it just ONE IO.. When you brought up the penalty of using this sort of IO I explained that ONE IO would hinder the user from getting that set bonus.. So if someone were to six slot Hurricane they now could only benefit from 5 slots of the set as this IO would kill the 6th slot.. That could be part of the penalty as well. So as you mentioned you felt that the hit debuff should be reduced for some reason. Why I don't know.. Mind you this is no different then slotting a KB to KD IO in a power but also using a different set for the other 5 slots Example.. M30 Grenade - 5 slotted with Superior Defiant Barrage and 1 Overwhelming Force KB to KD IO.. You loose 5% defense increase to Energy and Negative and 2.5% to Range Defense. As much as I would have liked that 2.5% Range Defense I had to get it somewhere else.. Because I didn't want M30 Grenade to do that KB.. Sacrifices you make.
  13. No as I clearly mentioned it just an understanding of the game mechanics around defenses.. Which is why I have it in my signature for other players to understand. So I am not just giving someone a fish I am also teaching them how to fish IF they are interested in doing so.. If someone came to me and said I don't get how you do this.. I would happy to explain and I have explained several times on other post about defenses.. I was happy when someone pointed me to the link and explained it to me. Again I am the same plainguy from the old original forums so you can use wayback machine to find post I made.. I am positive there are post me asking about defenses and Adenonhawkwood was one of the players who took the time to explain it along with that link in my signature.. Which is about 10 years old but still up.. But as for Hurricane, You know I would LOVE to have hurricane up at all times when fighting.. I would love to give the debuff it offers to the whole team. Without messing up the Tank or Brutes herding ability.. Heck having the OPTION in the form of an IO ( yea it seems I have exaggerate these word, because it seems other posters are not reading it when I keep saying it) might give other players whom might be short on defenses melee wise and AOE but are range defensed the ability to pull and herd mobs for those moments there is no tankish type player on the team.. Again its an IO.. Not a base power change..
  14. 100% correct. I have an AR Device toon based around AOE and no trip mine as it was created before the change.. All my KB powers have KD IOs in them.. That was MY CHOICE for my game play.. I didn't do it because I was afraid a team wouldn't like me..
  15. Sadly your verbiage would indicate I am agreeing or indicating to change how the power actually is working atm out of the box. Which is totally incorrect. I clearly expressed an IO.. No one forces anyone to use an IO.. So it is sort of sad that you would contort my words to make your point. I don't want it to gather and lock. I repeatedly made my point in many different fashions to make it clear. As you stated, you highly doubt the the OG devs created hurricane to herd.. So my statement that it was meant to scatter is correct.. Which is what I have been saying.. Thank you for supporting my point.. Mind you I also made that same comment that players created herding.. It was in line with the comment of players use powers differently then devs usually expect them to use them. Nonetheless I don't get your gripe over an IO.. I really think your picking the fly poo out of the pepper here.. Its an IO.. Again no one forcing anyone to do anything here.. What is the big deal with an option? At the end of the day if the devs here look and go if this player only knew how extremely difficult it is to create an IO do this he would not be asking this on the suggestions forums. OR They might go heck of all the things we want to do creating IOs to do something different in a power isn't the hardest.. If you want to debate why the request for an IO is bad and how it would ruin something and how it would ruin the game for you to be playing with a player that has repel suppressed then by all means do so.. But you are debating with me as if I wanted to change the inherit power of Hurricane for everyone without asking them. Which is utterly and totally incorrect and false..
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