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  1. It was possible in the game's ancient history (for Scrappers, of course). I was hoping someone from the pre-ED days would chime in to talk about this.
  2. In pairing with Kinetics, ideally you'd want to have a blast set with lots of AoE so that you can spread your buffed damage to as many enemies as possible.
  3. Good to know! That's very good news indeed! Yeah, I was wondering about that. The description in the planner is misleading for sure.
  4. Ah...I had not considered that! Thank you both. 😁 What about the placement of the Scrapper ATO's? I took my best guess as to what powers to slot them in, but maybe things could be moved around somehow for better results? I just realized that Combat Jumping can't be used along with Shinobi-Iri, so that's disappointing. I was trying to eek out a bit more defense that way. Melee is under the cap without it. 😕 Divine Avalanche is my only saving grace there. I would love to. But that makes it so ranged is barely above the cap at 45.8%. I wonde
  5. I had wanted to post into this thread but decided against it out of concerns about thread-jacking. I would, however, welcome review from responders in this thread.
  6. Fellow Scrappers! I seek the support of our finest scholars in the following submission! This is a proposed build wherein I am seeking feedback. (Currently level 43 with almost entirely standard IO's). The first issue is Incarnates, because I am mostly clueless about those. I'm curious to know what is conventionally done. My only pick so far is Tsoo Core because apparently they are one of the better ones in terms of DPS, and because it fits the theme. The second issue is Exploding Shuriken. Originally had Frozen Blast in there, but it seemed like overkill, so I
  7. Throwing my hat into the ring for Ninjitsu. Really liking my Kat/Nin. Shinobi-Iri + Ninja Running is perfect for getting around the city without a traditional travel power. It's super fast, and it has stealth built into it as well. If Willpower is Regen 2.0, then Ninjitsu is Super Reflexes 2.0. Scrapper Ninjitsu is much improved over the Stalker version. In addition to the movement and stealth of Shinobi, you also get an endurance "heal" and passive power that completely patches the Knockback hole. (It's also a good mule for resistance uniques.) Pick up Weapon Mastery and g
  8. I like this build. 😎 Thank you for your evaluation. It's seriously appreciated. Edit: I also wanted to acknowledge the other posters in this thread. Your input is valued and valuable. So you have my thanks as well. Ah...good to know! The planner was saying 58.7. I figured it was just a decimal place limitation. So I was off by 0.5%, it looks like. Oops! 😐
  9. Such a lively discussion! 😄 I like the idea of going with Agility. It has several benefits: Perma-hasten. Yay! Ranged defense reaches the Incarnate softcap of 58% All three positions are Incarnate softcapped while Hail of Bullets buff is active Both Stamina AND Enduring are buffed for even moar end recovery And all of these things happen without any slotting changes! Simply swapping out the Alpha slot! Seems like a good trade to me. 😁
  10. Sentinel Sages...answer my call! The fate of the human race is at stake! (Not really. But pretend it is.) @oldskool @drbuzzard @Sunsette (Apologies for leaving anyone out!) The issue that I'm having is that ranged is over the cap, and melee & AoE are under the cap. (It can softcap all three by using Weave.) I threw a lot into defense, and recharge is ever so slightly neglected. There is always room for improvement, I say! But how? Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imagi
  11. My advice is to spend time on the forums and try to learn as much as you can [from credible sources.] That's what I did. I devoted years of my life and learned all I could back when the CoH forums were live. It was [and continues to be] the greatest, most supportive, and most empathic community in all of gaming. None of us started out as experts. We all had to learn, had to go through it. But we did so with an underlying, implicit ascent to an idea: that a new hero is born every day, and we want him or her to succeed. When that happens, we all succeed. Obviously Mids Rebor
  12. That was me. 😋 I specifically asked Frostweaver for his help, and he was very gracious in offering his time and expertise. I saw you had no replies and thought I'd give the build a quick look out of the same spirit of generosity. Note, however, that I do not have the same level of expertise. I am not the person to turn to for high-end optimization of IO builds, as this is something I have never manged to accomplish due unrelenting alt-itis. The loss of Flashing Steel is unfortunate but not devastating. You'd want to have that while leveling, obviously.
  13. Frostweaver would approve, I suspect. It appears to be competently slotted. (I can't comment on Incarnate picks because I have no experience with that). The only thing I can suggest is to put enhancement boosters in Hasten, although I assume the plan was to do that.
  14. I remember trying this on both a Brute and a Stalker when it came out in Issue 6. The stalker was the one that got the farthest, but still not that far. It's difficult to separate the set's performance from Stalker performance in general at the time, but it seemed fairly lackluster, and /Elec was considered to be better, or at the very least more popular (though Stalkers didn't have /Elec at the time). Still, getting cut in half by Rikti-sword-wielding Aberrant Rectors was not fun. (This was before one-shotting was written out of the code). As far as historical information, th
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