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  1. This looks awesome, I'm happy to see additional mechanics for the new stuff. Here is to hoping that we can add additional mechanics to older powersets, as I'd love to see that (Cough cough, especially MM's).
  2. Considering that NCSoft literally tried to sell CoX, which would completely thwart that plan, I'll wrap that up as "hearsay".
  3. I did for a bit, but the business model sucked too hard, so I quit. Not sure how relevant that is. NCSoft wouldn't have shut it down if it had made enough profit, about it. Or how about, I stick around, and try to add what I think would help the game? Ya know, constructive criticism. I will admit, my playtime has drastically been reduced the last couple weeks due to the lack of difficulty (And lack of redside). But I'll still pop in and out as long as Homecoming is around.
  4. No, it died because enough people weren't playing it... ------- Disagreed. Myself, nor any of my friends play any of those things that you listed. Besides your inclusion of 1/2 the game choices (Brute/Tank/Scrappers/Melee/Blasters). Looking at games that do have high difficulties, successfully, and have out-lasted CoX, this is not an issue. People look for "Tank/Healer/Etc". In large group raiding there is more specific, because they don't want too much overlap (Already have 3 of these specific healers, need a different one, etc).
  5. Mez protection is terrible imo. Controllers are already super meh at controlling in this stage. 10% health is nothing, they would melt just like they are now, which I want to avoid. I didn't mention increasing boss health for that reason, I think they are fine. But Minions and Lt's definitely need more. Also it would be 14%, not 10. 8 Person teams, not 6.
  6. AnD CoX died, so we probably shouldn't use that as an example going forward. And that is fine that multiple power sets do the same thing for the most part. I'd love to see "LF 1 Def/Corr, 1 Brute/Tank, 3 DPS" personally. At least for the new high difficulties. Below that can stay the same for all I care.
  7. I'm not going to lie, this is one the silliest responses I've ever seen, on any forum. You literally said "Nothing matters", despite the fact the fact that changing the direct things you said wouldn't matter, WOULD. You increase their health enough, they won't get stomped, that is literally the point. You say increasing the accuracy won't help them hit players, but that is literally what accuracy does. You increase their accuracy, and they will hit. I never said increase it by 1%, I said a vague "Increase it". You increase their accuracy by 1000% and nothing you do
  8. Got that from his second post, Wish he just said what you did though lol. And no, I don't think an entire redesign of basically the entire game would be necessary. As I said in the previous one, I'd love new difficulties, but I do not want them to just be +5 and +6 levels. Due to accuracy issues that arise, and missing a lot is never a fun element to the game. If we add further difficulties, I definitely think it needs to be more specifically adjusted. My proposal for hard modes, increase the health of Minions and Lt's by quite a bit. Make it
  9. You know, I hate to say it. But your response didn't help at all with my understanding of this lol. If anything, you confused me more.
  10. As a Necromancer who doesn't care to keep my Zombies alive, I'd be more than happy to keep summoning them as they die. That is a theme based dream for me personally. I also personally don't like how upgrades are handled. Whether it's a toggle (Hopefully low end, got enough toggles as is) that upgrades every so often, they automatically upgrade when summoned, or the T2 Upgrade automatically does T1, I don't care. Any of them are more valid than having the manually upgrade both.
  11. Before I contribute to this thread, what the hell are "Glow-ups"? Inspirations?
  12. And an on-topic reply, that is useless, when the tank literally can't take aggro off of you...
  13. Thats funny, cause I remember Fire Controllers being the gods of farming when they implemented the leashed enemies. Also I wouldn't say across all servers, cause definitely not mine.
  14. In a farm mission? Sure. That is still the case though lol. In a regular mission team, no that wasn't the case, ever. Unless you were stuck on some crap server that forced their way of thinking on you. Maybe Infinity was a godsend, idk.
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